Maddie Poppe Says American Idol Pitch Corrected Performances

Maddie Poppe
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American Idol 2018 winner Maddie Poppe held an “ask anything session on Reddit recently, and as usual, she offered candid responses to fans questions.

“There was some pitch correcting done on Brand New Key,” says Maddie

One redditor complimented Maddie’s performance of “Brand New Key” on the show. “I’m convinced that the moment you won American Idol was when you performed “Brand New Key”. It was the perfect song for you and that’s when I knew you had it in the bag.”

Maddie believes that Idol sound people “pitch corrected” her performance:

If I’m honest, there was some pitch correcting done on Brand New Key and I’m positive I didn’t sound pitch perfect. I can prove this because there are certain notes in that version that I have never sung live (I’ve been singing that song for about 5-7 years), but somehow when it aired those notes were the ones that came through. I think it’s because whoever did the pitch correcting just picked the wrong note for my voice to land on? Maybe they didn’t know how the song was supposed to sound? I shouldn’t say they picked the WRONG note, but it’s just not one I have ever sung lol.

That was a tough round for everyone, because the producers had originally told us we would get to use our custom in-ear monitors, but they didn’t come in in time or something, so we had to use the floor wedges, bottom line, the sound wasn’t great..NOTHING like the live shows, so it was really tough for us to hear ourselves, especially when the audience came in.

Maddie stresses that American Idol doesn’t auto tune performances

Maddie adds an important disclaimer:

Almost ALL singing shows use pitch correcting. Not autotune, but just certain notes here and there. Of course everyone wants their contestants to sound the best they can. So that is by no means a slam or dig at Idol, it’s just me telling you how those shows make the magic happen.

Also PS: (LAST THING I PROMISE)…..The live shows ARE NOT NOT NOT autotuned. There’s no possible way for them to pitch correct, because literally like thirty seconds after it’s recorded, it’s sent out to the live feed, so they barely even have time to bleep out a swear word if one slips. There’s no way they could autotune unless they used LIVE autotune (which some artists use), but I can assure you Idol does not!

Maddie is not legally permitted to speak about the failure of her album Whirlwind

Another fan asked why American Idol/19Recordings/Hollywood Records failed to support her post-Idol record Whirlwind. Maddie’s answer is a little ominous!

Unfortunately I’ve been told there are consequences if I speak on this matter. Wish I could answer all the questions, but you’ll have to ask someone else lol.

As far as releasing new music any time soon, it appears that Maddie has songs she recorded for Hollywood Records that she’d love to release, but unfortunately, buying the masters would be too expensive.

I have like seven songs I’m DYING to share with you, but unfortunately they cost $$$ to buy the master, and to market..we’re talking like $50k a song if you wanna do it correctly independently..since I’m not signed right now, it would be almost dumb to put $50k into a song without a radio team, marketing team, etc. I’d have to have a lot more connections in the music industry to make anything happen with it on my own. I don’t want to waste a really good song by releasing it independently without a plan, so I’m waiting for the right opportunity..let’s just say I’m working on that plan currently and I really hope to have music out for you this year..I’ll make the music happen regardless, promise!

Maddie bought a house

Also, Maddie bought a house. Not sure where it is, however.

YAAAS. And I really want to do a house tour, but some people are creepy and will try to find it and window peep and who knows lol, so I’m a little scared to show the world..but it’s been a COMPLETE renovation. It’s literally been in the works since JULY. We took it completely down to the studs and build it back together again, but I’m so happy with how it’s turning out!!

Check out the rest of the Q&A at Reddit. Maddie jokes that the question reporters ask her the most is if she’s still dating 2018 runner-up, Caleb Lee Hutchinson. FYI: Yes, she is.

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