Monday Morning Mediabase Update: Jan 6-12

This week on the Monday Morning Mediabase report, songs are retrenching and stabalizing their positions. This results in just one of our milestones this week.

One Direction is hitting just the right notes with their folk-pop “Story of My Life” which is a genre in the sweet spot for mainstream radio these days. The song went top 30 on AC this week making it top 30 in three formats, top 20 in two formats and top 10 in one. I rarely compliment Simon Cowell, but he hasn’t made many misstep with this group – a master class. And I give full credit to the boys who work their butts off and have honed their skills over this run. This could eclipse their debut song as their biggest hit. Kudos.

Now, as has been discussed before, this is the Monday Morning Mediabase report. It reports numbers as of Monday Morning. But, the official weekly Mediabase reports are based on Sunday’s statistics. Sometimes, a song hits the milestone Monday morning, sometimes they slide off. Sliding off can hurt when it’s a long fought for achievement. So, I will note that Cassadee Pope went top 10 on the official Country chart for last week and will no doubt achive our Milestone next Monday.

Candice Glover:
“Cried”: ^24 UAC (27)

Cassadee Pope:
“Wasting All These Tears”: ^11 Country (11)

Danielle Bradbery:
“The Heart of Dixie”: ^16 Country (17)

“Waiting for Superman”: ^13 HAC (14); ^24 AC (24)

Joe f. Fantasia “Love & Sex”: ^18 UAC (19)
“Side Effects of You”: ^23 UAC (23)
“Without Me” f. Kelly Rowland: ^3 UAC (3)

Jennifer Hudson:
“I Can’t Describe”: 12 UAC (12)

Kellie Pickler:
“Little Bit Gypsy”: ^48 Country (49)

Lee DeWyze:
“Fight”: 41 HAC (41)

“Overcomer”: ^2 CAC (3)

One Direction:
“Story of My Life”: ^8 Pop (10); ^17 HAC (18); ^25 AC (32)

Phillip Phillips:
“Gone, Gone, Gone”: 4 AC (4)

Scotty McCreery:
“See You Tonight”: ^19 Country (20)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

Adds listed on AllAccess:
Jan 14: Urban: Jennifer Hudson: “I can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)”

This is the daily numbers thread for Monday. Stats collected on Monday morning.

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