Megan Joy Thinks She’ll Be Signed in 3 to 4 Months

AINow had an exclusive chat with Megan Joy yesterday, where she revealed some new photographes and a brand-new song called “Sweet Love”

  • You can listen to the new tune and check out the photos HERE.

Megan tells AI Now that she’s already written and recorded over a dozen songs and is in the process of meeting with both major and indie labels. She feels confident that she’ll be signed within 3 to 4 months. She’s also hoping to tour later this year.

Collaborators on the upcoming album include John Feldman, Kevin Griffin, Dave Lichens and Benji Madden. About her music, Megan says, “”Well I think my music will appeal to people of all ages. Its pretty different and has an old school feel with a new twist.”

Megan is getting ready to unveil a new website, and will be blogging on American Idol Season 9 for OK Magazine.

The new tune has a very ambitious song structure and an overly-lush orchestration that doesn’t quite work for me.   Not my favorite of her new songs–all of which you can check out on Megan’s my space HERE.

So, what do you think of “Sweet Love”?

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  1. I really like it. I don’t know how she’ll do live, but the recorded version is really nice. I like the orchestration. The whole song is whimsical and ethereal. Sweet! Go Megan!

  2. Megan seems to be keeping herself busy! I love all of her new music. It is the exact type of music she should be doing and I’m glad to see she is being smart with her music. Her lack of experience could have really been a downfall for her post-Idol career but she seems to be working with good people and doing some nice things! I love the vibe to “Sweet Love.” I’m also really impressed with her co-writing ability because they are fairly well written songs also.


  3. I love it! I really enjoy the direction Megan’s headed in… a very quirky, throw-back-esque style, simultaneously in the vein of Duffy and Regina Spektor. With the right song, I could see her having a radio hit.

  4. Hmm. I’m shocked. I really like it a lot. And, listening to her recording voice, I see why the judges were so determined to have her in the Top 13. Good luck to her! If she doe get signed, I wonder if this will be some sort of Idol record. That would 7 out of 10 signed.

  5. I wasn’t really much of a Megan fan during the season but I really like the songs she’s coming up with. I’m impressed with the songwriting and arrangement from what I see so far. I wish her the best of luck!

  6. Agreed that it’s a bit ambitious and over-orchestrated, but having said that, I like this better than anything else I’ve heard out of the Idol alums. But that says more about my taste in music (which is more alt/indie – I was a new-wave kid in the ’80s) than it does about true quality. She & the song remind me of Dolores meets Bjork (Cranberries meets SugarCubes). Megan’s a perfect example of the artsier kind of talent that Idol is a poor vehicle for. Love her vocal tone, and her expressiveness is good here too. Thanks for sharing this – made my day!

  7. I love love LOVE “Incomplete.” Not digging this song, personally, though I like her vocals on it a lot. I think she has a really unique voice that is suited perfectly for recording.

  8. She’s doing very well exploring music post-Idol. I like the song.

    Sounds like she’s figured out what her range is, something she didn’t know even while on the show.

    Best to her. Caw! Caw!

  9. I did not expect to love this song as much as I do. LOVE it. Love her.

  10. wow, i like her songs too and i couldn’t stand her on AI! i think she’s a great example of someone NOT meant for AI and top 40, but who could do very well in the industry.

    but uuuh…what’s with that hair??

  11. Shocking in a good way, I love it.

    Can’t say I like her hair in those new pictures, though.

  12. I knew she would record well. I too wonder how she’ll do live. But I like the song. Best of luck to her.

  13. How do you solve a problem like Megan? Quick-fix it with AutoTune (and a quirky haircut). The technology has made popular music into a game for stylists and engineering techie studio wizards. Talented singers and musicians need not apply. Yes, Megan has an interesting musical style but I don’t think she has the chops to pull it off, yet. Hey maybe, eventually, she’ll catch up to her engineered voice. That could be fun.

  14. I really like the song. I listened to it 3 or 4 times and then got it stuck in my head. It is a really easy song to connect with, which is in her favor. Good job.

  15. OK, hated her on the show, but that was GOOD. Nothing I’d ever buy, but I’m sure lots of other people would.

  16. Wow. That was kind of wonderful. Reminds me of Dido, and I love Dido.

  17. that was about 1000 times better than I thought it would be. The song is good, and interesting. The arrangement is interesting. And her voice sounds good.

  18. I’m shocked. I really like her songs on her myspace. I like the beginnings of them all. Something happens towards the middle/end that gets too much something. I agree that she does have a spark of Regina Spektor. And I love Spektor and Ingrid Michaelson, so I gravitate towards that type of sound. I wanted to like Megan on AI, but lost interest in her early. I will keep an ear out for her surely.

  19. Wow. Who knew? I really enjoyed this, could listen to it a lot. Probably will. There aren’t many female vocalists I can listen to for the long haul, but Megan Joy might be one of them.
    And, y’know, I can totally picture her in the studio recording this. That was surprising, too.
    And comments above re Idol not being the vehicle for her … ITA. But it seems to be the precipice that she could leap from, and i wish her a soft and successful landing!
    Off to listen again…

  20. Color me pleasantly surprised. :) The feel good vibe of the songs (at least for me) reminds me of a Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack.

  21. I’ve always liked Megan, she has such a unique voice and this song fits her well. I look forward to her album when it comes out.

  22. Wow, I’m surprised! I actually really liked that!!!

    I agree that she does have a spark of Regina Spektor.

    Oh there you go! I knew it reminded me of someone and I love Regina Spektor!

    As far as the pictures go, I like the B&W ones best. Wow Megan, you go girl! I hope things pan out for you!

  23. Love all of her new stuff. It’s great stuff and if she can get some marketing going, she could have several hits on her hand.

    But her staff needs to call the humane society and have them take that furry animal off her head. Yikes!

  24. Love the song ! Then again, I’ve always like her up and down voice.

    Now, the raccoon on her head is a ‘nother story !

    Whoever came up with that, fire them and demand any compensation be returned with interest. yikes.

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