Kelly Clarkson and Eric Hutchinson Sing MJ’s “Rock With You” – VIDEO

Last night Kelly Clarkson took the stage in San Jose, CA,   with her “All I Ever Wanted” tour opener, Eric Hutchinson,   to sing “Rock With You”.

I think Kelly may have started in the wrong key! Still, I love it when Kelly does covers!

Via Rickey, ONTD

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  1. Kelly just kicks major ass everywhere she goes. That girl is just so freaking talented.

  2. Agreed, Spenser. Eric Hutchinson is also insanely talented, I really loved him opening for Kelly.

  3. man, when i went to this tour in ohio, we got some awful opener named krystal. i would’ve loved to see parachute and eric huthinson.

    it’s hard for me not to love any song that comes out of kelly’s mouth.

  4. What a great, fun performance! No, mj, Kelly wasn’t singing in the wrong key — she was essentially singing a harmony as the melody — really good.

    I’m so thrilled to see Eric Hutchinson getting this exposure on her tour. We’ve seen him twice and met him after one of those shows. His album is really strong. And man, I had no idea he could move like that! He’s usually sitting at his keyboard, or standing at a mic stand with his guitar holding him down.

    bjames: i would’ve loved to see parachute and eric huthinson.

    Oh man, is Parachute opening for her too? Another really really great pop-rock band. Check! Them! Out! People!

  5. Kelly was singing the harmony, solo. Often times truly talented singers actually think in harmonies …and can hear the entire broken chord in their head…. Kelly can sing anything and any part.

  6. I love this…and I’m so excited to see her next week. She never fails to amaze me. So incredibly talented.

  7. Eric Hutchinson is also insanely talented, I really loved him opening for Kelly.

    I don’t remember hearing of him before. What type of music does he sing?

  8. I saw Eric Hutchinson a couple of years ago in Austin opening for a very well-known (in Austin) act. The club only holds about 200 and I got to meet him after (he signed by CD). He was very funny and personable during his show.

  9. SpenserJ: I don’t remember hearing of [Eric Hutchinson] before. What type of music does he sing?

    He describes his music as acoustic soul. He does a funny bit in his shows where he introduces one song as one of his hits that people have probably heard on the radio — as he launches into the Temptations’ My Girl!

    Here’s his Myspace — his two singles are Rock & Roll and Ok It’s Alright With Me. My favorite among the songs on his Myspace is You Don’t Have To Believe Me — much grittier than the other songs.

  10. Thanks JohnM. Well, at least I know he has good taste – the Temptations are awesome.

    I dig his voice, so I’m going to go check out the stuff on his Myspace.

  11. I was at that concert, and Kelly was great (got to see her sing “Already Gone” live twice in a week, lucky me! The duet was a highlight – I think Parachute was more interesting than Eric Hutchinson though.

  12. I was there too, didilynn – this was so awesome! Kelly rocked it in San Jose, it was an excellent show!

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