Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on Best Week Ever – VIDEO

Check out some lulzworthy clips from this week’s Best Week Ever featuring Kris Allen and Adam Lambert after the jump…

SOUND OFF World Premiere Exclusive:...
SOUND OFF World Premiere Exclusive: Adam Pascal Sings 'One Song Glory'


Adam Answers the Question that’s on Everybody’s Mind, plus Sarah Jane Moore Loves her Some Adam Lambert!

Best Day Ever with Kris Allen

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  1. Haha, the ‘Capes’ bit was pretty hilarious. I love Kris’ voice when it sort of cracks into his upper register.

    Much less awkward than I thought it would be (on Kris’ part, I was pretty sure Adam would handle it well).

  2. I think Adam and Kris should do a comedy skit every week.Add Allison in for a few episodes as well.

  3. “Yay! Capes! Guys?” So cute. Kris and Adam are freaking hilariously cute. How can you not love them both?

  4. How soon before we see Kradam hosting SNL?
    They would be perfect !!

  5. The capes were just EPIC! Those 2 are a riot! Best Day Ever was my fave though. Kris breaking out into Apologize at weird moments……priceless. :lol_tb:

  6. hilarious. i thought that kris would be awkward, but he was actually pretty awesome, breaking into “apologize” at random moments ahahahaha
    although of course, adam’s digital television transition segment was definitely the most hilarious imo. XD

  7. Capes FTW, but Adam’s face is covered by a logo during that segment. Was that on purpose?

  8. After a stressful day I needed this. Very good Kradam. They should do a TV special with skits and music.

  9. During all this craziness, what a breath of fresh air watching these two take the piss out of everyone by just kickin it and having some laughs. So refreshing, kind of like they’re kicking sand in the face of all the bullies. Love Kradam!

  10. I cant stop laughing when Adam flips the pages. also the awkward pause at the end.


  11. Hilarious!! Kradam should have their own show! And what Adam with the glasses! Woo Hoo! But seriously, their own comedy show!! And yes of course, with Allison, Anoop and Matt!!

  12. Hehe, I admit Adam seems more natural than Kris, though he wasn’t too bad himself. The capes was a bit funny – Kris seemed like a disappointed kid/puppy.

    I also noticed that Kris used a higher-cracked voice while singing and speaking, wonder if he was just hamming it up? Btw, am I the only one who find it a tad ironic that Kris plays a complete opposite of who he is – acting like an arrogant jerk, and boasting his AI win? Wonder how he felt doing that? ; P

  13. Hilarious….I loved the skit with Kris..”its too late to apologize” LOL So true! Adam was pretty funny too.

  14. This was hilarious!!! thanks for posting mj!!!!!!

    *psssst* they both have such a great sense of humor, just different. ;) LOL!!!

  15. At the beginning of the Adam answers the question vid, he sounds a lot like kenneth from 30 rock. lol

  16. Watching Sarah Jane Moore watch Adam is just weird.

    Calliope: What You Said.

    Was she really watching Adam sing MAD WORLD?? A convicted attempted assassin grooving to the words and music of MAD WORLD??

    How crazy is THAT?! Great juxtaposition, TODAY show! Give that producer a raise.


  17. This is freaking hilarious, man. Kris and Adam just seemed natural at this. Bigger shock from Kris, to be honest. I think this is the closest we’ll get to him saying that he really won it all! But that’s okay. Made the whole thing funnier, really. Kris breaking out with Apologize randomly (and in falsetto too, LOL), and I think he sounds funny in a high voice. When he says “Yay, Capes! …. Guys?”, he sounds like himself but at the same time doesn’t.

    And Adam’s digital television thing was completely random! Loved it. I especially loved near the end when the CPR doll or whatever was brought out and he started talking scientifically! My God, I couldn’t stop laughing. And for once I wasn’t like “Ugh, I disagree” when someone said Adam should’ve won over Kris, they did that hilariously. “Keep it down, SECOND PLACE!” And then he confessed to Kris that he said he thought Adam should’ve won, Kris looked like his usual “Yeah, he deserved it” but then he broke out Apologize again. Damn hilarious stuff here.

    Kradam should have their own SNL skit or something. Seriously. I said that about the Davids last year, too, but I think Kradam (and maybe Allison) had their own strange chemistry.

  18. They are gonna have soo much fun on the tour! :clap_tb: :drunk_tb: :lol_tb:

  19. Capes was made of win. Adam is a natural, and Kradam was cute. Kris, though cute, should stick to singing, imo.

  20. I think the both did terrific, and both were funny. I’ll bet they both had a great deal of fun with it.

  21. How soon before we see Kradam hosting SNL?
    They would be perfect !!

    And they could be each other’s musical guest! :lol_tb:

  22. Adam was meh. He should have been given a funnier script that would have really shown his acting skills. Kris was funnier and cuter since he obviously doesn’t know how to act that well.

  23. All interviews of Adam & kris are with same questions. Pls be more creative. Thanks MJ for posting this so we could have another taste see their funnier sides. Adam is very natual and comfortable on camera and he definitely have a place on comedy. I’ve watch again & again… Kris is funny too and doing a good job for a guy has no experience on TV. I would love if they both can sing other songs aside from “Heartless” and “Mad World” .. Love Adam & Kris forever ! : )

  24. Both were really cute. But I wish they had been on for the entire show. Too short.
    Adam obviously has some acting chops. And may I say he looks hot with glasses!

  25. I think Adam and Kris should do a comedy skit every week.Add Allison in for a few episodes as well.

    Even that’s not enough.
    I need a 24 hour access channel.
    That’s only eight hours a day each- that’s not too creepy, right?

  26. Capes was made of win. Adam is a natural, and Kradam was cute. Kris, though cute, should stick to singing, imo.

    Kris was funny, but I don’t think you’d have to worry about that. He said acting isn’t his thing. I’m not inclined to agree, I personally thought he was hilarious :P. But who knows, he came right out of nowhere to win the whole Idol thing, maybe he has some hidden acting talent that he doesn’t know of yet.

  27. I thought Adam randomly performing a tracheotomy on a CPR dummy was the best part. “Then you puncture the cricothyroid membrane, like so…”

    Whatever happened to the blond Hombre Solutions guy? He was funnier than Paul F. Tompkins.

  28. The pie chart…….the reading off addresses where you can pick up your converter box…..that was LOL funny. It’s been said too many times, but these two really are a great pair. I’m going to go watch that one more time…..

  29. thanks MJ so much for posting this! I thought both of them are hilarious and IMAO at Kris for not having much acting experience and because of that he is so darn adorable. And ditto re: SNL (I hope that’s not the same SNL Kara referred to when it should have been Sat Night Fever? ummm)

  30. Laugh ON!

    The last “Apologize” was TOTALLY funny.

    And it’s nice to see Kris put in on Adam
    being in “Second Place” :)

    Love that.

    w00t to the Pair!

  31. haha, that was cute. It’s nice to see that these guys are so laid-back and can just have fun at laugh at themselves.

  32. ha that was so cute and funny! they should totally do more of these together!

  33. “Keep it down Second Place” haha hilarious…Adam’s bit about digital TV LOL…
    I agree with you guys, we need to see Kradam on SNL, Pronto!…maybe for the season premier? hey, a girl can dream :D

  34. Capes!! Hilarious!!!

    I still think they need a sitcom ASAP.

    I’m just so glad it’s Kris and Adam getting to do this stuff and not other male contestants who shall remain nameless who may or may not have finished in 3rd place.

  35. lizardino
    May 30th, 2009 at 7:34 am
    These guys are just a continual delight! BTW, I found a link to a little blog post about Adam (and indirectly about Kris) over at AfterElton. I was glad to see that these guys did some à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“non-publicityà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  visiting while in NYC.

    I wish there was video of this. Jason did it last year. There was a Dreadhead in the audience who took & posted 4 videos of his singing & interacting. Good stuff.

  36. Will we EVER have better Top 2 from Idol than these 2 guys? Good grief. I want keychain versions of both of them to carry around with me forever!!

  37. Went back and watched Kris’ Top 36 Interview with Jesse Langseth…I had totally forgotten how hilarious his dry humor is!

    “I have one less rib. That’s not really a talent…”

  38. Thanks so much MJ. I can’t quit laughing. I am thinking that there should be a sitcom with Kris and Adam. Then we would have something to look forward to each week since we can’t see them on AI anymore. They both were fantastic in these skits.

  39. Oh my gosh these guys are so funny! Kris Allen trying to act mad in the first video and Lambert with glasses in the second video were some of my favorite parts. It’s hard not to like these two as much as the Davids from last year!

  40. Hey KrazeeK120, do you mean dreadful, dull and dreary Danny. Imagine him with either Adam or Kris, trying to actually pretend he had an sense of humor. Adam and Kris are so funny together. They need to do Saturday Night Live, with Kris wearing all leather and eyeliner and Adam dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans and his hair died blond. They would be hilarious and SNL would have their highest ratings since the election and Palin.

  41. LOL! Too funny — the Adam clip was hilarious. Seriously this guy just needs some endorsement deals pronto, because he would be awesome in commercials, then tv shows, then movies :-)

    Kris is so sweet too (yeah, capes!)

    But what was with the TV14 stamp on Adam’s head – at first I thought it was a joke. But it totally ruins the awesomeness that is Adam’s face. Or maybe it was a joke and I just missed it?

  42. They need to do Saturday Night Live, with Kris wearing all leather and eyeliner and Adam dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans and his hair died blond. They would be hilarious and SNL would have their highest ratings since the election and Palin.


  43. Went back and watched Krisà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ Top 36 Interview with Jesse Langsethà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦I had totally forgotten how hilarious his dry humor is!

    à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“I have one less rib. Thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s not really a talentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ 

    sleeptalker, I hadn’t seen that Top 36 interview before. You’re right, Kris has a great sense of humour. Jesse Langseth too, for that matter. She seemed to hit it off with Kris (and Adam too, apparently). Oh, what could have been, if only she had gotten through to the top 12 instead of Jasmine, Megan and Michael S.

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