Katharine McPhee – Lifetime – Available on iTunes

Katharine McPhee has a new song available for download from iTunes.

Sugar, Butter, Broadway! Katharine ...
Sugar, Butter, Broadway! Katharine McPhee Is Getting Ready!

“Lifetime” will appear on her upcoming album, Unbroken, set to be released January 2010.   But you don’t have to wait, you can download “Lifetime” now:

  • Katharine McPhee – Lifetime – iTunes

Katharine is set to appear at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on NBC and with David Archuleta on Kaleidoscope,   set to air on FOX on Thanksgiving day.

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  1. Nice to see that Kris’ new song “Lifetime” is already being covered by another artist….oh, it’s not the same song? Never mind.

  2. wtf is with that picture? she is such a beautiful girl, but the blonde hair is just not working

  3. I agree- I don’t know who is giving her advice on her look but her hair is so much better brown and what’s up with the heart glasses? It’s like someone is trying to disguise how pretty she is naturally.

    That being said I’m happy for her getting the Macy’s Day gig and the David thing too but a little jealous that Taylor isn’t getting some of that national exposure(other than Grease of course).

  4. oooh..bring the old haircolor back, she looks like jenny mccarthy. and what’s with the hairbrush & heart glasses? so dorky….so somewhere over the rainbow.

    excuse my manner.. no sleep makes me write these things.

  5. Heh, Esqt, I feel the same and got plenty of sleep. The hairbrush (and maybe the goofy glasses too) make me think of Ryan Seacrest in the back of his mom’s station wagon.

  6. who is this woman, and what have they done to katharine mcphee?? she’s unrecognizable now, and it’s not a good thing…

  7. Horrible photo, and it doesn’t go with the type of album she supposedly made. Looks like a Disney type of album.

  8. Katharine is set to appear at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on NBC.

    Ugh. Thank goodness for TIVO.

  9. The blond hair does not suit Katherine at all, she was a beautiful brunette and now she looks like a ghost! Unless she is getting ready to play Roxy in the play Chicago (which I know she is not) she needs to ditch it now! Speaking of Broadway, they finally cast the Spiderman play (remember Adam was up for a role but along came American Idol…)

  10. omg you guys, get a life! She has been blond now for THREE MONTHS. Must you ponder over this your entire “lifetime”? get over it! FIRST OFF it doesn’t even look bad once you get used to it. SECOND she isn’t going to stay blond forever! So quit acting like it’s the end of the line! how about COMMENTING ON HER MUSIC, rather than commenting on her hair every damn time something new is posted. HOLY SH–!

  11. Love, love, love this song and have been listening to it for a while. Since the N.Y. Post blogger leaked it last month.

  12. Kris and Kat with songs with same name – could get confusing in the future.

    And I’ve seen the blonde before – still not a fan.

  13. ya whoever approved that pic should be fired and then bludgeoned to death..too much? ok..

    it looks like one of those pics u make when u go into one of those photo booths spur of the moment

  14. Three months later, she should be realizing she looks like death warmed over and change the color. I think she could be blond actually (just about anybody can if it’s the right shade), but this makes her look like she got a bad makeup job by the undertaker. We’re just trying to help since she doesn’t seem to have a stylist.

  15. I love the song and think her vocal sounds great. It lets her use that distinct breathy sound that she does so well. It has a very Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” feel to it. If this gets the right amount of attention could be a hit for her. I can hear the opening being used for commercials.

  16. I couldn’t stand Kat during her season; I was an avid Taylor fan. And that first CD she put out was just terrible. Urban Kat? Um…no.

    But I gotta say, so far I like all three songs from this new CD, Lifetime being my favorite. I listen to this all the time, I LOVE it.

    If more of the songs are like this I might actually buy the entire CD, and this is coming from someone who despised her singing and her music.

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