Monday Evening Mediabase 05/11/2020

This week, we get a rare Monday Evening Mediabase report which features 4 Milestones (sorry for the delay).

The first three feature the two most successful Idols from the Fox’s original incarnation and the most successful Idol from ABC’s rebooted version. Argue amongst yourselves, but you know who I mean. The fourth features arguably the most successful person out of X-Factor UK.

Simon Cowell predicted it and most people would argue his prediction was right: Carrie Underwood is the most successful singer out of Idol. Her latest album has not had the single success of her previous albums, but “Drinking Alone” is looking to reverse that trend. Can it be the first with her new label to hit number 1 on Country? It’s top 10 this week.

Kelly Clarkson, the original American Idol, dares to still be on the charts 18 years after her first hit. “I Dare You” is a non-album single and it moves into the top 20 on HAC. Now, some would consider Kelly more successful than Carrie because of her role on the Voice and her own talk show, but Carrie’s got it in the bag for most albums sold while Kelly may be the most recognizable.

Combining Country and HAC, we have Gabby Barrett. “I Hope” not only got her an album deal and her first number one on radio (Country), but now it is crossing over. She’s featured Charlie Puth on a remixed version and it debuted on HAC the same day it went for adds.

Finally, we have Harry Styles doing whatever the heck he wants and his eclectic choices are paying off with more radio airplay this time around. “Watermelon Sugar” was released earlier as a promotional single and now it is a radio single. What is Watermelon Sugar? Does it have anything to do with “Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle”. Who knows? With Harry, Unicorns may be possible. He’ll probably ride one in his next video

Camila Cabello:
“My Oh My” featuring DaBaby: 3 Pop (1); ^8 HAC (8); ^22 AC (26); 33 RHY (31)
and Shawn Mendes “Senorita”: ^5 AC (5)

Carrie Underwood:
“Drinking Alone”: ^10 Country (11)

Chase Rice:
“Lonely if You Are”: ^23 Country (23)

Colton Dixon:
“Miracles”: ^29 CAC (29)

Danny Gokey:
“Love God Love People”: ^30 CAC (33)

Gabby Barrett:
“I Hope”: ^50 HAC (52)

Harry Styles:
“Adore You”: 6 Pop (5); 3 HAC (1); ^9 AC (10)
“Watermelon Sugar”: ^47 Pop (55)

Ingrid Andress:
“More Hearts than Mine”: 17 Country (10)

Kelly Clarkson:
“I Dare You”: ^18 HAC (22); 28 AC (28)

Lauren Alaina:
“Getting Good”: ^40 Country (39)
featured with D. Dawson on Hardy’s “One Beer”: ^35 Country (36)

“Way Maker”: ^39 CAC (39)

Morgan Wallen:
“Chasin’ You”: ^2 Country (2)
& Diplo “Heartless”: ^33 Pop (33); ^38 HAC (40)

Scotty McCreery:
“In Between”: ^7 Country (9)

Upcoming Adds:
May 11: HAC: Gabby Barrett: “I Hope” featuring Charlie Puth
May 18: HAC: Harry Styles: “Watermelon Sugar”
May 19: Pop: Harry Styles: “Watermelon Sugar”
June 1: Country: Ingrid Andress: “The Stranger”
June 2: Pop: Gabby Barrett: “I Hope” featuring Charlie Puth

Stats collected on Monday Night. Previous week’s stats are from the previous Monday.

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