MJ’s Idol Contest Pool – Make the Correct Picks and Win a Prize

My original idea was to run my own contest. Silly me! As if I have the time to tally (correctly, OMG) hundreds of votes every week. Ha ha.

Instead, I picked the easy thing. I’m partnering with a site that hosts office pools called funofficepools.com. Check out the widget on the sidebar. Just sign up and make your picks. Here’s the link: join mjsbigblog’s pool.

Sooooo….yeah. Prizes! I haven’t figured out the details, but there will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Fun! Sign up!

The rules of the game…after the jump:

  • Pick the American Idol winner at the beginning of the season – if you’re correct, you get 40 points. If your selection finishes 2nd, you get 20 points. If your selection is 3rd, you get 10 points. Note – if your pool allows you to join late, you will get less points (decreases each week) if you pick an overall winner late.
  • Pick who is sent home each week. You have 20 points to allocate to who you think will be sent home each week. You can bet all your points on one person, or spread your 20 points among multiple contestants. You receive the number of points you allocate to the person who is eliminated.
  • Bonus questions – this is an optional feature in the pool as designated by your pool commissioner. Bonus point questions are created by Fun Office Pools and are typically worth 2-5 points each. A sample bonus question is “Who is in the bottom three?”. Your pool can have 0, 1 or 2 bonus questions each week.
  • American Idol Final 24 differences – for the final 24, you select your overall winner once the final 12 people are announced. Also, when they are reducing the contestants from 24 to 12, you pick four people each week (each worth 5 points) and the picks are due before the Thursday show each week.
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