Kathy’s Los Angeles American Idol Tour Re-Cap

LA audiences are notoriously late to everything so poor Michael Sarver started while many people were still getting into their seats. He’s a big boy, and better than I expected. I felt really bad that his reception was luke warm not because of his performance which was really good, but rather people were trying to get situated.

Megan came out next looking stunning in a dark pink halter dress with 4inch heals. Very Glam. She sang the Corrine Bailey Ray song really well. At the end of the song she somehow hit her mouth with the mike and almost dropped it, and was laughing at the end. It was really cute.   The the second number…not so good. Now I know why the pink dress. It matched the pink background lighting with the floating paisley flowers. She looked like she was in “Legally Blonde” the musical. All that was missing was the little dog. I’m not sure the producers wanted that effect.

Scott was next, and sang “A Thousand Miles” and can’t remeber the second song. He however sound even better live.

Then the first of the big intro was for Lil’ Rounds. She was impressive! Now I know why the judges were so disappointed with her in the competition. If she sang like she did tonight, she wouldn’t have been eliminated so early. The Single Ladies number was great and her little homage to Beyonce dance was cute.

Now for the first sexy beast. Anoop. Boy he’s one good looking boy. Better looking in person, and so sexy. The boy has moves too! He had those hips going during “My Prerogative”, Anoop actually brought his number card from his first audition and said “A few months ago I was standing in line to audition, number 71008 (not sure if this is the exact number) and now I’m here singing with bubbles and flames behind me. All thanks to you!” He seemed sincere, and genuinely amazed. Anoop got the crowd really going.

Then here comes Matt. “Hard to Handle” got the crowd rocking. His whole set was a high energy, fun, funny and just one good time. Why weren’t you like that on the show???

Group number time. Megan and Lil’ opened with “You’re Just too Good to be True.” I’m just going to say interesting. Megan was not in good voice so maybe she was ill. Scott and Matt had their dueling piano duet which was good. Then “Beggin'” started. The Boys killed it. Lil’ killed it with the rap and so did Sexy Beast 1, Anoop.

Intermission time. Lot of people who look famous with their kids. I’m bad at recognizing people so someone else will have to tell us who they were.

Allison is up next. What can I say. She’s unbelievable. Came out playing the guitar singing”Rock Star”, then “Cry Baby” closing with “Barracuda.” You can tell when someone is giving their all, and she did..Unbelievable. By the way They did match the stage lighting to her hair color.

Danny Gokey, surprisingly got a really good reception.”PYT” was great, “Maria Maria” was even better. My one criticism though is that of all the idols, why did he have a “dance interlude” He of the 10 is not the one, I would have given a dance solo to. Were the producers trying to be funny? The girls sitting next to me were Gokey fans, and they even said “why?” He however ended very strong with and inspirational song preceeded by a motivational speech. For a minute there I thought I was in church. After he was done, the whole Staples got on their feet and started screaming and clapping.

Guess who…Adam. He had the most elaborate intro, and maybe because LA is his home now, but the place went nuts. The intro to “Whole Lot Of Love.” started, and there he was. He was looking mighty fierce, in his awesome jacket. There was no question what the song’s meaning was, especially when he stradled the mike stand, stroking it while singing, “I’m going to give you every inch of my love.” I thought the Mom’s were going to die, but they were so into it, they forgot about their 10 year old daughters watching this erotic display of talent. Good got it got steamy. Then he did “Starlight” with an amazing light show. He did come in second right? “Mad World” got a lot of screams and it was beautiful. My favorite of his set was the Bowie medley.”Life on Mars” is perfect for him. I wish he sang that on the show. He then took his jacket off, showing some impressive biceps, then slinked, struted and prowled the stage singing “Fame”. I thought Anoop had good hip action, but Adam had it all going on. Body rolls, hips, the works. After “Fame” he looked at a part of the audience–maybe at his friends–and said” Come on you bitches, get up and dance.” Then launched into “Lets Dance.” Thank you Adam for changing American Idol in more ways than one. Oh yes, he is the Sexy Beast!!

I was worried that after that amazing showcase Kris would be lost in the drug of Adam. But no, he was different but great. I think we forget, or maybe was manipulated by the judges to think that Kris did not have a strong voice. Even though he Adam and Allison were my top three, I too thought that he had the weaker voice. But yeah, Kris’ voice is strong and clear. “Heartless” was amazing, and also the Killers’ song. He then brought it down with “Ain’t no Sunshine” which he rocked. You could tell at the end of the song he was really into it. His last song was “Hey Jude”, and I think he was really excited because he flubbed the first verse–covered it well so I don’t think many people noticed. The rest of the gang joined in at the end. Next it was the last group number.

This show was fabulous. Better than I expected. These kids are all talented in their own way. Unlike past years there were no real klunkers. Anoop and Matt were very pleasant surprises. Allison is way beyond her 17 years. Adam was unbelievable. He is a must see. Kris was just awesome. All the Idols were so genuinely appreciative of the audience, and of their fans.

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