Katharine McPhee News Update: Song Leak, Rock a Little and Funny or Die

Katharine McPhee performs at the Rock a Little Feed A Lot benefit concert in Los Angeles 9/29/09. Photo: Wireimage

A song has reportedly leaked from Katharine McPhee’s upcoming album, Unbroken, due to be released by Verve in January 2010.

Check out the breezy (and a tad lightweight) “Lifetime” after the jump. Based on what I’m hearing so far–including her single “Had it All”, Katharine’s music could use a little more heft.   She could be an adult alternative darling with the right material.

Last night, Katharine joined Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper and Tom Morello in Los Angeles   for the Rock a Little Feed A Lot benefit concert with proceeds to benefit both Feeding America and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

A charity single, called “All We Need is Love” written especially for the event will be released next week.

And if that isn’t enough Katharine news, check out her latest on Funny or Die HERE. Katharine and Alyson Hannigan, Emily Deschanel, Minka Kelly and Jaime King do the funny for breast cancer awareness.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. she was one of my favs on season 5, she needs the right material, what happened to david foster producing her cd?

  2. the blond hair has got to go….i happened to watch some of the House Bunny the other night (don’t ask….) and she looked so gorgeous as a brunette….the blond just does not suit her…she is gorgeous and has a nice voice…someone get the girl some good material…..altho she has not set the music industry on fire, she has worked steadily since Idol and appears to be making a good living doing what she loves

  3. I don’t know why but to me Kat’s first single and now this song leak both have a hint of country to their sound. Don’t shoot me but maybe she should try going the country pop route.

  4. tammyinohio
    September 30, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    I don’t know why but to me Kat’s first single and now this song leak both have a hint of country to their sound. Don’t shoot me but maybe she should try going the country pop route.

    I agree with your entire post. I think she would do very well in the Country Genre.

  5. maybe that is why she went blonde….to lay the groundwork for a future in country music…isn’t it a requirement?

  6. I think the video is awesome, but I’m still unsure who Kat was. Was she the blond (I think) who came in at the end. Yup, Season 5 is one of the 2 that I missed…anyhow…

    WiOMEN, self breast checks one of the easiest things you can do to ensure your continued health. The message was great!

  7. Here’s my comment on that song:

    Make it STOP!

    I started reading the comments while it was playing and all the sudden it was actually painful to listen to and I had to frantically looking for the stop button. Send this baby to GITMO and torture terrorists with it. They’ll confess before the second chorus.

  8. hwc, Thanks for the warning. It should come attached to any new Kat McPhee recording. Kat has always seemed to me as someone who skates by on her looks. Her voice is unremarkable. It’s sweet but bland and completely devoid of any nutritional content. Her acting seems about the same to me. Now, modeling could work out for Kat – she does pretty well at playing to the camera – hence how she managed to get to #2 on her season.

  9. She really is a stunning woman, even with the harsh hair color. But man does her music suck.

  10. This doesnt sound country to me at all. Do any of you even know what country is? Its not this. I like this song a lot. That may be the Katharine fan in me but I found this song catchy. Stop acting like professionals and just stick to your opinions, you dont sound smart. By the way, lets wait until her album until you judge too much. Thanks

  11. Nice voice, absolutely horrible song, and yes, bring back the brunette please.

  12. I hate this song AND her voice – Jordin is a much better singer. Kat made it to #2 cause she is beautiful and her clothes kept malfunctioning.

    if kellie pickelr can make it there anyone can.

    Kellie Pickler has worked her tail off and has always had the “it” factor. Kat has turned off many people by trying to steal the spotlight and not knowing who she is. Kellie Pickler puts her music first always. Kat seems like she would rather be a cover girl.

    Kellie Pickler is a darling – Kat is NOT

  13. hmmm, song has some nice moments , but then it gets odd and wordy (my new fave word). does it even have a chorus?

    dont like the hair…she’s striking as a brunette, lets keep it that way.

    still think she should aim at being an actress first, singer second.

  14. So would I be hated if I said that David Foster never did her any favors? I also think that Michael Johns should run as far away as he can. Foster, from what I can tell, is in it for what Foster can garner. It doesn’t appear that he cares at all about anybody else. It seems to me that a couple of contestants have acquiesced to his name. Yup, it’s a sparkly name but not so relevant as it once was.

  15. I get the a bit of the country thing too. It’s not the song, it’s her I think. Something about her voice has the affectations common to country singing women. I thought the same thing with “Had it All”. When I listened to Kara’s version, I heard no country vibe, but with Kat’s I did.

  16. Kat is okay on this song. It doesn’t tax her higher, screechy register. I agree with MJ that it’s a lightweight song. Way more her speed than the urban BS they tried to get her to sing on her first CD.

    Kat wouldn’t appeal to the country market. There isn’t anything remotely country about her. She said so on country night that season.

  17. I’m not hearing the country at all. I don’t like her blond hair, either. She can’t really be an adult alternative darling without learning to write songs. I mean, who’s going to write this improved material for her? The best material would go to more established singers. I think she’d have to write for herself if she wanted better material. And I do agree that she needs better material.

  18. while we’re on the subject, kellie pickler has no talent. trying to compare another singer unfavorably to kellie pickler is like accusing someone of overacting and using Jim Carrey has a guideline for subtlety.

  19. Funny I always think of her voice more in line with Jazz singers then Country. I’ve always thought of her in the vein of some of those 60’s, 70’s female singers like Julie London, Karen Carpenter, Cleo Laine. She also has a distinct style that I happen to love. The breathy ultra feminine tone she sings with could be what’s off putting to some and probably more of a dislike of her as a person but I think her vocals are gorgeous and I love her theatrical performing style. As for the song I think it’s lovely and seems to be growing on me with repeated listens. It has an odd rhythm to it that starts slow, speeds up, and then slows back down and a slight 70’s wedding song feel to it but I don’t think that’s a bad thing in anyway. It reminds me a lot in style to “I’m Yours.”

  20. Kellie doesn’t have the best live voice, but she’s appealing. She works hard. She sings with emotion. That counts for a lot in my book.

    Back to Kat… she doesn’t sing with any emotion. That’s why it doesn’t matter how good her lower register is and why her shrill upper register annoys me way more than a couple of nasally bum notes from Kellie ever will.

  21. I’ve always thought that Kat sang with lot’s of emotion. Her “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” always has this child like hope though out the song and makes it special. I love the sadness she brings to “Over It” and on “Ordinary World” she starts off with a sad start that builds emotion.

  22. I like this song a LOT more than “Had It All”

    It’s light, breezy, and pretty. It shows off the nuances of her voice.

  23. not a huge fan of her or her music, but can i just say, I love her broad swimmer’s shoulders!

  24. Fun song. Cute, upbeat lyrics. It sounds more like folk than country though. Had It All, Katharine’s single, does sound country.

  25. David Foster has Helped foster the careers of of a lot of the Best of the Best iconic like singers Like Celine, Josh, and buble. Lately he seems to be missing the mark when he has picked up some unsuccessful idol contestants.
    I don’t know, but he does seem to be losing his touch, or he is getting soft about who he is agrees to work with. Kat had a bad rep at idol even before she got her Idol contract, so it is not surprising that she might be difficult to work with.
    I personally did Love her voice, but I do not feel this song is particularly good or even particularly bad just …Meh!
    I do however take a strong stand on her Bleached Blonde look….Totally
    washes her face out!! She was stunning as a Brunette!!!
    I too, think she should do an album that combines some of the jazzy
    standards or music out of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. She could cover some of the great divas and make them her own.

  26. I like Kat better in brunette hair. I’ll always think of her as an actress who can sing and I think that is her niche.

    The song itself does sound a bit country to me – as in it could be remade as country with the right singer, instruments, and arrangement.

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