Mariah Carey Sings Live at Rockefeller Center After She Blew Off the Taping (VIDEO)


Mariah Carey was SUPPOSED to tape a segment for tonight’s Christmas at Rockefeller Center on Tuesday night. The crew was ready. The fans had arrived. But three cold, rainy and miserable hours later, the singer STILL hadn’t arrived.

Spies from the hotel where Mariah was staying told TMZ, that Mariah was holed up in her room, talking with her lawyer on the phone about her divorce.  Screw the thousands of network dollars being wasted. Or the faithful fans waiting and waiting in bad weather.  Mimi has business to do! She can’t stay married to estranged hubby, Nick Cannon, even one second longer than necessary.  Or maybe she’s just an entitled diva who assumes folks are willing–nay–HAPPY to wait hours until she’s good and ready to perform. Hm.

When the ex-American Idol alum finally pulled up to Rockefeller Center more than 3 hours late, NBC execs were “full on enraged,” reports TMZ.  The crew wasn’t happy either.   Although she REALLY wanted to perform, Mariah and her entourage were told to go home.

Today, however, the network relented and offered her a live spot on the show. And as you’ll see when you watch the clip, there’s a reason WHY Mariah tapes her performances ahead of time–with auto tune at the ready.

This morning, Mariah tweeted an explanation of sorts, insisting her late arrival could not be helped.

The next time you have to wait hours in the rain for me… remember that you’re always in my heart!

Watch Mariah’s LIVE performance of “All I Want for Christmas is You” right here.

UPDATE:  Here’s Mariah’s vocal, isolated from the instrumentation and crowd noises. She’s fine in her lower register, but misses most of the high notes–literally SQUEAKING at one attempt.  By the end of the performance, she’s run out of breath, and the entire vocal suffers as a result.

Mariah needs to arrange her songs in such a way that she can sing them without embarrassing herself. Her vocals have been on the decline for awhile now.  Her denial around the issue is actually sadder than the bad singing.

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