Katharine McPhee – Back To Brunette – PHOTOS

Katharine McPhee attended the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Issue celebration held at Drai’s Hollywood at the W Hollywood Hotel last night in Los Angeles.

Valerie Kay Images
Valerie Kay Images

She’s back to brunette! Much better.

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  1. Did she cut her hair, or is it in a bun? Glad she’s not blond anymore!!!

  2. Boy, someone is determined to “make Kat happen”.
    For someone who doesn’t actually accomplish much she sure gets around.

  3. I must admit she’s a beautiful woman, when she isn’t blond.

    All the Clairol in the world ain’t gonna make that career happen.


  4. She is lovely. I thought she was kinda cute as a blonde! I’ve actually been enjoying watching her on AI Rewind. Based on her comments, I’m getting a much different impression of her.

  5. Boy, someone is determined to “make Kat happen”.
    For someone who doesn’t actually accomplish much she sure gets around.

    She must have a great agent, who’s working for her. I still say her strength is acting.

  6. So glad to see the blond gone…it definitely didn’t suit her (made her look cheap, in my opinion). This color being closer to her natural color adds a certain sophistication. She is a fabulous singer and I can’t understand why she hasn’t been doing better than she has. (Her management, maybe??). She certainly has the talent. Wishing Katherine every success and happiness.

  7. I think she’s become too skinny. But agree she’s really beautiful.

  8. I dunno. When she was a blonde she seemed to be having more fun. She looks kind of sad here.

  9. Her natural color is so much better. I thought she looked tawdry, and not in a good way, as a blonde.

  10. She’s my favorite Idol in 9 seasons. Closely followed by Adam and then Cook and Clay.

    I don’t get why she wears the pale colors. She would look so gorgeous in some brighter clothes.

    She’s pretty no matter what though.

  11. Yes, Our lush and lovely Kat is back. Hopefully she has blond out of her hair colours for good!
    As a blonde, she was pale and pasty looking. Her features were
    Her skin colour warms up with the brunette and all her features
    come alive.

    Good going for making the change back.
    She also suits rich colours in her clothing esp blues,greens,reds
    and up and down palate’s with that. Chocolate brown will appeal too.

    She should avoid very light pastels.
    She will always look pretty but this will amp her up to lushious…!!!!!

  12. So glad that blonde is gone. Wish she didn’t have that hair cut and color for Idol Rewind. I agree, in some photos she looks very thin. She has a pilot coming out soon, doesn’t she?

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