Josiah Leming Valentines Video

Season 7 Idol contestant, Josiah Leming, posted a live performance of a lovely new song “You That I Love” as a Valentine message for his fans.

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

After the jump, another video: Josiah talks about songwriting.

The album, Come On Kid, does not have a release date, but Josiah promises there will be news very soon…

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Really, really talented young guy. I’ve followed him since AI but he’s moved way past that now. Love the song and all his others. Great kid.

  2. What an incredible talent. I’m looking forward to hearing his album. He is a very good songwriter. I would love to see him duet with Allison. I know they are close in age (is he 19?) and I think they would really have a nice vibe.

  3. Such a brilliant songwriter, both lyrically and musically. I really want him to do well. I just wish his voice was better – too strident and too much vibrato for my tastes. He will improve though.

  4. He’s a truly gifted, prolific songwriter. I really want him to be successful.

    ETA: I just watched the other video on his songwriting. Wow. He’s very wise for such a young man.

  5. I care about this kid for some reason. I wish him much success and lots of love in his life.He is talented,and with a good support system and knowledgable help, and lots of good luck, he’ll do well. Hope so.

  6. Josiah, We are waiting for your Album to drop, and we are expecting to hear some stellar music and lyrics. Just hoping you are not having a standoff with the lable you signed with?

    Josiah writes some amazing songs. I thnk his particular
    strength is melody and lyrics. He can have a career in the tradition of someone like Chris Christopherson, achieving longevity.
    It will never be work for him! How lucky can can one guy get?
    Yet he seems to run into roadblocks. I hope he is able to work with his Lable, and be able,as well, to compromise when he must,as to get to the next stage. Eventually he may gain total creative control.

    I do notice that his voice is more rough lately, and I know that he
    does smoke. It adds an interesting dimension, but time and cigs will kill the voice….,yet it didn’t slow down CC.
    I love his musical poetry and I believe he has so much more to say.
    I am impressed that he understands so well the hit and miss of
    what may or may not resonate emotionally. If he can do this by Tapping into what are overwhelming emotional triggers currently,
    ….Success awaits!!!

  7. This guy is so talented and I still think he will be one of the most successful people that participated on Idol and he didn’t even make the top 24. I don’t think at the time he was ready emotionally but I always liked him and I always look around for what he is doing and when his music is being released. Love this song.

  8. Watched the videos. I’m not a fan of his particularly. I just remember him from AI. That music video was well produced. I’m impressed with the video editing and direction. I’m also impressed with the maturity that Josiah Lemming seems to have acquired since his days on AI.

    As a singer I think he has a limited range and his tone is not very pleasant to my ear. I wouldn’t mind hearing his songs sung by someone else tho. Regarding his own album, I think he could benefit from background vocals which might soften his tone.

    Regarding his British accent, it is weird to hear someone talk about his time in TN and talk like that. Do parts of Tn have an accent like that?

    I think he’s talented, but maybe he’s the next Ryan Tedder or David Hodges, not the next John Mayer.

  9. I don’t care for Josiah’s singing, but he writes some great music and is no slouch on instruments he plays either. I’ll buy his CD just for the music, especially if he writes every song on it.

  10. Ouch, I always liked this kid but this hurt my ears. Sounded like his voice was strained from trying too hard to me. Maybe it’s just me, but I really wanted to like it and have to be honest.

  11. . Do parts of Tn have an accent like that

    No – that’s just a Josiah affectation. Weirds me out a little.

  12. I really like this kid. He’s gonna have a LOT to say through his music. Can’t wait for his future songs.

    re: the accent. Is he living in England right now? Or does he spend a lot of time around people with accents? He may just be one of those people who pick up the dialect of whatever he hears most. I’m like that. If I spend a week in Europe, i’ll come back with the accent from the country I was visiting. I visited my brother in North Carolina recently and after just 3 days I was already picking up the cadence of the speech there.

  13. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked where I am from, because when I talk, I “fall” into accents.

    Just within the past few days, I was shopping at a Stop & Shop (big supermarket chain in New England; similar to Publix, Shaw’s, A&P, etc) when the cashier and the bagger both asked me where did I come from, as I was speaking with a southern accent. I totally blew them away when I told them that I was born in one of the largest cities in CT, and live in one of the surrounding towns.

    The thing that I find funny (strange, not ha-ha) is that I never hear myself fall into these accents. I have been told that I have had English, Irish, and Southern, along with some other accents, but the abovementioned ones have been the most frequent.

    I always put it to way too much “Monty Python,” “”Benny Hill,” and “My Fair Lady” in my youth. :-D LOL!

  14. marymagdalene: “Click”…I have done the same thing most of my life.
    I don’t even know that I’m doing it either. What I do know is that I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks from people, to my embarrassment and a few comments. It is somewhat better now. The last thing I remember clearly is coming home from Mexico and being told I was speaking Broken English with a spanish accent.RLMAO

    I’m not certain Josiah is like that because he is quite consistant.

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