More Billboard – Chart Date 06/01/19

Billboard updated the BB200 and Sales chart, but we are still waiting for the Internet and Digital Albums chart as well as the Artist 100 chart. What skullduggery is afoot that has caused this delay?

On the other thread, people have noted that only Trent and Maddie have failed to chart on the BB200 amongst Idol winners. It is worth noting that the Album Sales chart is what the BB200 chart was before they added TEAs and SEAs. Maelyn does appear on the BB200 with her season compilation EP, but that is thanks to the sales of her singles (it did not crack the top 100 in sales).

Camilla Cabello:
“Camilla”: BB200 148 (150)

Carly Rae Jepsen:
“Dedicated”: BB200 18 (NEW); Album 6 (NEW)

Carrie Underwood:
“Cry Pretty”: BB200 116 (77); Album 24 (17)

Maddie Poppe:
“Whirlwind”: Album 56 (NEW)

Maelyn Jarmon:
“The Voice: The Complete Season 16 Collection (EP)”: BB200 173 (NEW)

Morgan Wallen:
“If I Know Me”: BB200 50 (51)

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