Kris Allen Takes Over Radio Disney – VIDEO

Kris Allen took over Radio Disney yesterday. He was interviewed, answered questions from audience members (he told one Simon was a “meanie head”–he was kiddng) introduced songs and played cool acoustic versions of “Heartless” and “Live Like We’re Dying”.

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Video: scoobyld Thanks @Krinja_Signal and h20convo

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Full Takeover Part 1

Full Takeover Part 2



Live Like We’re Dying

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  1. Someone please tell me that Radio Disney is targeted to adults?

    It was a cute piece, and he sounds great.

  2. Awwww, he changed the “barrel of a gun” lyric :) I assume it’s because it’s Radio Disney. Very sensitive and astute, Kris. (of course he’s still got planes falling out of the sky ;p

  3. If David Archuleta can sing the lyrics “barrel of a gun” (You’re The Voice), Kris Allen should be able to >_>. It’s not like Kris was saying “the barrel of the gun in my pants”.

    If it was indeed for Radio Disney, then BAH POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. I dunno, the “waiting for the setting of the sun” lyric was kinda….. not fitting.

    Either way, I do like sunsets :P. Still, I would’ve preferred something different. Maybe humorous. “And we’re all slapping our girls on their buns”, or something. “And we’re letting them ruin our fun?” “And from our issues, we all… RU-UN”

    What other word has an “UH” sound like “crumbs” or “gun”?

  4. hey, i’m not saying that’s why for sure, i’m only guessing :) And if this show is indeed targeted towards children it really does go beyond just being politically correct. Plus, remember, he just got back from Haiti, i’m sure his awareness and sensitivity towards children’s issues of any kind is heightened.

  5. cool appearance!

    his ‘star strucking’ is funny and i like much that he doesn’t have such an ego that he wouldn’t aadmit it and feel free to talk about it.

    I found it cool that he switch from ‘starring the barrel of a gun’ to ‘waiting for the setting of the sun’. For me it totally fits in the lyrics and i’m not going to find into this any more than a considerate tought that he’s singing on a children radio

  6. I liked the lyric change too.

    I love how well he plays the guitar. He’s not just strumming but really making it sound like more than 1 instrument.

  7. MJ, loved the photo you used up top. Kris is so purdy!!

    LOL at your other lyric options, jammasta! Sorry, but I think what Kris chose was better than your suggestions (but ok, not as funny!).

    Really good sound on the performances–loved them. Anyone else yelling TICKIN’ while Kris took his much needed breath–hey someone had to be the backup singer!

  8. Good, fun interview and really really good acoustic versions of the songs! At first when I heard this performance of LLWD on the radio I thought that he had just messed up the lyrics but from the video it’s apparent that he did it on purpose.
    It would be good if he hadn’t missed the opportunity to talk to Rob Thomas, since he is such a fanboy, he could also get a reaction about his performance of “Bright Lights” but maybe that would require a loooot of courage. Actually, if I remember correctly, during the summer fans tweeted a video of Kris’ performance to Rob Thomas (I think the one from the itunes) and he said that Kris did a good job with it.
    Kris really doesn’t enjoy listening to himself, he gets embarashed. I can totally relate, but I don’t have a hit single on the radio so it’s easy for me to avoid my voice, for Kris I guess it’s not so easy, LOL. Maybe he doesn’t listen to the radio a lot.

  9. forgot to say that I liked very much his performances here. As always, I love his guitar playing

  10. “And we’re all slapping our girls on their buns”

    HAHA. I actually thought the lyric change was pretty clever (and appropriate). I can just see my 5 year old niece asking what it means to stare down the barrel of a gun and having to give an awkward explanation.

  11. I actually thought the lyric change was pretty clever (and appropriate)

    I agree. I heard the lyric change yesterday, and I thought it was good, but it didn’t even occur to me that since Radio Disney is aimed at children that he needed to change it. It just seemed like the change fit, and worked well with the meaning of the song. Staring down the barrel of a gun, probably means something different to kids, since they would take it literally.

    Kris sounds so amazing when he does this song without the band accompanying him. I love what they do with the musical arrangement, but for some reason his vocals standout when it’s just him with his guitar.

  12. That might be his best version of “Heartless” yet. I notice the side chin singing is back. If you’ve not listened to Radio Disney you should know they often have alternative, clean versions of popular songs to play.

    It’s not just what general radio plays but sometimes has rewritten verses or chorus. Jesse McCartney’s “Right Where You Want Me” comes to mind. The standard version is about kinky sex, the Disney version is about waiting to spend time together.

  13. thanks druzilla, i didn’t know that about radio Disney. This is a very good thing!

    and maybe the side chin is back because he hasn’t had for a while vocal coaching

  14. Aww, Kris should say something to Rob Thomas. I’m sure there is a next time. I’m so glad that now Kris has more opportunities to meet all these artists whose songs he’s covered or he’s been a fan of.

  15. Someone please tell me that Radio Disney is targeted to adults?

    It was a cute piece, and he sounds great.

    If it’s targeted towards kids, it’s targeted towards adults. Same difference. :) It’s good for Kris.

  16. hoosiermama:
    02/26/2010 at 1:45 pm
    MJ, loved the photo you used up top. Kris is so purdy!!

    Yes, and what an awesome live performer he is.
    His voice is so clear because it is only backs up by a guitar.

  17. it’s fun to listen to Kris’ interviews nowadays. He’s more engaging, funny and comfortable. Very talkative. :)

    I still remember a while back when some people were giving him a lot of flak for not being good at interviews. =P

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