Megan Joy – Black Horse and a Cherry Tree

Megan Joy, back in Utah after the wrap up of the American Idols Live tour, performed Saturday morning at the SendOutCards convention, in Salt Lake City.

Megan McGinnis & Paul Alexander...
Megan McGinnis & Paul Alexander Nolan Preview DADDY LONG LEGS!

Check out her performance of   KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse and The Cherry Tree” above.

According to this blog, Megan is also a distributor for the   the company. SendOutCards creates personalized greeting cards that can be sent out in less than….a minute!

Now that she’s finished with Idol, Megan hopes to put together a band to write and record songs…

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  1. Aww I love Megan. Made a shirt and everything for the shows I went to. I really hope we get to see more from her.

  2. She got a great response from the audience but her acceptance of that ovation was tepid. Was she nervous still?

    Anyway, it’s refreshing to see updates from idols batch ’08 other than the regular/s here. I wish Megan success in her endeavor.

  3. I find it painful. I’d absolutely love to love it, but I just can’t.I see beauty in Megan, but none of the amazing, I can’t say I’d hate to look like her, however. Ultimately I think her pretty shouldn’t be acknowledged. It has nothing to do with talent in the least. It has everything to do with genes. I can’t imagine anybody cares on a less than superficial level.
    Well, yeah, I do understand that some are enamored with her pretty…I just can’t imagine they’d listen. As far as I can see, she brings nothing to the table. I think she’s nervous because she knows who she is. For that I give her props.

  4. This sounds really bad. =/ Megan doesn’t seem to understand even the most basic musical principles.

  5. Megan was the one person on tour, I found it unbearable to listen to. She has to be tone dead, not to realize how awful she sounds. SHe needs to keep her day job and leave the singing to people who can.

  6. She sounds the same as she did on Idol. Which is not a good thing. I thought she was going into modeling or doing a show like Kim Caldwell does.

  7. I really think she sounds ok. I really hope she does well in some aspect of the entertainment world.

  8. I really think she has a unique and good voice. I’m kinda sad that she’s not received more warmly.

  9. Megan is better then people give her credit for. She just needs the perfect song. This, in comparison to the version she sang on Idol, is far better. You can tell how much she has grown over the summer being on tour.

  10. She could sing in a cabaret or coffee house and be fine. She is a very pretty woman who sings OK rather than a singer who happens to be very pretty. Sometimes I hear a quality in her voice that is very likable, but then it passes–I think she could benefit from some more vocal training. I have a feeling she’s using her voice wrong.

    I think she will find her niche.

  11. Very nice to see Megan in an appearance. That song suits her, and it worked for me except a little bit at the end. I think there can be a niche musically for Megan with the right choices. She has a style that’s quirky but fun and entertaining. Believe it will work better though in smaller more intimate venues or recordings, and more backing support than she had for this song.
    I liked her first song on tour quite a bit. It’s also nice to see her out of the Barbie-wear into something more suited for her personality.

  12. To me, Megan sounds like a young kid who’s heard a lot of people be “alternative’ and “avant garde” and mistakenly thinks that the way that’s done is just to get up and let fly with your mouth — especially if you have some kind of “quirky” voice — and that it consists in abandoning any rules about rhythms and pitches. That you can do it just by letting sounds that sound kind of cool to you fly out of your mouth, without any particular intention and without having to understand anything about music, that you just *break* rules without knowing what any of the rules are. Plus, you mainly just copy other people who are supposed to be avant garde and alternative.

    Apparently she doesn’t realize that the avant garde and alternative and edgy generally have to be the best musicians of all and that it takes a long time and a lot of musical knowledge to develop an actual breaking-the-rules style that can be expressive and interesting and worth listening to. She thinks it’s all about chaos, but it’s not. She has a lot to learn, but I don’t see that she’s learned anything at all yet. Too bad, cause I kind of like Megan.

  13. lucy, I think you’re getting the gist of the issues with Megan. Plus the fact that with the looks she has going, she has a built-in huge birth. Basically, many are listening with their eyes only. It happens.

    I do hope she digs in and studies the world of music she seeks to inhabit. But, I’m not holding my breath on that one. Obviously, she feels she had developed her musical voice well enough to have tried out for AI. Hey, there’s always auto-tune now, to fill in the wide gaps she leaves in her wake. Won’t help much with her performance skills though which seem pretty wooden to me.

  14. Oh no, no, no – that was pitiful. Too bad better singers didn’t get their shot at the top 10 just because Megan Joy is pretty.

    I saw her live and she has no stage presence, zero singing ability, and she was charmless. She did not belong on the same stage as the other performers. Period.

  15. i love megan. technical master or not, she is unique, and i know exactly who she is once i hear her voice (in a good way). i truly hope she finds success after all this. if she can just find her niche, i think she has huge potential.

  16. I love Megan too, but sorry – if you’ve ever been a KT concert you’d know just how wrong this is.

  17. I like Megan, she’s very entertaining. I think the person that cut her hair should be punched! Megan had the most beautiful hair that made her even more attractive and an eye stopper because it was so unique. Now it’s just blond and below the shoulders. Nothing unique anymore about it…I don’t know it she cut it because it was bleached (after appearing on Idol) and dried it out but I still think it was a mistake for her to loose the beautiful length that she started with.

  18. Oh man…that was embarrassing….like a bad talent show act. The stage was way too big for her. It’s okay to be unique, but you got to sing on key.

  19. lucy, I think you hit the nail on the head. Megan definitely needs to study music; keep on with a vocal coach, and learn the ins and outs of rhythm and pitch. I like her, and enjoyed her on the Idol tour so I wish her the best.

    (I can’t watch the video – my work computer blocks streaming media and YouTube, so I can’t judge this particular performance right now.)

  20. Megan definitely needs to study music; keep on with a vocal coach, and learn the ins and outs of rhythm and pitch.

    I hope she does this, too. I love raspy women’s voices — wish I had one instead of the way generic voice I’ve got. I’d love to see her really buckle down and do well. It’s a lot of work, though, and I still don’t see any real signs that she understands what the work would entail — just starting her own band isn’t going to do it!

  21. i like the girl, it wasnt half bad. that note at the end was a bit embarassing, but she does have an interesting tone to her voice. I think in the studio w. some technical help, she could record a good record. But like all records, it all depends on the quality fo the song and production.

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