Napolean and Tabitha Emmy Dance Routine – VIDEO

Last night’s Emmy telecast featured a dance routine choreographed by those So You Think You Can Dance lyrical hip-hoppers, Napoleon and Tabitha. The routine featured Maksim and Karina from Dancing with the Stars (awkward!), Winner Joshua Allen and Katee Shean from Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance, and members of the Quest Crew, winners of the 3rd season of America’s Best Dance Crew

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Hip hoppy disco goodness!

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  1. I was just coming to post that I thought I saw Mark Kanemura too!

    Also, I’ve never been able to get through more than about 30 seconds of DWTS, but I was not impressed with Maksim & Karina. At. All. Is this as good as they get, or were they having an off night because of their interpersonal issues? Because they look like amateurs compared to the better ballroom dancers I’ve seen on SYTYCD.

  2. Yeah, definitely noticed Mark, Dominic, and Hok (the latter two part of Quest Crew)

  3. Thanks for this MJ – I LOVED it and loved them all, I love Max from DWTS, he and Karina looked wonderful. How exciting to see dom and hok and Joshua tooooo!!!!!! I did watch them win as Quest crew – they are so good

  4. Maks and Karina didn’t get much to do, and the camera angles were terrible, but I’d say she is probably the best Latin dancer on DWTS, and significantly better than anybody who’s ever been on SYTYCD. Maks is up at the top of the heap, as well. (I would’ve switched out the sneakers, though.) The dancers on SYTYCD are not at all at the same level as people like Louis Van Amstel, Karina, Anna Trebunskaya, Tony Dovolani, Maks, etc. Not even Pasha and Anya, unfortunately, who are fabulous. Note that Karina and Maks headlined “Burn the Floor,” while Anya and Pasha were merely their replacements. And also note that dancers like Lacey and Chelsie competed on SYTYCD and then it was a step up to get asked to do DWTS.

  5. “”The dancers on SYTYCD are not at all at the same level as people like Louis Van Amstel, Karina, Anna Trebunskaya, Tony Dovolani, Maks, etc. Not even Pasha and Anya, unfortunately””

    I completely agree with the above, SYTYCD are kids competing on a reality TV show and for the most part improving week after week. For the above this has been their career and their life for years. DWTS does not show off their abilities so much because they are teaching non – dancers to dance, holding back their own very good skills in the process.

  6. LOL, My theatre friends and I got together to watch a taped version of the show last night after we left the theatre. I blurted out Adam’s name after one of his AI clips appeared on the screen so I had to explain to someone unfamiliar with him who he was (she had never seen the show but had heard great things about him) When the first guy in black jumped out from screen in the dance that same person turned excitedly to me and said “Is that Adam?” After that I have to admit I didn’t focus on the rest of the dance because I was suddenly wishing for a surprise performance too.

  7. I’m not a Karina fan so I’m not big on defending her, but she is a world class ballroom dancer. One of the best in the world. As already said, not one ballroom dancer who has been on SYTYCD is anywhere near Karina’s level from a technical standpoint.

    That said, I wasn’t too impressed here because I’ve seen Karina and Maks do more impressive work in some of the pro numbers on DWTS for the past several seasons and honestly they weren’t asked to do much here in what was a very short piece.

    Honestly, I love the SYTYCD folks and I love DWTS but I thought the whole number didn’t mesh very well. I know NPH wanted Nappytabs to choreograph, but while the dancers themselves did a great job the dance itself was just mediocre.

  8. Mark and Hok! And Maks! There’s something about Mark and Nappy Tabs together…he always kills their stuff. That was pretty cool, if a bit short. I thought they could have done a better job setting this up, though, and mention the SYTYCD/ABDC/DWTS fusion aspect, which was really the neat thing about it.

  9. Maybe it wasnt the best number but I am always excited to see my favorites from past seasons anywhere that I can so I have to keep watching this to focus on one fav and then the next – it is a fun dance. Who are the other girls besides Katee and Karina?

  10. I know the number was meant to feature Karina/Maks and that obviously DWTS was up for best reality show (and show host), but I did think it a tad weird that those two got top billing, but there was no mention made of the other known SYTYCD or ABDC dancers. Josh freaking won S4 of SYTYCD, though I suppose his being featured was the fact that Karina/Maks pulled Katee/Josh out onto the stage.

    sumidol–I don’t think the other three girls had any reality show connections.

  11. Yup, Mark was dancing as well. He’s still my all-time fave from the show (and all-time fave reality TV contestant ever).

  12. I just found it to be a bit of a mess. Pick a style, any style, and stick with it. I didn’t get

  13. One of the three remaining unnamed girls looked like Kherington to me and another looked like Lauren. Do my glasses need glasses?

  14. Yup, Mark was dancing as well. He’s still my all-time fave from the show (and all-time fave reality TV contestant ever).

    Me, too! Well, he and Travis are tied for me for all-time best and cutest dancer, and Danny is in 3rd place.

  15. Great to see Joshua and Katee together again. I miss their partnership. Joshua edged out Danny as my all time favorite and has held on to that position thru season 5, so I was thrilled to see him again, (albeit, much too briefly). Quest has grown on me since they’ve gone on to other things, so it was great seeing them featured, too. I’d love frequent SYTYCD reunions, especially with new dances to enjoy. Too bad this wasn’t one of NappyTabs’ best. Still, it was the highlight of a stultifying show for me.

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