Matt Giraud Media Madness! Plus, “You Don’t Know Me” Hits #1 on the iTunes Jazz Chart

Matt Giraud is in Grand Rapids Michigan today, getting ready for a sold-out concert taking place tonight at the Forest Hills School Fine Arts Center at 7:30.  Matt and jazz singer Anna Wilson will duet on their new single “You Don’t Know Me”.

Zikcolle - My Mind feat. Valious
Zikcolle - My Mind feat. Valious

The tune was released to iTunes Wednesday night and quickly hit #1 on the iTunes jazz chart.

“You Don’t Know Me” will appear on Anna Wilson’s upcoming duets album.

  • Matt Giraud And Anna Wilson – You Don’t Know Me – iTunes
  • Matt Giraud and Anna WilsonAmazon

After the jump, Matt does the weather for FOX 17, is interviewed with duet partner Anna Wilson, gets a surprise greeting from BFF Danny Gokey and helps out (hilariously) in an excercise segment.

Video after the JUMP…

Matt does the weather at FOX 17

Matt Giraud and Anna Wilson interviewed by FOX 17 Part 1

Matt Giraud interviewed by FOX 17 Part 1

Matt takes part in an excercise segment

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  1. Yay Matt. I’m happy for him and Anna to be the #1 Jazz song on ITUNES! I’m happy he has a big concert tonight, and that so many of his fans braved very cold temperatures to see him. I’m happy he gets to go to the Grammys on Sunday.

    I was oddly touched by the cameo from Danny Gokey. Their friendship is heartwarming, somehow.

    One interesting thing in Matt’s interview was the comment that “the next single should be available soon”. Either this is optimism or he has some release plan that he has not yet revealed.

  2. Matt is hysterical – I’m so happy YDKM shot up the Jazz charts to number 1. Sweet of Danny to wish him well. Those two are such great friends which is always obvious. YAY for Matt.

  3. Yay, Matt. Hope his musicianship starts winning him even more admirers and chances to get his musical gifts out there.

  4. Good for Matty G! I am happy his single did so well in the Jazz charts.
    Now I just hope from here on he will more and more buzz and finally a label sign him. He deserves to get his music and talent out there.

  5. Yay, finally, a tweet from

    Hey everyone get @ImMattGiraud new single you don’t know me! It’s out on iTunes right now. 2 minutes ago from Echofon

    Yesterday, Matt had similar tweets from Adam, Michael, Anoop, Alexis Grace, Casey Carlson, ainow, jambajim, … (cliff notes summary for MJ). :-)

  6. WOW! I’m so Glad for Matt! He’s really talented and deserves great success :) YAY for MATT G!!!

  7. Congrats to Matt and Anna on hitting #1!:-D. Loved that reaction to Danny’s message. Cool that Matt got to sing with Plus One and Rachael Lampa back in the day. The mom of one of the former group members, Nathan Walters, and I were fellow home schoolers. He now does production in Nashville. Matt and Anna are great on that song, and I wish them more sold-out concerts.

  8. I love Matt! Is it hard to get #1 in jazz? Not snarking just wondering if this is a big deal. I think Matt is extremely talented and felt bad when he wasn’t signed by a record label. I’m hoping this is the beginning of some real success for him. He deserves it.

  9. Is it hard to get #1 in jazz? Not snarking just wondering if this is a big deal.

    i don’t think so when a bunch of fan is getting your single. But it’s not important…. getting a number #1 on Itunes is a damn feel good thing. And I’m very happy that Matt is getting it :)

  10. yay Matt. I’m going to buy it -I haven’t even heard it yet hut I want to buy something from every season 8 idol to remember my fave season..which is wht I bought gokey….



    congratulations Matt :)

  11. So happy for him! I just bought the song, and both Matt and Anna sound absolutely terrific on it.

  12. Awesome! Hope this makes the industry sit up and take notice. Matt is doing a good job of building on his talent and showmanship, just keeps getting better!

  13. Well, I never liked Matt as a contestant, but damn! This song is good, I think I might get it on iTunes.

  14. Good luck tonight, Matt! Oh man! He looks so nervous, doesn’ t he?? It’s probably a huge show! I would probably die of nerves if I were him… but he’ll be great, I’m sure! After seeing him live- I think he’s fantastic live performer!

    And his reaction to Gokey’s message reminded me of a behind-the scenes they did on the show with Adam and Allison- where Adam explains that they all have this thing for saying “Duuuude! How ya doin’ duuuude” in that funny voice, and then Allison does it really funny too…

  15. I would think it takes less copies sold to go to #1 on the iTunes jazz chart than it would on the pop or r&b or country chart — but it’s still exciting!

    Oh, yeah, it’s not even comparable. Still, you therefore should have fewer potential buyers and all that, so it’s relative and thus still quite exciting even then.

  16. Congratulations, Matt! Great musical niche for Matt. He’s on his way!

    The home page pic of matt vs adam’s is lulz worthy. ::grin::

  17. Congratulations to Matt!!! This is awesome! Smooth, jazzy songs should always have a spot in Matt’s repertoire. They fit his voice perfectly! I’m really beginning to see Matt more as a Jamie Cullum-type, crossed with sound of The Fray/One Republic. Very hip jazzy pop-rock. This guy’s way versatile.

  18. aww, that’s sweet about the Danny shoutout and how Matt reacted. they do seem like BFFs/brothers for real.
    glad Matt is seeing some good results for this duet on Anna Wilson’s album

  19. I can’t wait to hear news about tonight’s concert! Hopefully some people recorded his performances.

    BTW, I just watched several Matt interviews from this morning and sadly he basically said he STILL doesn’t have any record deal whatsoever.
    Sigh.. So frustrating.I guess the music industry is not sure about his appeal.. I personally think he has so much potential..

    Oh well I will keep Matty G on my prayers, sooner or later someone will appear and will give him a chance.. I would love to see him succeed.

  20. Just got back from the Matty G concert. Holy frickin cow….that boy can sing, sing, sing. I am an Adam fan but since I’m from GR, I have supported Matty G as well. After tonight, seeing him sing like noone can sing, play the piano, strut the stage, laugh, cry, and be so very humble, I do believe that this wonderful soul would have won AI IF he could have brought this person to the show week in and week out. The Matt that was on AI was not the real Matt. You have to see him live…oh my goodness. You will just think you have died and gone to heaven. He is the love child of Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Sammy Davis Jr. and a little of Michael Jackson thrown into one old soul. I didn’t take any photos or video but just listened to each and every word of his new songs. I am convinced I have seen a star who will surpass all of the AI contestants over time. He has that staying star quality. And the duet with Anna Wilson…unfrickinbelievable. Some lady was taping everything in front of me so I hope gets it out there. Oh…one more thing….you know how sometimes you have to listen to songs several times and you begin to like it…it grows on you. Not so with Matty G’s songs. One time…that’s all you have to hear them and they touch your heart with such intensity. The song about his life…something about go sing young man and the song called Alleluia took my breath away. We have witnessed an amazing star to come and if he doesn’t get signed soon…there is something seriously wrong with the music business. An amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Oh wow, kellyo! Thanks for that great review – now you’ve got me all excited for Matty G! I’m one of the ones that was not a great fan during S8, but have fallen in love with subsequently. I just love love love this duet and hope this gorgeous voice finds a way to get signed.

  22. rayni-the duet was superb tonight. Anna was very funny at first. She came out in a beauitful short black dress and long black gloves. She is stunningly beautiful. She told the story of how they met. They were at a wine party in CA and he was performing. She fell in love with his voice and stood in line behind the Beckhams to meet him. She and her husband introduced themselves and asked him to come to their gig the following night. She said they begged him. He said no that he needed to return home here to Michigan to be with friends. The next night she was at the gig and who walks in…Matty G. She asked him “what happened?” and he replied, “I googled you!”

    Isn’t that an awesome story!! Then she starts singing and he comes out in this gorgeous suit. OH my goodness. It was a bazillion percent (my ode to Randy Jackson) better than the itunes recording….and that is great as you know.

    Really pure magic tonight. I forgot to throw in Billy Joel too….he reminds me of him also. He just has that fantastic personality that translates to the audience AND he can play the piano like very few singers/songwriters/musicians can. Really as Randy Jackson says: “mad skills”. I don’t even care for Randy Jackson but his words do stick in my head which is scary.

    Anyway, I love Adam but I love Matty G too and if you EVER get a chance to see him live. GO, Run! Our Fine Arts Center was sold out and it holds 1221 people. They said that they sold every seat except 2 wheelchair seats in case someone who bought a ticket earlier might need one of those. I was thinking when he sang, “Let’s get it on” I might need a wheelchair as my heart was pounding like crazy. mmmmm, he was delicious!

  23. Wow Kellyo! Awesome reviews….actually makes me very upset that I didn’t get to go to the show. (I’m on the west coast). Reading all these happy reports and opinions about Matty G is finally what I’ve been hoping to hear from other fans. I’m so happy that he got the chance to show how truly amazing he really is. I’m so glad he got to break through to show the world what he’s really got. I always knew deep down in my heart that Matt was 100% more talented than he ever got credit for during AI. I’m very happy he finally got the chance to show the world the musical GENIUS of Matt Giraud.

    Matt Giraud=The Most Underrated Contestant in AI history. LOVE HIM!

    p.s: will somebody please freaking #SIGNMATTGIRAUD!!!!

  24. rayni
    01/29/2010 at 10:27 pm

    Oh wow, kellyo! Thanks for that great review – now you’ve got me all excited for Matty G! I’m one of the ones that was not a great fan during S8, but have fallen in love with subsequently. I just love love love this duet and hope this gorgeous voice finds a way to get signed.

    See this is what I saw on the show! In spite of technical/ unexpected difficulties that said otherwise, I saw true potential in this guy! I believe this is the case with the S8 winner as well. Honestly I think they were the best on the show w/ Allison coming in next. JMO!

  25. WOWWW! That’s amazing feedback on Matt’s concert, Kellyo! Thank you!! I’m so proud of him! Wish we could all have witnessed it. But now I’m even more confident he will become a big recording star and tour and do as he pleases. Just a matter of time. I’ve always believed Matt’s talent’s unique and Grammy-type great. From what I’ve heard so far on Youtube, Matt was nothing less than brilliant tonight. (Gawd, “Let’s Get It On” was HOTTT despite what seemed to be Matt’s attempt to tone it down!) Hoping to see and hear more Matt-crack from GR! So much to look forward to in Matt’s future!

  26. Great to hear about the concert! I hope there are more posts like kellyo’s tomorrow, and can’t wait for video/audio. The tweets from some folks who were there were over-the-top gushing. Yay Matt! Keep it up!

  27. I want to see the video too. Sounds like it was incredible. Perhaps it will take other artists to realize his talent and help get his music out there.

  28. I believe this is the case with the S8 winner as well. Honestly I think they were the best on the show

    I’m all over that!

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