Lee DeWyze Had No Idea His Former Label Was Releasing An Album

Lee DeWyze has been hard at work writing and recording music for a brand new album.  That’s why, when I was recently tweeted  a link to a “new” Lee DeWyze album, I was really really confused.

How could Lee be releasing his a new album in February?  Isn’t he still writing and recording?  It took me a bit (with help from twitter peeps) to figure out the album wasn’t really new at all,  but a compilation of pre-Idol music from Lee’s old label, Wuli.

Guess who else was confused? Lee DeWyze! The American Idol 9 winner says he had no idea Wuli was releasing an album. Lee tweeted his fans today.

This “What Once Was”, never heard I it. Just n FYI, this is not my album. My REAL new album, will be out sometime this year, hopefully sooner than later. Got more writing this week, love you all and thanks.

Everything, works itself out. And I could not appreciate the support and love from all of you more. I know you got my back, and I have yours. In the studio right now, really excited about this one.

I wasn’t aware of what that album was called. All those songs are mine yes. I didn’t know that it was available for pre order, or the title. So when I was getting messages about my album being available, I was under the assumption people were referring to my current. Currently writing. It wasn’t until after I researched it that I found out it was from my old label. I never heard that album title before.

So naturally, I wanted to clear that Up. So let me say this. A. I would never deter fans, from listening to my music, or be against getting my music out there, especially to all the fans who have shown so much support. I would never knock something that I was involved it, or turn my back on something I wrote. I stand by what I say and do.

This was a simple case of, me not knowing what was going on, and having no input on something that was being released. That’s all it is. And the last thing I want to do, is lead anyone to believe that I was involved in releasing something tht I wasn’t.

I hope this clears things up a bit. I appreciate, and love all the support. I am for music. Period. Thank you for everything. And to really clear things up, no. I did not have a say in any album that was being released. The title, artwork, song choice etc. That does not mean, I don’t appreciate your support, new, old, future music. I’m Just being honest with you, because that’s what I’m about.

So if I don’t say it enough. Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait for all the things to come in 2012. I truly love what I do. And you, the friends and fans I do it for. Lots of love. Talk to you soon.

You’d think Wuli would have at least given Lee the heads up? The existence of pre-Idol music can help a contestant during the competition. I think the availability of two fairly solid albums from Lee helped spread the word that he had some talent. But once the Idol is out–and especially if they land a major label deal, the existence of such material can be a major pain in the ass. It’s called: A double edged sword.

UPDATE: Ha ha Check out what Lee’s fiance, Jonna Walsh is tweeting,

Lee has the greatest fans in the world. Would really appreciate all of you getting the word out that this “what once was” album isn’t His new album. It’s very upsetting when people try to take advantage of someone. He’s my fiancé, and I will stand by him and make sure he Isn’t taken advantage of. No matter what.

Please let all fans know that they are full of shit and trying to make money off of lee !!

Er. Nobody was complaining when Wuli was pimping his music during the competition. If they own the music, they have the right to release it. They LET HIM out of his contract, from what I understand, to compete on Idol. Every action has its price.

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