Kimberly Caldwell: ‘Mess Of You’ Video Sneak Peek

Check out a sneak peek of Kimberly Caldwell’s music video for her first single, “Mess Of You” after the jump. Filmed at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the plot features Kimberly in a dual role, looking at a failed relationship from two different perspectives.

The dual role required a body double for Kimberly who, “…had a little round nose, like I do, and no boobs. She was my height and my shoe size…”

“I totally cried once or twice, ” Kimberly said about her first video, which she’s thought her whole life, “…kind of like my wedding day.”

For more on the video, check out Brian Mansfield’s interview with Kimberly HERE. You can download a free track from the upcoming album Without Regret right HERE.

Video after the JUMP…

“I totally cried once or twice.”
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  1. I realize she makes it so easy to mock her, but I really like this song (as well as the other snips from her album) and think she could have a hit if she gets the right “backing” on the radio. Go Kimberly.

  2. I’m interested to see what kind of promo they’ll be giving her. They’ve put money into the video, it seems. I dunno, she’s not without talent, but when I look at someone like Kat McPhee who’s been getting GREAT promo, and is seemingly everywhere, without selling much… I wonder whether someone like her would make much of a splash nowadays.

  3. Don’t want to sound mean but to me both Kimberly and Kat lack the likability factor. Kimberly has been around a long time now and most people recognize her but I agree with sma11ie, if Kat with all her opportunities has not had much success…….well, I don’t see success for Kimberly. But then again, she is still making a living in the entertainment field, so that’s something.

  4. I wonder whether someone like her would make much of a splash nowadays.

    I doubt it but seeing as Kimberly’s record company signed her 5 or 6 years after she was on AI they’re probably not expecting a big splash out of the gate. They probably figure the AI tie can help her get some added promo so they’ll milk that.

    Katharine has definitely been working it out promo-wise too. Even though their labels probably aren’t expecting huge sales I think they sign gals like Kat and Kimberly because they’ve got enough talent to stand with a lot of the people doing their respective styles of music plus they’re not totally anonymous and can get some extra gigs because they can go places and talk AI. If AI brings you back and lets you perform on their show, jackpot! Plus because of AI they’ll get featured on blogs like MJ’s and USA Today Idol Chatter so that’s extra internet presence.

    So there’s a bigger upside than if you’re working with somebody completely anonymous. The problem is radio – it’s tougher than ever to crack it. Elliott Yamin when he released his sophomore album was talking about the difference when his debut came out. When his debut album came out he could go to stations and meet them, play music for them and that’s how Wait For You became a big hit. Nowadays he says there are way fewer people to meet so it’s harder to get your foot in the door. And I think radio’s instinct is to treat anyone from AI other than your established people and people coming off the previous season as has beens. Not fair but that makes it harder too.

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