Josiah Leming – Punk Ass Rain EP – Available on iTunes

I’m not sure what’s going on with Josiah Leming.

The Season 7 contestant was supposed to release a full length album on Warner Bros., but instead we get another EP with no publicity or promotion whatsoever. I hope the label isn’t releasing music they’ve got in the can as a precursor to dumping Josiah.   I want more music from this talented singer/songwriter.

He is beginning a tour tonight in Baton Rouge, LA,   opening for Better Than Ezra. So, that’s something.

In the meantime, you can download the EP, Punk Ass Rain, from iTunes:

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  1. I’m not feeling this one as much as the last one… a bit same old same.

    Doesn’t look like the label has plans for him. What happened? Did they expect more from the last EP? Oh well, even if he’s dropped I think we’ll still get more music from him.

    Even though he has no tie with 19 it’s funny he’ll tour with Better Than Ezra, who’s vocalist seems to work with many idols. eh!

  2. I caught that song the other day. The kid is really talented but I am not loving this song as much as To Run. He still has that Andrew McMahon thing going on though. i guess the song is a little too emo for me, and I don’t mean emo emo, just that it’s too melancholy.

  3. I’ve always liked him….he’s a very talented song writer. I think he’s still really new and in the learning stages but I like what I hear so I’ll be buying.

  4. I think it is just because Josiah has written and recorded too many songs. That and I keep hearing they want to take Josiah in a newer direction. I am hoping that are just wanting to take the time to develop Josiah.

    Josiah has previewed songs on his MySpace that are “newer” and are not on either of these EPs, I think he still has an album’s worth of stuff yet to come.

    This EP seems to be the songs that I have noticed on his MySpace in the past, but are not rumored to be on his new album. So I think this EP is what did not make the album cut, but someone still wanted to make them available, and they had been recorded. That and it is a space filler until the album.

  5. Love Josiah. Hope they promote him enough so he can tour. I’d love to catch a show of his.

  6. I’ve been worried his label is going to drop him for awhile now. He got a lot of promo with his first EP. Nothing really this time. No album date. It just doesn’t look that good. If they have enough material for an album, why release EPs of stuff that didn’t make it? That kind of stuff is usually released later.

    Good luck to him. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Oh, thank you so much for posting this, MJ. You may be the only person anywhere who is reporting this news!

    One more tidbit, Josiah did tweet that he was in the studio finishing 3 new songs, on Sept 12. So that is reason to hope for more.

    Soapbox, I hope you are right, that these are songs that won’t be on the album, so it’s like a bonus. I love this kid, and I’ll buy anthing that he records. I bought his Paperplain and Her EPs when he first put them up for sale. So much raw talent in such a young person, it’s amazing to me.

  8. I think that the label might have decided to shift gears somewhat with Josiah – didn’t he mention at one point going back in the studio to record stuff a little bit more radio friendly, and, more recently, working with some co-writers? Maybe he released the EP so that he has something to sell on tour. So far, he hasn’t really written anything that I don’t like. I really love “Over and Over” and “Satisfied” I think he’s the best songwriter that’s been on Idol by a fairly wide margin.

    Josiah was never added to Warner’s artist roster, so I’m hopeful that they’re just waiting for the full album to launch him. In the meantime, I hope we get some video from his mini-tour.

  9. I’m getting “Satisfied” – that’s the only one I liked from the list.

    Josiah is a talented writer, I really like his melodies and even the lyrics. The problem I have is with his singing voice – it just sounds grating/not good to my ears. I do wonder how much better his songs would be if sung by a more talented singer (and he’d probably earn more from the royalties, just saying) …

  10. Josiah is a talented writer, I really like his melodies and even the lyrics. The problem I have is with his singing voice ‘“ it just sounds grating/not good to my ears.

    I’m with you there. I think I like the songs, and I’m a fan of the kind of sound he’s putting together. I just plain old don’t like his voice.

    It’s a weird strategy they have going here (if they have one at all), and I don’t think any of it bodes well for his career.

  11. I personally love his very unique and interesting voice and the new EP with his amazing lyrics. I am looking foward to much more from this VERY TALENTED young man.

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