Kris Allen in Singapore – Zirca Nightclub Performance, Interviews (Plus, Kris Goes to Rwanda in a Month!)

Kris Allen visits Singapore

UPDATE: Kris mentions in his Kuala Lumpur Press Conference that he’ll be heading out to Rwanda in a month with TOMS Shoes (That’s in addition to heading out to Haiti at Simon Fuller’s request)

Kris Allen made his last stop on his mini-asia tour in Singapore today. It’s close to 11 pm there right now, and Kris has finished up (or is finishing up) a performance at the Zirca nightclub.

Kris’s setlist included: Heartless, Can’t Stay Away, Written All Over My Face, Before We Come Undone, The Truth, Man in the Mirror, Is It Over, Red Guitar, Falling Slowly/Without You, Alright With Me, Live Like We’re Dying, Ain’t No Sunshine, and Come Together.

After the jump, check out a slew of videos from Singapore: An interview with Class 95, Kris and his band playing with a Boa and messing with fire. I’ll post performance vids when they turn up.

As a bonus, check out the Josh Skinner/AI interview, recorded during Grammy weekend.

UPDATE: “Come Together” Kris wearing Shrek ears), “Heartless”, “Alright With Me” (Kris in a boa), “Man in the Mirror”, “Can’t Stay Away”, “The Truth”, “Falling Slowly/With Or Without You”, “Red Guitar”.

Videos after the JUMP…

Class 95 Interview

Kris and band play with a Boa

Kris and band play with fire

Kris Allen was in Jail!

Come Together


Alright With Me (Kris in a Boa ha ha)

Man In The Mirror

Can’t Stay Away

The Truth

Falling Slowly/The Truth

Red Guitar

Josh Skinner Interview

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  1. According to some of the twitter posts, Kris’s Zirca Club concert in Singapore got a little crazy.

    It’s funny how the crowd got bolder from one concert to the next. People who went to the first concert were more laid back, while this audience seemed to be very vocal and touchy feely. LOL. I think that has a lot to do with Kris, he seemed to get looser from one concert to the next, and it seems like he initiated a lot of the physical contact that went on.

  2. From someone who attended Kris’ concert:

    Singapore concert truly epic. @KrisAllen was literally molested throughout the show. But he seemed to love it.

  3. People who went to the first concert were more laid back, while this audience seemed to be very vocal and touchy feely. LOL.

    Reports from the earlier concerts were that security wouldn’t even let the crowd stand up, let alone dance or go crazy. People in the VIP sections (close to the front) were very angry about this. So I don’t think it had to do with Kris at all.

  4. Hilarious tweets……crowd can’t clap along because they are all holding cameras. Heh. Can’t wait for videos. Kris is amazing. He is completely adaptable to whatever the crowd wants. You want crazy, touchable Kris, that’s what you get.

    Also can’t wait to see if his performances back in USA are going to be different after this trip. Is the laid back, subdued Kris gone forever?

  5. I can’t wait for the performance videos!!!! This is so funny to me, especially remembering him from S8 whenever someone would say he was “hot”, or that “girls would love him”, he always looked taken aback…almost blushing! Talk about doing a 180, Lol!!!!

    I hope his US concert tour goes this well, I like the direction he’s taking.

  6. I agree totally that each audience grows wilder. It’s like theyget info from the previous concerts and get over excited for theirs and that makes it get more rough.
    If Kris loves it, it’s okay. I thik Kris likes to entertain his audience and have fun himself at the same time. This will only make him more flexible on stage so it’s a good thing.
    I read on twitter that this crowd had as many guys as girls, so score but I wonder if the guys were also molesting? Hahahaha.

  7. The tweets from this concert are very funny. Sounds like it got a little crazy but was a lot of fun. And again, the crowd LOVED him. Kris has definitely loosened up in terms of his crowd interaction from where he was during the AI tour, although part of that may have to do with the size of the venue, the staging and the security. But it’s clear that this mini-tour has been a raging success in terms of immediate crowd response — although who knows how much the crowd response will translate into additional sales or radio play in these countries.

  8. Yesterday was my birthday and these video’s and pictures are the best birhtday present. I’m loving it. The Malaysia concert looked amazing. Kris was having so much fun.

  9. just love how he’s turning out as a performer. you can see that he loves performing

    Had the best time ever. @KrisAllen was beyond what I’d expected. A concert that I’d been waiting for since May last year.
    7 minutes ago from Echofon

  10. Maybe it was the stripper cages that encouraged the crowd?


    # I touched KRIS stomach his CROTCH WAS in MY FACE. about 2 hours ago from MobiTweet via SMS

    # KRIS IN A RED BOA about 3 hours ago from MobiTweet via SMS

    # SOME KRISBERT TOUCHED HIS CROTCH. about 3 hours ago from MobiTweet via SMS

    # PEOPLE IN THE STRIPPER CAGES. about 3 hours ago from MobiTweet via SMS

  11. Meanwhile, more news: Kris is going to Rwanda next month with Tom’s shoes!

    He definitely says he will be going to Rwanda.

  12. I think Kris was really on fire in Singapore. He took signs from the girls in the crowd. I’m very sure they are benches because I can’t think of anyone else.
    He took one that read, “KRIS, YOU MAKE ME COME ON YOU” after telling the girl she was naughty, LOL Kris!

  13. Am I a total prude for thinking that grabbing someone’s crotch whom you don’t know, just because they are singing for you, is really uncool? Because I do.

    And VERY cool on going to Rwanda.

  14. Well, this concert sounds like it was pretty wild! I’m almost scared to think of what it would have been like if it wouldn’t have been open to those under 21! I’m looking forward to some vids.

    I listened to the entire Class 95 interview, I think it was more commercials than Kris. LOL! However, Chinese New Year is coming up right? I wonder if the Boa and Fire stuff was happening in conjunction with this?

    And finally, yay for the Tom’s Shoes thing in Rwanda! That’s really perfect for him.

    Love all the vids, thanks for posting mj! Also thanks for posting the Josh Skinner interview, I was trying to skim through the headlines thread to show it to my husband last night, but couldn’t find it. I’ll know right where to come tonight.

  15. Wow that’s the one Kris is really getting grabbed at. Very wild video. Those in the front roll are very wild.

  16. Oh great stuff today. I think the fire eating has just replaced the balut eating video as my fave of the non-singing side trips. I hope we get videos of the Singapore concert. The pics I’ve seen so far look like it was insane. Shame the Kicky Feet video is such awful sound quality. There needs to be a montage of Kicky Feet footage.

    Josh Skinner had such amazing and nice things to say about Kris after that interview.

    That’s great that Kris is going to Rwanda with Tom’s Shoes. That is a wonderful charity.

  17. LOLOLOLOLOL! I am reading these crazy tweets from people who were there last night. I am cracking up!

    They apparently had an “epic” time and LOVE Kris and the band. This pic was too funny not to share.

    Now they are all concerned with which flight Kris is taking out of Singapore. Is he going to NY or LA?!? I was wondering myself. We are having some snowy weather in NY at the moment :(

  18. And here I thought they were big on decorum and social orderliness in Singapore. And when did the oh-so-mellow Pocket Idol become such a ham? I love it.

  19. Giavonna,

    Wow, What a picture. From the picture, it wasn’t only the girls, the men were also enjoying. Haha.

  20. Diane and I must be on the same wave length – Twitter stalking, Shrek ears, and flights! Does his arm look red from all those hands grabbing at him?

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised Giavonna. Poor Kris. That crowd was just going out. And there screaming when he first came out, I thought I was going to go deaf.

  22. Giavonna,
    I was just going to say that. Oh! it’s scary, it’s like they want to eat him up….. that grip on his arm, Gawd!

  23. Sounds like this show was all sorts of epic. Well, I think we can put to rest the notion the Kris is bland, boring, has no confidence or swagger…personally, I think he is fine in all these areas! He can put on a show and get a crowd into a frenzy!

  24. Oh I love this, I love this so much! Not so much the crotch-grabbing, but everything else is so much fun! Keep it coming for those of us stuck at work! Thanks guys!

  25. Watching all of these I’m now really disappointed that the Ryan concert is in NYC and not LA. I want to see Kris in concert like … NOW.

  26. Izzieq
    02/10/2010 at 1:25 pm
    Sounds like this show was all sorts of epic. Well, I think we can put to rest the notion the Kris is bland, boring, has no confidence or swagger…personally, I think he is fine in all these areas! He can put on a show and get a crowd into a frenzy!


    And while I’m glad Kris is playing the humanitarian (Rwanda), we’re NEVER gonna see him!!!! :grin:

  27. – @krisallen acting cute, pasting post-its on his guitar provided by a fan. awww
    about 1 hour ago from TwitPic

    Reply Retweet – I love it when guys sling their guitars like that. It will induce me to immediately take a pic of them. hehehe
    about 1 hour ago from TwitPic

    Reply Retweet – in the meantime, shall post a couple of pics. I do not like the blonde lady. she was such a dragon lady, aka bit
    about 1 hour ago from TwitPic

    Reply Retweet but the closeness we got with @krisallen was priceless man. funnn
    about 1 hour ago from web

    Reply Retweet @krisallenband e soundsystem was quite terrible.shouldn’t be playing in a club in e 1st place, imo.but maybe zirca was the only thing avail?

  28. giovanna

    I think Kris has to be flying straight to NY. He doesn’t have time to go back to L.A. first. As it is, it’ll be late Thursday afternoon (at the earliest) before he gets to NYC. If he’s doing any promo/interviews at all for the Kradison concert on Friday, he doesn’t have time to go to L.A. first.

    And Katy tweeted he wouldn’t be back home until the 14th, anyway.

    Hopefully the snowstorm will be over by the time he gets to NYC. It’s not supposed to snow Thursday, so fingers crossed.

  29. Ok, what’s with the bald heads all over the stage in the background of that one pic?

  30. Watching all of these I’m now really disappointed that the Ryan concert is in NYC and not LA. I want to see Kris in concert like … NOW.

    Yeah, really, I’m kinda enthused about seeing him live now… would have gone and checked it out anyway if he came close but I like this Kris :)

    I’ll be in NYC Friday but not until Friday evening… I hope I can get there, this weather is nuts.

  31. grirlygirl I figured he would fly straight to NY. The airports are very good about getting things cleaned up as quickly as possible. I really want him to have time to rest before the NY concert. Want him to rock it out in NYC!

    It will be interesting to see how the NY crowd is vs the Singapore crowd. And to see how he has changed as a performer after being groped by many hands! He is an official ROCK STAR now! :D

  32. I don’t like the crotch grabbing either, it’s a very sensitive and delicate place to play with but if he was enjoying it, fine by me. One tweeter said he later blocked the crotch with his guitar and shoved the guitar in their faces instead. So it means they want the crotch shoved instead….. no words!
    Those girls are really funny and it seems Kris doesn’t like a quiet crowd, so he got what he wanted.

  33. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Being groped everywhere! Playing with fire with half naked men, playing with boa, jail!
    What happened to you Kris Allen, you used to be all about the music!

    I’m so glad he had such a successful tour to Asia. His AI fans loved him and I’m pretty sure he made alot of new fans. Looks like he and his band had a great time.

    Loved all the videos everyone provided for the past two weeks. Thanks MJ for posting!

    Also Rwanda & Haiti, that’s great.

  34. These appearances over the past week and the AOL sessions have made for a pretty exciting week for Kris fans. I think this Kris that we’re seeing has always been there, just a little tentative in showing himself.

    Are thee any Kris fans going to the concert in NYC? It would be so nice to hear about from another Kris fan.

    Thanks to MJ for posting, and everyone else who took videos, provided links, etc. It’s been amazing!

  35. the snow is still piling up here in NYC. hope that flight gets in OK!

    feather boa…love it. next thing he’ll be doing an Elvis, giving out scarves with his sweat to lucky audience members :)

  36. Truthiness
    02/10/2010 at 11:57 am
    Am I a total prude for thinking that grabbing someone’s crotch whom you don’t know, just because they are singing for you, is really uncool? Because I do.

    Yeah…he may be adding that incident to the french-kissing cougar story when he’s asked about inappropriate fan behavior next time.

  37. love all the videos!! that was quite a frenzy!!!!

    It’s very cool that he likes to interact physically with the fans
    (geez .. the crotch grabbing is very OTT … well there were some bold and not polite Singaporian girl)

  38. Crotch grabbing is a no-no, but, other than that, it sounds like this was quite the epic concert for Kris and the fans. Those Singapore folks can really get wild. So happy that this SE Asia swing has been such a success for Kris. And I’m sure that AI is happy about it, too. The most recent winner going there for his first real concerts since the Idols Live tour (not counting the radio promo stuff where he was one of many artists) can only help to keep the popularity of the show going in these countries.

    By the way, Kris’s affection for wearing feather boas goes back a long way:

  39. Crotch gabbing is pretty bad….

    So he’s got tougued by cougar, crotch grabbed, pretty much bruised up by crazy fans, also I think there’ve been some girls who’ve offered their melons to be signed (he mentioned it in his interview with ACook) during M&G, Idol tour.

    Wow! So many wonderful experiences & stories to take back home.

  40. wait, during which song does his crotch get grabbed?

    that’s taking it a bit too far…. you gotta respect him

  41. Thanks Diane (:waves:) & Doeeye.

    Ki1lerQueen, don’t think it was during any particular song. Whenever he moved in close enough, fans grabbed/touched anywhere they could.

  42. Looks like he had a blast in Singapore and was well received. Go Kris!

    I love how genuine he was with the girls on stage with him for “Alright with Me.”

  43. leastofall, thanks for answering.. i wasnt really sure if there was a specific moment, but yeah, the fans were verrrrrryy grabby whenever he walked forward.. he looked like he enjoyed it though lol… but still, they shouldnt have grabbed his crotch.. that’s crossing a very personal line

  44. but the crotch grabbing was a very small part that frankly he didnt seem to mind.. so.. soooooooo happy kris had a blast!!!! and he was so well recieved.. i cannot wait for his US tour!!! we need info on that!

  45. but the crotch grabbing was a very small part that frankly he didnt seem to mind.. so.. soooooooo happy kris had a blast!!!! and he was so well recieved.. i cannot wait for his US tour!!! we need info on that!

    seems that when it happened, he managed afterward to hold more tightly his guitar in front of his crotch.. haha

  46. Falling Slowly/With or Without You

    it’s beautiful!
    people were so singing it and i just love how Kris goes with the flow and let them sing the first verse by themselves.
    This with all else related to that just show he has great people skills

  47. I tried clicking on the link for AWM, but it takes me to a video for Heartless. An I don’t see AWM anywhere on that page.

    Anyone have the correct link for the AWM performance – with feather boa?


  48. Hi all! I’m not really a Kris fan but I do enjoy his music. I went to this show to accompany some friends n I must say, I enjoyed myself very much. Anyway, the crowd wasn’t THAT wild except for those right in front. Though I can’t really blame them, just put your hands out and you’d touch him, that’s how close we were. Thanks to my friends I ended up right in front of the stage, on the left side (Andrew’s side, I think). Managed to get a high 5 from the bassist and Kris himself. The crowd was pretty diverse, a lot more guys than I expected (I’d say about 30% were guys..). The sound system in the club was quite terrible, could barely make out what Kris was singing if you aren’t familiar with the songs. Loved it when he pulled those girls up on stage during Alright with Me. He really made their night and they couldn’t stop hugging him! :) Managed to see Kris & the band getting into their very swanky limo after the show where Kris shouted at e crowd “Thank you Singapore, I love you!” before he got into the limo. (I have video of this & a few other songs, but YouTube doesn’t seem to want to work for me right now.) All in all, I had a fantastic evening and can clearly see why Kris is loved by so many fans. I’d definitely go for another show if he ever comes here again.

    Also, I’m not sure what was up with all the mannequin heads on stage. They looked pretty freaky to me.

  49. I was at the Kris concert in Singapore last night, and I had a fantastic time! I’m a massive, massive Adam fan, but I wanted to show some love/support for one of his best friends since I’m living in Singapore at the moment. (Plus I wanted to see if he’s as adorable in person … he most definitely is! He’s been working out, that’s for sure ;-) ).

    The crowd was extremely loud and supportive for Kris … I was only one of a few Caucasians and, at 44, well over the average age limit of about 18 LOL! And apparently I was one of the few who didn’t know every word of every song. And it wasn’t only the girls. I was on Cale’s side of the stage, and there were two young guys (one Chinese, one Malay) who knew absolutely every word of every song. I mean, *every* word! They swayed while filming, they flailed everytime Kris looked our way … it was hysterical and very, very sweet. Those guys will remember that concert forever. LOL!

    And Kris had a blast. He looked extremely tired (and mumbled/slurred some of his words), but I’m not surprised. Don’t know how he’ll get himself over the jetlag in time for the Kradison concert … he has a 17-hour flight ahead of him. Anyway, I was particularly stunned by how confident and carefree he was … talking directly to the people in the front row, wearing a boa during AWM (one of my favorite concert moments ever, tbh … what a blast!), making eye contact and bringing those four girls on the stage. He has come such a long way from his early Idol performances. I felt very, very proud of him.

    The only negative (other than a slightly bad sound system that someone upthread already mentioned) … I felt bad that the show wasn’t sold out, which is a shame for Kris, especially given it was only one performance (although lack of publicity could have been at fault as several people I know didn’t even know he was in Singapore). The nightclub could have fit at least double the number of people who were there. BUT, the ones who were there sure loved him (the ringing in my ears from all the “I love you, Kris” screaming girls next to me is proof. LOL). You could see Kris was touched by all the support. I would definitely see him again … I had a great time!!

  50. Damnit!! Chocked up again listening to The Truth. Stop making me love that song, Kris Allen. He really performs it well.

    But LOL @ camera that almost gets hit by Kris’ guitar on several ocassions during heartless & CSA.

    Also, At 2.27, The Truth, busy busy hands…

  51. Missymarsie,

    Thank you for your first hand account, particularly as someone who doesn’t consider themselves a fan. I’m really glad to hear that you had such a great time. All the footage we’re seeing back here in the states, well, I’m jealous of you!

  52. thanks tripp_ncwy for the links

    There is a video of Kris leaving Zirca on a limo but i couldn’t open it from twitter (stupid firewall or something on my laptop). thanks to anyone posting it

  53. missymarsie, thanks for putting that up! It was short but sweet. :grin:

    Mtlfan, I had heard that the sound system was not very good at Zirca, so I wasn’t expecting much. What I did hear was amazing. And, yeah, the Shrek ears, the boa, the fire, the boa constrictor, the balut, the stinky fruit, … :lol:

  54. leastofall
    02/10/2010 at 5:37 pm
    Video from Kris Allen Boys’ Night Out Radio Interview

    Thank you for this. I hope that there is a part II also.
    Love Kris face when the Indian guy came in. He looked confused, scared.

    I’m trying to catch up with the videos, but with the ones I watched, too bad the sound wasn’t as good as the Kualalumpur one. That one was awesome.
    Surprised that there was no barriers at all to the stage.

    I hope that Kris will arrive safely in NY. I don’t know when he is supposed to arrive there. I wonder if people will come out at all to see the Kradison concert. It looks so bad from the TV.

  55. Having heard all these songs from Jingle Balls, concerts, etc. I’m still confused of one thing.

    When you hear the cd for a couple times, several songs that are catchier than the others have been sung live several times : LLWD, CSA, BWCU, The Truth, Red Guitar, AWM, then also WAOMF, Is It Over.
    I wonder what the reason why Kris is holding out on Let It Rain.
    I think he just sang that song once, at the Vineyard. It is one of the most beautiful one in the CD. I’m hoping there is a good reason for that.
    Is he just holding that for the real concert ?

    Simon Fuller – you know what to do with that song.
    I wonder when the news of the boot song will get out.

    Anyway, so happy for Kris’ reception in Asia. But he looked really tired though in Singapore. I hope he has something left for NY.

  56. Finally managed to get my other videos to upload to Youtube, here they are if any of you are interested :)

    Not sure about the quality, I’ve not really watched them..


    Come Undone


    Falling Slowly/ With or Without You

    Alright With Me (partial)


    Aint no sunshine

  57. from another angle ‘come together’ (haha love the Shrek ears – doesnt take any of the sexy away)

    OMG! Those hands!!! LOL! I laughed at the face on the Security Guard at one point.

    missymarie, thank you for all that you’ve shared!

    I am so proud to be a Kris fan! I am going to miss all of these postings from his Asian tour. thanks to everyone who has brought the vids here and have taken the vids!!!

    Ratna, I wonder if they would reschedule the NYC concert if the weather doesn’t cooperate? I agree, I hope Kris gets some well deserved rest before this concert and arrives safely!

    ETA: missymarie, I watched your FS/WOWY vid and it was very good. You could really hear the audience singing along, a lot. One thing I really like about this song in Singapore is that the audience’s cheers didn’t drown out the musical return to FS at the end. :) Thanks again for sharing!

  58. I just wanted to chime in and thank everyone for the videos and pictures. I have had so much fun watching these vids from all the Asia tour stops. It does seem like Kris and the KAB had the time of their lives on this run. They are so fun to watch when they are having so much fun! And lol at all the grabby hands at the nightclub. He kept going back for more, so I don’t think he minded, ha.

  59. yes, muchísimas gracias everyone for all these fab videos! this has been like the best Kris & Band week ever!!

    i loved how the crowd sang along on FS/WOWY, i got so psyched I even went and looked for the sheet music to FS so I could learn how to play it on the piano. That’s Kris for ya–so inspiring! (and so damn cute!) :)

  60. Ok, I just checked Itunes, and the ALBUM is #19 overall!!! Is something wrong with my live feed?! If not, who’s buying these? And why? :lol: I mean, the Asian peeps can’t buy from the U.S. store, right?

    Can someone confirm this number?

  61. Diane, for me the live feed shows #68. I think it’s #19 on the pop chart. That’s still nice, though.

    Oh, and the buyers are obviously people with good taste in music :)

  62. I wonder what the reason why Kris is holding out on Let It Rain.

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. And I would love to hear I Need to Know live. Will they ever do that song?

  63. lol…Kris is very adventurous and all guy.

    No kidding! From eating a duck fetus to eating fire, then letting the fans maul and squeeze him (which I’ve heard can actually be dangerous). AND not ashamed to wear goofy sunglasses, a boa or shrek ears while doing it.

  64. The sun is out in NYC today. The streets are clear except for a little slush at the curb. Airports are back in business. Next three days – cold but no snow.

    I wonder when Kris is landing…I hope he had an Ambien for the flight and got some rest after all that excitement!

    Wish I was going to the concert :O

  65. Also, I can’t wait to get home and watch more KA videos. There are so many. It has been a great week!

  66. This week has been so good with all the videos and news and photos pouring in! I haven’t been able to watch even half of them yet.

    I’m glad that AI found Kris to us. Aside from his talent as an artist, Kris is also funny, caring, cute and hot. How perfect he can be?

    The song I most want to hear live now is BIB, but I wouldn’t mind to hear LIR with the band and INTK live either. Are we greedy or what?!

  67. It’s been a great Kris week with all the stuff re the tour in Asia, AOL sessions, etc. He still has two more things this week, right? So, more goodies to enjoy.

    I am also wondering why he hasn’t done Let It Rain anymore…interesting. I hope there is a very good reason as to why…hmmmmmm…speculating is fun. The other day he was asked about it I think in an interview wasn’t he….AI using the song and he said that if AI wanted to use it, he’d be fine with it or something like that? That would be fantastic…there has been no mention yet as to the boot song this year.

    I was just glad to see videos of Kris (and the band) having a ball in Asia, soaking up all the love and frenzy and seeing Kris put on a great show. Who says he doesn’t have confidence and swagger! I just hope he gets a good welcome in NYC tomorrow night and people get to see what a great performer Kris is! He needs to do Come Together!!

  68. that was a wonderful trip in Asia. We got so many goodies. I want to see him live this year! So talented with such a fun and generous personality

  69. i personally am looking forward to kris playing LIR with the band, plus the orchestra and the violins and the whole works. that song is brilliant and my secret dream (well not that secret) is for LIR to be the boot song for this year.

    really glad we got all these goodies. thanks to the asian fans

  70. His SarahP, long time no see!

    KRIS FANS, IF YOU’RE ON TWITTER, “RT” this and see if he wears it. Or you can follow me and retweet my retweet (ha)

    “@KrisAllen You know that white long-sleeved shirt you wore for your Cebu concert? You should wear that one tomorrow. It’s pretty.”

    Hope this thread isn’t dead!

  71. madeformusic

    I’m glad that AI found Kris to us. Aside from his talent as an artist, Kris is also funny, caring, cute and hot. How perfect he can be?

    Yes, this. Sometimes I’m bitter about the media bias, judges bias, etc, but at the end the result is the same – we got Kris Allen because of this show.

    And yes, I’m still behind on the videos and reading the postings ( I don’t want to miss any). Thanks everybody !!
    I really hope that Kris knows how incredible that version of FS mashup.
    I hope he won’t change a thing and have that at the end of his concerts or maybe for the encore. That one was so perfect.

  72. Ok, I just checked Itunes, and the ALBUM is #19 overall!!! Is something wrong with my live feed?! If not, who’s buying these? And why? I mean, the Asian peeps can’t buy from the U.S. store, right?

    Can someone confirm this number?

    I just did the numbers at iTunes. Here is current as of 5:30 AM Pacific Time.

    iTunes Overall Albums
    66 -Kris Allen – The Album
    121 – Danny – My Best Days pre-order
    147 – Adam Lambert – FYI

    iTunes Pop Albums
    20 – Kris Allen – The Album (Showcased in the Valentine’s albums)
    35 and 61 – Adam Lambert – FYI –

    iTunes Country
    13 – Danny – My Best Days pre-order (Showcased in the New)

    Songs Overall
    17 – Kris Allen – LLWD
    26 – Adam Lambert – WWFM

    Songs – Pop
    12 and 154 – Kris Allen – LLWD (1st # is single, 2nd is from the album)
    18 – Adam Lambert – WWFM
    98 – Adam Lambert – FYE
    133- Kris Allen – Alright With Me (YAY!)

    Songs – Country
    143 – Danny Gokey – My Best Days

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