Katharine McPhee Performs “Had it All” on Live with Regis and Kelly – VIDEO

If you missed Live with Regis and Kelly this morning, catch Katharine McPhee performing her single “Had it All” after the jump.

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It’s a much better performance than her Conan appearance, where she was clearly having some throat issues. Still think it’s a hard song to sing live. What do you think?

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  1. well, I like her better with brown hair. Her voice is ok. But, sounds like many other female singers. Nothing to write home about.

  2. Katharine definitely sounds better here than on Conan. Too bad the song was chopped to fit the time slot.

  3. Is she Country……is she a Blues singer…..how about Pop….is she a brunette or blonde????? I am so surprised that Kat cannot find her place. Her acting career didn’t seem to take off…..I love Kat singing the ballads and the old tunes but I guess that doesn’t translate right now. I personally thought she sounded really off in this song….

  4. Pixie you should give her sophomore album a listen. there are plenty of ballads on there lol

  5. I don’t care if Kat can’t ‘find her place’ she’s just so versatile. She has a great voice. She’s a pop singer – she can do upbeat, midtempo and ballads. That’s just how it is. Kat you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice don’t let no one bring you down.

  6. Well I am just happy for Cat that she is still very much visible in the entertainment industry. Good that David Foster took her under his wings. I just saw Cat sing duet with Andrea Bocelli on PBS a couple of days ago as part of the David Foster and Friends Tour. Great exposure.

  7. I like her better with brown hair.

    She looks a lot like Nellie McKay with the blonde ‘do. Sounds like she’s going for the quirky, left-of-center singing style, too.

  8. Love Kat, love the new music. I just cannot get past the HAIR. Please please go back to brown.

  9. Her voice sounds good here but the song is very uninspiring and forgettable. She’s also much prettier with darker hair, I agree.

  10. Still not impressed. Yes, her voice is better here, but the song still has the upper hand. Whenever I see videos of her performancs, I’m mostly left with the impression that she’s trying too hard – in finding ‘a look’, in finding the right song, in showing off vocal skills. All of it feels forced to me, nothing seems natural or easy flowing/connected. If it happens, I’ll be the first to applaud her for it, but so far, no.

  11. That woman is just gorgeous no matter what color her hair is. The song, something seemed off.

  12. Not a good song. I don’t get her identity or her singing style. What is it? She also makes me a little bit uncomfortable when she sings…she just doesn’t look to be having much fun.

  13. I guess i am crazy…I LOVE her!…she can do no wrong in my eyes!…Yes, agree, I want the dark hair back….BUT- still- that voice is MCPHEE ONLY!…none like her!…She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for my ears! Guess I am one of the uneducated ones?..I love her sound..But that puts me in with David Foster, Bocelli, Chris Botti,etc..Hey, I guess that makes me a FAN!!!!

  14. ….seems ALOT of folks have a problem with her “style”…I think her “style” is versatile….as in no one way….I as a painter , am the same way…EACH song dictates the “style”…..she cannot be BLOCKED into a preconcieved idea….gotta love it in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Style is different than genre. I agree that artists don’t need to fit into a certain genre, but her style is too schizophrenic for my taste. I don’t understand it and I don’t think that she has the confidence to pull it off.

  16. I think she sounds fantastic and looks fantastic. She seems like a very classy woman.

    As for changing her look, that doesn’t seem strange to me since she is in the entertainment business. She seems really grounded and I thought the song suits her voice.

  17. LOL at all the hair comments on every . single . Kat . thread.
    She’s a singer, not a Pantene model!

    Yeah, she looks better with long brown tresses, but if she sings well, she could go bald for all I care. Proof: my fav ever is Sinead O’Connor.

  18. Alas you forget……..she was a *Sexy Hair* products rep….not Pantene ;)

  19. I really like the single version of Had it All, but I agree that live it just does not translate well, its too up and down.

  20. Alas you forget……..she was a *Sexy Hair* products rep

    Unfortunately, bleaching the hair blonde is NOT good for it. Her brown hair was GORGEOUS and healthy looking. This, not….. Don’t really like this song live for her either. Her voice just doesn’t sound very impressive here. She has sounded a lot better.

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