Las Vegas, Nevada AI Live! Show – VegasDee’s Recap

Make SURE to check out last night’s LA Idols’ Show post. I (and the peeps who were there) will be updating it all day with STUFF from last night’s concert. HERE.

Meanwhile, enjoy Vegas Dee’s hilarious and informative re-cap from Sunday night’s show in Las Vegas. VegasDee met the Idols after the show. Thanks to her, we learn some new things! Such as:

  • Kristy Lee Cook recorded for 9 hours in LA on her 4th of July holiday!
  • Jason Castro is a man of his word
  • Michael Johns thinks U2’s “In a Little While” is a “f**king great” song
  • The reason why David Cook isn’t singing “Always Be My Baby” on tour isn’t as knollish as I speculated! Oh well. Read the re-cap to find out why…

So my Cougar friend and I scored tickets to the concert here in Vegas this past weekend well not really, we bought them but we waited until the last minute to buy them because better seats kept opening up as the concert date approached. We were on the side of the stage, not floor seats, like 3 rows from the little step thing. The seats were totally kick ass. We dragged Vegas9, Cougar9, and SoccerTeammate9 to the show with us, they were so excited!!!!111 to see Archie. The girls think he is soooo dreamy. Anyway back to the show, I guess I will structure this re-cap like Hoppy because he or she did a good job, props to Hoppy. I was in section 118 almost all the way down, luckily for me there was a bar right on top of our section, I was in need of 1 or 3 cocktails. So on with the show ¦ ¦..


Jacuzzi was awesome. I was sad when he got voted off the show because I think he barely scratched the surface on what he could really do. …I Believe To My Soul was an excellent opening number and his vocals were on FIRE! The boy really tried to get the crowd pumped up, and I think he did a fair job of getting the crowd going. …Caught Up was pretty good; dare I say his vocals are better than Usher on this? Ive seen Usher live, and I was not impressed. Jacuzzi totally did John Legend proud on …So High like Hopy said, he hit some gorgeous falsetto notes, and he added a lot of runs. I know some of you all dont like runs, but his runs were gorgeous. Loved Jacuzzi, although, I wouldve killed to see …She A Woman


All the hard work Jacuzzi put into getting the crowd going, and Ramiele kills it. It so obvious she is out of her league. After the Jackson 5 tune I made a dash for the bar, and ordered my second cocktail, apparently I was not the only one with this idea, as there was a long line at the bar. I returned back to my seat just in time to see the Maroon 5 tune, and it was kind of a mess. The girl looks terrified being on stage, and the stage looks like it about to swallow her and spit her out. She had these insanely high boots on, and every time she took a step, I thought I was about to fall over.

Michael Johns

So after Ramiele killed the crowd, Michael resuscitates it. His vocals were on Fire. The Queen medley is not my favorite but the crowd LOVED it. …It All Wrong but It All Right was the sh*t. He killed it. I think a lot of the ladies in the Thomas & Mack center had uh ¦ ¦ ¦ outer body experience after that one. Like Hopy said, he introduced …Dream On by saying Randy Jackson didnt like this but I dont care, it one of my favorite songs so here it is. He brought the house down on …Dream On. There was 2 thirty-some couples in front of me and the dudes were totally getting fangirly on MJ. It was funny. One of the girls told her dude I would so leave you for him, and he told her, …I would leave you for him too.

Carly Smithson

I was not on the Carly train during the show, now Im a first class ticket holder. The girl f**king killed it. She was a rockstar and she is not fat at all. I swear HDTV is not her friend, she looks about 50lbs lighter in person. I would say, at the biggest she is a size 6. Although, on more than one occasion, I have been wrong about size in the past. She is really pretty too, her stylists on Idol must have hated her because she was a real knockout in person. I thought …Bring Me Back To Life was gonna be a hot mess, because Vegas loves Carly in her lower register, and thinks when she goes for the really high notes she tends to be really shrieky and sharp. I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled it off, not as good as Amy Lee but she did the song justice. …Crazy On You was all kinds of awesome, she killed that song, killed it, ate it and spit it back up, it was that good. At the end of …Crazy on You she was on the side of the stage right in front of me and I totally held my cocktail up to her (as a symbol of girl, you killed, and I bow to your greatness) and she winked at me, as if to say thank you for the love. After the song, she told the crowd, …wow, that a really hard song to sing and thanked us for all our support because last summer they were all losers and now they are touring the country. She seemed so genuine and humbled. …I Drove All Night was phenomenal too.

Oops I forgot Kristy ¦ ¦ ¦..


What can I say about Kristy ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦.she was competent. Im so not into country so maybe I couldnt appreciate he set as much as I should. She had a bedazzled mic pack and even her ear monitor was bedazzled. She had most of the crowd on their feet for …God Bless The USA, Im probably just as patriotic as the next person, but that was just a big …WTF for me. This girl is definitely a performer though, she sashayed her tail feather back and forth a lot, and some of her moves were a little risquà © but I got to give it up for her she knows hot to work a crowd, well a crowd of men.


Brooke seems like a really, really, really, really happy person. …Let It Be was pretty good. I can totally appreciate the singer/songwriter vibe Brooke gives off, it may not be my cup of tea but she was awesome to watch. She maybe suited for smaller venues, but her voice did …fill the stadium and the crowd seemed to love her as much as she loves us. Like Hopy said, …Yellow was a really lovely, heartfelt, intimate performance. Brooke mad me happy.

Pointy Pose time. It was hard to embrace the cheesiness of the group # because of the video montage of the poor kids, vegas9 was crying watching the video, so I kind of had deal with her during that number. Vegas9 is a sensitive kid but she is also really snarky too, maybe she schizophrenic, I dont know ¦ ¦..well who knows my in-laws are nuts.

Intermission Time-Time to run up to the bar for my 3rd and final cocktail.

Jason Castro

Like Brooke, Jason probably is better off in smaller venues, but his voice did …fill the arena too. …Somewhere Over The Rainbow was very genuine and heartfelt. His voice is so pretty and pure. …Crazy was awesome, as long time bloggers know, that is one of my favorite songs of 2007 so I was not expecting to like it at all. LOVED IT!! His interpretation was spot on. I think all of this …AI Stuff is still overwhelming to Jason but he was in excellent voice. The crowd went nuts for him. To me Jason is that guy, who no mater what will always be Jason. I dont think fame or fortune will change Jason, Ill go into more of this later ¦

Damn this is getting really long ¦ ¦ ¦..


I agree with Hopy, Syesha is GORGEOUS! She is hot. …Umbrella was kind of a mess for me, didnt like the arrangement, didnt like the performance, maybe it was just me though. …If I Aint Got You was good, she did Alicia justice, not just anybody can do Alicia. …Listen was f**king amazing. It was so genuine, passionate, and every other adjective I cant think of right now. Syesha …left it all out on the stage on that performance. Vegas was tearing up after that one, well maybe it was just the drinks. The crowd loved it, and gave her a standing ovation after that. Syesha had her un-manufactured moment, and she seemed on the verge of tears after hearing the crowd go ape sh*t for her. I was wondering where her bedazzled dress was, she came out in a bedazzled tank tunic flowy thing with shorts underneath, and for all you inquiring minds, Sy was sporting the ‹fro. I really need to ask what kind of products she uses for her hair, because vegas9 wants to sport her fro, she has hair just like Syesha, but every time I try to do the fro, it ends up looking like a dry black tumbleweed.


Archie emerged from center stage on the piano with …Angels. His vocals were on point. The crowd loved them some Archie. The girls I was with love them some Archie, they were screaming their little heads off. Thank God Lord Webber was not in attendance, he wouldve gone bananas on poor little Archie for closing his eyes. …Apologize was fantastic, LOVED IT! Dare I say, he blows Tedder out of the water on this? Well, imo he does. The crowd is going ape sh*t again, and Archie is all …Viva Las Vegas. He is such a dork, and I love it. During …Apologize he seems so into the song, like he is in his own little world singing and nothing can distract him, it really beautiful and kind of weird at the same time. He did some questionable dance moves during the …Beautiful Girls snippet. The last song was really pretty, but kind of boring for me– Just my opinion though.


My cougar friend is getting all crazy at this point, and the girls have a glazed over look in their eyes after watching Archie. They seemed as if theyve died and gone to heaven, they are so not acting like the hard core soccer players they are. I need another drink, but there is no way in hell Im leaving my seat right now. Cook does …Hello and it brings the house down. The boy is a f**king, f**king, ROCKSTAR. He is like right in front of us doing …Hello and all I can do is clap and look like a total star struck cougar in training. Magic Rainbows is next, and he gives it his all. Rumor has it that the casino that took all his $$$ was the Madalay Bay. IDWMAT is next, and his vocals are on FIRE! The audience loves him, he loves the audience, it all love in the Thomas & Mack. Next he dedicates …My Hero to his brother. He runs around the stage doing guitar solos, he comes to our side of the stage and does his thing, at this point I really wish I wouldnt have downed my last cocktail so I couldve done the same thing to him as I did to Carly, but it was not meant to be. He leaves the stage and the crowd is going nuts, again. He comes back and does …Billie Jean and he killed it, killed it. IMO, he is a ROCKSTAR’ He knows how to work the crowd and the stage, and his vocals were fantastic. LOVED HIM. By now the girls are Cookified, and think he is just as …dreamy as Archie. My cougar friend is talking about stalking the busses, and Im down for whatever, the girls want to meet the David. The thirty-something couples in front of us are going ape sh*t too, even the guys are. One guy even starts high-fiving my cougar friend.

All the idols return for …Please Dont Stop The Music and I can finally embrace the cheese. All the peeps in the arena are dancing, the girls are dancing, Vegas is even dancing trying to concentrate and making sure she is dancing on beat. My cougar friend is plotting to meet the idols.

I had and excellent time, I was thoroughly impressed and left wanting more performances. It was so worth the money and the $7 cocktails and the $35 t-shirt for vegas9.

After the Show…

After the show my cougar friend is like let go meet them and like I said Im down for whatever. We find the buses, but my hopes are crushed when I see the buses behind a fence and 2 security guards at the entrance. Leave it to the Cougar, she gets us pass the guards and behind the secure area’ She has skills, and no, not those kind of skills. Ill leave it at that. She used some work connections that she could so get in trouble for. Anyway we see MJ and the girls ask him to sign, he does. I ask him about a record deal, he told me to look out for the release of at least a single by Christmas time. My friend asked him what kind of record, rock or soul? He said both. Then me and my big mouth was like a rock/soul/blues hybrid, and he smiles at me and was like exactly. I told him I would love to hear his take on U2 …In A Little While, and he was like that a f**king great song, I love that song. He said he tried to get U2 cleared but it couldnt get cleared ¦ ¦.knollish ¦ ¦ ¦my friend asks him to sing something and he sings like the whole 1st verse and chorus of …INWBIAR–he leaves and goes back under the tunnel–Quite the charmer. Kristy comes up and the girls ask her to sign, she obliges happily. She asks us if we liked the show we told her we did. I said congrats on the record deal, she smiles and says thank you. My friend was like I look forward to seeing you at some big country festival next year’ I dont remember the name of it. Kristy was like my managers told me I will be there. I asked her if she partied in Vegas the night before, she said she didnt get a chance to because she recorded for 9 hours in LA on the 4th. Brooke came by and signed and chatted with the girls. Carly was in a hurry, smiled and said …HI!-she was on her cell. Rami came by and the girls didnt notice, poor Rami.

Jason was next and the girls asked him for his autograph, he was carrying a bunch of crap and he tells the girls hell be right back after he puts his stuff away’ Vegas9 gets all ghetto on him and is like you wont come back, yeah right. He told her I promise I will. Syesha flies by without saying hi or anything’ Jason comes back and goes to Vegas9 and is like I told I would come back’ he signs and draws a little face with dreads by his signature. Archie comes out and Vegas9 is like you need to sign these now, he looks kind of scared of her. Jacuzzi is there and has the warmest most genuine smile ever’ he signs and I tell him his vocals are …totally underrated he laughs and says thank you. Right about this time Cougar9, is like mom, there come David Cook! She totally starts putting on lip gloss, asking me if she smells ok, and then pops like 2 pieces of gum in her mouth—He comes over and to get his attention Vegas9 is like David my soccer coach loves you, and than her friend is all yeah, he loves you and he my dad—poor David he probably thinks the soccer coach has some sort of crush on him’ my friend asks him to sign and does, and then he asks us if we enjoyed the show’ the girls are like yes, he asked the girls who they liked the best, they said Archie and …you too He asked me, …how about you—-I was like ¦ ¦.uh.uhhhhhh ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦.uh, …how come you didnt sing ABMB? He said it was originally in the set, but he cut it and replaced because he wanted something more up tempo ‘so he replaced it with …IDWMAT by now my cougar friend is practically drooling and is so obviously staring at his lips, so am like hey cougar9 you better ask him your question before he has to leave, so she asks him if she can take a picture of him and he says of course ¦ ¦ ¦vegas9 is all here is my mom cell so she takes the pic and we tell him thanks and he says no, thank you ¦ ¦ ¦and Im all no seriously thank you ¦ ¦ ¦.my friend is still obviously staring and he is about to leave and Im like bye and the girls are all bye David, and than cougar9 says David my mom she is your biggest fan. He smiles and waves bye ¦ ¦ ¦..I so hope he doesnt think I am the mother of cougar9—oh well. That it and my really long , long, long, long, re-cap. Hope it wasnt too long. My cougar friend took some pics, so when she sends them to me, I can post them if you all want. Im also sending MJ the pic of David cougar9 took on my cell.

Now I am in need of a cocktail.

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