Listen to the Matt Giraud/Anna Wilson Single NOW

You can listen to the entire clip of the Matt Giraud/Anna Wilson tune at Anna’s website now:

Moon & Back Preview
Moon & Back Preview
  • Listen to “You Don’t Know Me” HERE.

“You Don’t Know Me”  will be available for digital download on January 29.  Later that day, Matt and Anna will debut the song LIVE at a special concert appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The tune will appear on Anna Wilson’s upcoming duets album.

I always said Matt had a beautiful recording voice.  And, indeed, he still does.

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  1. They sound fabulous together. Now we know what label Matt should go to–the one that Diana Krall is on.

  2. Oh Matt , Ray would be so proud. I’m very impressed with his recording voice too, tierbee.

  3. All I can say is WOW! They sound great together. Can’t wait to buy this. I bet it will be amazing live.

  4. This is AMAZING. I agree with mj I always thought that Matt had one of the best recording voices of the group.
    If only he would get signed soon! He deserves it so much. I hope all the work he’s been doing pays off and he gets signed to a great label.
    Crossing fingers!

  5. Oh, I love this. Matt’s voice is so well suited to this kind of music (not that it isn’t suited for other types as well). I absolutely loved his studio version of “My Funny Valentine” and still play it a lot. Great to hear this. Go Matt!

  6. Anna Wilson is singer/songwriter of original jazz music. I believe she is married to Monty Powell, who Matt has done some co-writing with.

  7. This was beautiful! He has such a wonderful voice. I think he got overlooked by the other talent last season- not that Kris, Adam and Alison didn’t deserve it, but Matt has such a great voice, and he’s such a good entertainer, he deserves a recording deal, also. Hope he gets more music out there real soon.

  8. Oh, man, this is so good. Before I heard it, I thought, come on, this is a Ray Charles standard: Don’t. But Matt changes it up a bit and the voices are spectacular. I’ve been a big fan of Matt’s since the tour and can’t wait to buy this. I wish for a whole album of stuff like this, old or new.

  9. this is very good!! their voices blended very well.
    the thing I prefer the most of Matt’s singing is his killer falsetto… just beautiful and he gained more control over it I think

  10. Ok I have to say Matt is fantastic in this song. His recording voice is amazing. He is someone that the competition really did not show him in the best light. He had a few good performances but, though I loved his personality his singing I never thought was all that……Well if he continues to sing more in this style I will change my mind. Absolutely amazing..

  11. Very, very nice. Both of them. Enjoyed the sample and now the full version.
    He’s showing a very different side now than during the show. Hope a label hears this and signs him. Good job, Matty G. Very impressed.

  12. Love it! Matt’s recording voice is fabulous.

    OMG, smooth as butter. <3. I have to agree with others who have wondered he has not been signed yet.

  13. This is very nice – smooth and jazzy. Matt sounds in fine form and his voice blends well with Anna Wilson’s. But it’s also a little old fashioned for me. Matt’s got a great recording voice and a lot of stage presence, but I’m still waiting to have him blow me away with something that is more current sounding –to me, his best performances have been on the jazzy/soul standards like this and “Georgia” and “My Funny Valentine”. All standards from decades ago. Does he want to go the Harry Connick Jr. route? I could totally see him be successful doing that, but I thought he wanted to do more modern r&b/pop stuff?

    Anyway, this is very nice, but not reallly the type of music I listen to much. I’m more interested to hear his original stuff, see which way he goes with that. Hopefully this duet will open some more doors for Matt, because he really is talented and deserves a shot at a recording career.

  14. Matt’s recording voice is smooth as silk. Loved it! I’ll be downloading this one!

    Thanks mj. :)

  15. I love this! Matt has an amazing recording voice for sure. I want a Matty G. album.

  16. Anyway, this is very nice, but not reallly the type of music I listen to much. I’m more interested to hear his original stuff, see which way he goes with that. Hopefully this duet will open some more doors for Matt, because he really is talented and deserves a shot at a recording career.

    Hmmm. I really don’t think he is planing to pursue a jazz standards type of career only.
    If you hear his originals I think he is heading to a a more Gavin De Graw/John Mayerish with a mix of Michael Buble type of sound.
    As I said before I hope someday a label finally signs him. He has so much potential. With the right type of material he could do so well. Plus he plays a mean piano. I wish him so well.
    Hope it happens for him soon!

  17. Nice song, Matt!

    I think he has a really good live voice as well as a good recording voice. Yes, he’s prone to pitchiness when nervous, but most singers are, and usually he sounds great. He was #3 after Adam and Allison vocally on AI, IMO.

    Also interested to hear what his original material will sound like…

  18. Awww! I LOVE it! Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! All I have to say for now. I’ll add my 2 cents later…very sleepy. But what a wonderful thing to hear before I go to sleep!

    Awesome job Matty G!

  19. This is perfect, amazing, classy, sexy! And I like the genre.
    Can´t wait to hear Matt´s recorded originals.
    It will be the ultimate *thud* moment.
    Go Matt!

  20. hmmm…it’s nice and smooth but it has nothing of what I came to like about Matt. I was not a fan of his on idol or his studio recordinigs but he was terrific on tour. It’s just one song though and on her single not his own production, so hopefully that fun-loving piano pounding guy will show up next time.

  21. Letitride, if you like “piano-pounding Matt” and you haven’t heard it before, you might want to check out “Breaking in a Broken Heart”, one of his originals co-written with Billy Dean. You can also find other music off this Youtube channel, set up by Matt’s fans.

    The new songs I have heard from Matt all have a strong piano melody and usually a long piano solo that can be either beautiful or pounding or dramatic, depending on the song. I think the strong piano melodies are part of his unique “sound”, and definitely one of the reasons I enjoy his music. (But I love to listen to his voice, too…)

    He is supposed to debut more new music at his concert on Friday!

  22. I love it! The note when he sings lucky – goosebumps! This song is definitely a mood setter! Hate that I can’t be there to see the debut of the song in MI but have my money ready to buy this song! Come on Friday!

  23. I like Matt’s voice and agree about him having a good recording voice. I won’t be buying it because it’s not my type of music but really like the song that Csprof linked.

  24. ooh i loveeeeeeeee this version of the song matt is awesome … would love to hear matt and michael buble duet lol

  25. This single is now available for download from ITUNES and Amazon! (a day early)

  26. csprof, you beat me to the punch! I was just about to post the same thing! Anna Wilson featuring Matt Giraud, is currently at #25 on the iTunes Jazz chart.

    Well, if we had Simon’s vision of Jazz TV, I bet this would be the number 1 song (I can already see the video – smoky room, wine glasses, Matt at the piano with a single spotlight…

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