‘Nashville’ – Season 2, Midseason Finale, Episode 10 – Recap & Discussion Post!

Previews tell us that a character will die in tonight’s episode. Who will it be?

UPDATE: Well, I guess we’re not supposed to know for sure, with a self-loathing Will appearing to put himself in line to be run over by a train and Peggy apparently shot by a man who apparently intended to kill Teddy. Or did the show just kill off both of them? Will’s storyline doesn’t seem complete yet and Chris Carmack was bumped up to cast regular at the beginning of this season. On the other hand, the @NashvilleWrites twitter account is sure acting like he committed suicide, and is promoting the Trevor Project. Meanwhile Peggy isn’t a popular character, though Kimberly Williams-Paisley is a lovely, appealing actress (she’s having fun with the cliffhanger on Twitter – @kimwilliamspais), and it’s not clear what her storyline moving forward would be. A grieving, guilt-stricken and ultimately vengeful Teddy would give Eric Close a storyline in addition to being father to Maddie and Daphne (and mayor).

On tonight’s episode, Juliette faced down tabloid headlines that she was responsible for the end of the Wentworth marriage, and after facing accusations (including a large “Homewrecker” sign during her set at the Music City Festival), she decides to stop lying and stop playing the media game. She gives the press a “no comment” on the rumors. After Avery helps her carry on during her set and comforts her after the fact, Avery realizes he has fallen for her. And Juliette realizes she has fallen in love with him, but of course he is with Scarlett when she goes to tell him.

Speaking of Scarlett, she feels betrayed that Gunnar and Zoe got together behind her back. She isn’t very understanding when either tries to speak with her. After vacillating on what to do with Gunnar, Zoe chooses to continue their relationship, saying if Scarlett is really her best friend, she’ll understand how happy Gunnar makes her.

Deacon decides to work around Mayor Teddy’s petty little cancellation by playing his own set right on the outskirts of the festival, having secured permission from a friend to use his private property. He invites Gunnar to join him after Gunnar realizes Jeff Fordham has dumped him off onto a far-off outer stage at the festival. Gunnar awkwardly tries to explain the Scarlett situation and Deacon isn’t here for any of the youngsters’s soapy stuff.

Luke Wheeler warns Rayna that Jeff is still planning on releasing her album with their duet and a bunch of her tracks with Liam. A furious Rayna, after consulting with Tandy, decides to risk it all by selling her house, using the money she just made on tour with Juliette, and liquidating all her stocks (plus making Tandy a partner with her $3 million investment) and buying out her contract and Highway 65 for $20 million. With Deacon fresh into solo performing, it seems like a matter of time before Rayna signs him. Tandy and Rayna in business together should be fun! Rayna going off on her own appears to mean a sort of break up with Luke Wheeler.

After Layla is too chipper about Juliette’s troubles in her talk with Jeff Fordham, he warns her that if she had anything to do with the tabloid leak, her contract status with the label will be in serious trouble. Layla of course denies her involvement. She calls Will, who started the episode appearing to be totally fine with playing her boyfriend and even sleeping with her. Will, after Brent tells him he knows the guys Will beat up were the guys harassing Brent and his now-ex boyfriend, sleeps with Brent. Brent has to leave to take care of business, and unfortunately Will appears to feel hollow and empty after their tryst.

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