Monday Morning Mediabase Update – 03/16/09

Here are your very abbreviated Monday Morning Medibase Updates (Top 30/40/50/whatever in major formats only).

Carrie Underwood:
“I Told You So”: ^11 Country (12)

Chris Sligh:
“Arise”: ^50 CAC (55)

…What About Now: 6 AC (6), 12 HAC (11)

David Archuleta:
“A Little Too Not Over You”: ^34 AC (36), ^45 Pop (46)
“Crush”: 8 AC (8)

David Cook:
“Light On”: 6 HAC (6), ^20 AC (20), 37 Pop (34)
…Time of My Life: 5 AC (5)

Jennifer Hudson:
“If This Isn’t Love”: ^6 UAC (9), ^23 Urban (22)
…Spotlight: 10 UAC (10)

Jordin Sparks:
…One Step At A Time : ^14 AC (13)

Kellie Pickler:
“Best Days of Your Life” : ^27 Country (28)

Kelly Clarkson:
“My Life Would Suck Without You”: ^4 Pop (3), ^5 HAC (4), 31 AC (33)

“My Deliverer”: ^15 CAC (18)

Melinda Doolittle:
“It’s Your Love”: 31 AC (29)

Taylor Hicks:
“What’s Right is Right”: 23 AC (23)

Song Co-written by Chris Sligh:
“Here Comes GoodBye”: ^8 Country (8)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. ‹^ indicates that the song has a bullet in that format.

Who from 8 is getting spins? In the past, we were able to track the latest Idols on the Mediabase charts. Not anymore (unless they have a HUGE hit). But, we can still see who is getting spins. This mini-chart tells us what songs got spins where in the last 7 days. I’m only going to look at the songs sung this week because I do, despite the rumours, have a life.

Adam: “Black or Whte”: Spins 3: 1 AC, 2 HAC : AI: 0.064
Anoop: “Beat It” Spins 1: 1 AC: AI: 0.004
Danny: “PYT”: Spins 5: 4 AC, 1 HAC : AI :0.022
Jasmine: “I’ll Be There”: Spins 2: 2 AC: AI: 0.0011
Kris: “Remember the Time”: Spins: 2: 1 AC, 1 Pop: AI: 0.013
Lil: “The Way You Make Me Feel”: Spins 2: 1 AC, 1 HAC: AI:0.007
Megan: “Rockin’ Robin”: Spins 1: 1 AC: 0.003

No Spins:
Allison: “Give In To Me”
Alexis: “Dirty Diana
Jorge: “Never Can Say Goodbye”
Matt: “Human Nature”
Michael”: “You Are Not Alone”
Scott: “Keep the Faith”

So, Danny got the most spins (5), Adam got the highest audience impressions (0.064) and Kris got the only coveted Pop spin. Who wins the week?

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