Glee – Acafellas!

After Rachel mocks his choreography (those nasty cheerios put her up to it) Will suffers a confidence crisis, abandoning Glee for a bit to form an all male a’cappella group, with hilarious results.

GLEE New Episode Sneak Peek - '...
GLEE New Episode Sneak Peek - 'Vitamin D'

At first it’s just he and some fellow teachers, but after the thumbless woodshop guy goes to rehab for his cough syrup addiction, and another quits after a bad review,   Finn and his cougar-crazy football buddy join the group.  Sandy worms his way in. At the end, they perform, and triumph, at the school PTA meeting.   Josh Groban shows up for a very funny cameo.

In the meantime, Glee decide to hire insane choreographer, Dakota Stanley (another cheerios plot that goes wrong) to coach them.   His scene with the kids is absolutely delicious.   Do not miss…

And Mercedes has her heart broken when Kurt rebuffs her advances.   In the end, he confides his deep dark secret to her, beginning a story arc that continues next week.

Awesome: Victor Garber from Alias plays Will’s dad.

The head cheerio has a heart. Sue Sylvester wears her college ring on her ring finger. She was total lulz describing how she took down Noriega. And I’m digging the fact that EVERYBODY on this friggin show sings.

Best line from the night from Sandy, the Josh Groban-obsessed former Glee instructor, on the importance of wood shop: “I told Finnegan, you’re going to have a school full of nancies unless you get some hot wood in those teenager’s hands.”

Videos after the Jump…

Acafellas sing Bell Biv Devoe at a Local Club

Mercedes busts out “Broke Your Window”

Acafellas perform “I Wanna Sex You Up” at PTA

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  1. I’m not sure about this show. I loved the pilot and there are many one-liners and individual scenes that work, but I sometimes get embarrassed for the characters/actors when I watch some of the dance numbers.

  2. Spy Daddy!!!!!
    That’s all I got for now. I still have to watch the episode.

  3. I’m hooked on this show. Love it.

    The best line I thought, also coming from Sandy, was: “You don’t know Josh Groban? Kill yourself!”


  4. I friggin’ love this show. And I agree, MJ. I’m pleasantly surprised that everyone is singing! It looks like ‘No Air’  will be performed at the show eventually. It’s included in the track list for their OST.

  5. I read so many positive reviews about this show that I really wanted to like it. Then they revisited an episode I missed one Saturday night with what looked to be bubble tweet commentary all thru it. I went bats. Coulda been that which blew a twelve gauge thru my fledgling Glee fondness. In any case, it’s back to blood, guts and decomp for me.

  6. Love this show! It’s got the sensibility of a show like Weeds, where everyone is somehow a lovable train wreck, but with singing, LOL. There wasn’t enough of Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester last night though. No one delivers a line like her!

  7. Two of my favorite lines:

    Sue Sylvester to the two cheerleaders: “I want you to smell your armpits. THAT is the smell of failure”

    The school principal to Will after the first Acafella performance: “I want you to sing at the next parent teacher meeting. I’ve got to do something, the parents found out we’re serving the students prison food.”

    Hilarious show with lots of good singing!

  8. Two of my favorite quotes from last nigh:

    “I will shove my fist down your throat so deep that you can taste my armpit hair”


    “Throngs of screaming teenagers don’t do it for Josh Groban. Josh Groban loves a blousy alcoholic”.

  9. I lurrrrve the musical numbers. The rest of the show, not so much.

  10. The thumbless woodshop guy was John Lloyd Young!!! Tony winner for “Jersey Boys”! And he sang the Frankie Valli parts on the Grammy-winning OCR, so that kind of counts as a Grammy, too, right?

    And then we had Victor Garber and Debra Monk, two more multiple Tony nominees (and Monk has also won, I think, but not for a musical.) They played Will’s parents. He was John Wilkes Booth in “Assassins”! She was Mama Morton when I saw “Chicago”!

    If I didn’t already love this show, the fact they keep stuffing it full of Broadway people would pull me right in.

  11. Hee. What a great show! Loved the scene with Groban and Will’s Mom. Lots of great lines and situations delivered quickly and to great effect. It does remind me of favorites of mine — 30 Rock and Arrested Development. And with the bonus of GREAT music numbers.

  12. Mmm What was it?

    “My dad took my car because he found my tiara collection in my hope chest.”

    I’ve got to say…I didn’t really like the pilot but the last two shows were hilarious.

  13. The cheerleader coach looks suspiciously likes gym teacherib my school…LOL.

  14. I bet Dad does some singing. Victor Garber is a musicals guy–great singer.

  15. I really liked the debut episode back in May and LOVED the second episode, but this latest episode was somewhat of a letdown. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I didn’t enjoy the acafellas storyline.

    The one thing I took out of this episode was finally knowing what the “I kissed a Girl” glee member sounded like. Has she had a line since May?

    The guy who plays Kurt is such a brilliant actor. So is the lady who plays Emma Pillsbury.

    Still love this show though.

  16. I thought “Acafellas” was hilarious. Loved all the numbers even though I’m not really much for rap. So many quotable one-liners in this episode.

    Kinda ironic (and hypocritical) that the principal and parents loved the “I Wanna Sex You Up” performance but last week were upset when the Glee kids did “Push It”.

  17. Vincent Garber, who plays Will’s dad, played Jesus on the movie version of Godspell. In addition to being the peerless Jack Bristow on Alias, he played Eli Stone’s almost father-in-law and got to sing and dance during Eli’s dream sequences.

    I am still totally digging Glee. I thought that exchange about how the woodshop teacher lost his thumbs was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on television. And I’ve loved Stephen Tobolowski for years; he’s a great character actor. I really hope his “Sandy” ends up a regular. Favorite line: “Who is Josh Groban? Kill yourself! He is an angel sent from heaven to deliver platinum records unto us.”

  18. ‘My dad took my car because he found my tiara collection in my hope chest.’ 

    I laughed out loud for about 10 minutes after that line. Just soooo much wrong with that sentence! I also had to pause the episode and explain to my teenagers what a hope chest is, so that they would get the joke, LOL.

  19. ‘My dad took my car because he found my tiara collection in my hope chest.’ 

    LOL That was so awesome.
    I’m not sure I can love Kurt more than I do. And his last scene with Mercedes? That was awesome! Both character and actor are great.

    I liked the Acafellas story. I think this show can get a bit too cliche, but it really brings the humor and the musical moments are great.

  20. Amber Riley (Mercedes), not good enough for AI, sheesh…

    “Chin up Allison. American voting you off IDOL isn’t the end, rather the beginning of what will no doubt, amount to a remarkable journey.

    Don’t believe us, just ask Amber Riley; Who parlayed her very own rejection from IDOL into a starring role in FOX’s highly anticipated new musical/comedy hybrid GLEE.

    ‘My life was crushed when they told me ‘No,”  recounted Riley to the TV Addict on his recent visit to the set of GLEE. ‘But I was 17, it was a long time ago and rejection like that only makes you stronger, gets you asking ‘” how can I better myself?’ 

    And better herself she has. With the actress/singer mere weeks away from a life-altering moment of her very own, as FOX gets ready to unveil GLEE to a captive audience of millions ‘” who if everything goes according to plan ‘” just finished watching the penultimate episode of AMERICAN IDOL. You know, that little show that Riley apparently wasn’t good enough to take part in.

    Not surprisingly, Riley does not hold a grudge.”

  21. This show is odd. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. Everyone seems so taken by it though. The characters are likable, but some of the jokes are just embarrassing or they fall flat.

    I mean I’m going to keep watching though. Gotta fit in at school, you know.

  22. The show has some great one-liners (as people has stated upthread):

    Sue Sylvester to the two cheerleaders: ‘I want you to smell your armpits. THAT is the smell of failure’ 

    Ken Tanaka to that mohawk football player: ‘I will shove my fist down your throat so deep that you can taste my armpit hair’ 

    There are so many GREAT character actors on the show! I love Victor Garber (loved him from Alias and singing on Eli Stone)!

    And all the glee members are such great actors too! I really love Kurt! He’s such a sweetie!

    I just love this show! Maybe because I was in an award winning acapella choir and the madrigal group in High School. But I was also a jockette and our choir had lots of popular kids in it too. I know Glee! is a parody, but it’s really great!

  23. I. love. this. show. And I LOVED this episode. Call me a softy or whatever, but I totally teared up in that last scene between Mercedes and Kurt. I’m consistently amazed that Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt) is only 19. I think he’s the youngest one in the cast. But he does such a great job with his character.

    I’m liking the way the characters are starting to get fleshed out a little more. I can’t wait to find out more about Artie and Tina. I’m betting we will soon. :)

    I too love that it’s not afraid to poke fun at itself. Showchoir can be cheesy – my years in showchoir in the late 90’s were chock full of some of the worst 80’s music imaginable, not to mention embarrassing dance routines, but it was FUN. And like you, Heart, we had popular kids in our showchoir too – cheerleaders and jocks, as well as the solely music peeps. I think it’s the most accurate representation that I’ve ever seen of a true glee club/showchoir. I can take just about every character on this show and relate them to a person in the showchoir that I was in.

    And can I just say that Puck is friggin HOT? I hate the mohawk, but damn. That boy is fine.

    My favorite line was the Sandy line too – “Who is Josh Groban?!? Kill yourself! Josh Groban is an angel sent from heaven to deliver platinum records unto us.” Crack. Me. Up.

    Oh and the Finn line – ‘It’s hard being the quarterback when I get in the huddle and all the guys are calling me ‘Deep Throat.'”

  24. Ok, I just adore Josh Groban and his ability to poke a little fun at himself. I Loooooooovvvvvveeeee GLEE!!

  25. I haven’t seen this episode yet but I really liked the previous two. Sue Sylvester’s such a character with great one-liners. And the adults are all crazy in their own ways.

  26. Oh, so Josh Groban’s in this episode? Now I know the reason for his twitter references to Glee’s cast:

    # thanks for watching tonight…whole cast of glee are super down to earth and amazingly talented. stephen tobolowsky is so cool!!about 16 hours ago from web

    # On Glee tonight…don’t remember even taping it I was so sick and hopped up on meds. Ahhh the wonders of bum bum shots!6:05 AM Sep 17th from web

  27. And can I just say that Puck is friggin HOT? I hate the mohawk, but damn. That boy is fine.

    I don’t even mind the mohawk. yes, HOT. And he also has some nice dance moves.

  28. I’m a guy and like this show, it’s shoe cheesy it’s funny. There is alot of hidden adult humore in its as well.

  29. “It’s just hamburger casserole. Look out for bones.”
    “Oh please, my life is a disaster with no creative outlet other than writing my Desperate Housewives fan fiction.”

    Testostertones. Ha!

    “It was amazing! We started doing it like, once. a. week.”

    Kurt = Adam I would not be surprised if Adam has a cameo on the show, sort of as Kurt’s hero.

  30. I read somewhere that they’re casting Broadway actors on purpose, or something like that. I can’t wait to see Kristin Chenoweth. According to wiki, she’s supposed to sing Carrie’s “Last Name”.

    The musical numbers are good (except for the really bad lipsyncing), although I feel like the storylines itself are moving a lil bit slow. It’s like there’s nothing to look forward to; we all know all the high school kids end up in the club at some point. I agree with MJ though, I like the fact that pretty much the entire cast sings.

    Looking forward to Rachel singing Kara/Celine’s “Taking Chances”. That girl’s voice is ridiculous.

  31. I mean I’m going to keep watching though. Gotta fit in at school, you know.

    I wish I went to your school Alison. My whole class blabs about one tree hill like nonstop.

    Kurt = Adam I would not be surprised if Adam has a cameo on the show, sort of as Kurt’s hero.

    OOOOOH. That would be awesome. :D

  32. I didn’t like this episode as much as the other (pacing seemed off). Am I traitor if the song I liked best was the VA’s version of “Mercy”?

    I will say there are a lot little jokes I miss the first time. I didn’t notice that the shop teacher is in the audience during the PTA performance. You can see him applauding at the end on the far left in the same scene as the Cheerios coach. One of his hands has been replaced with a hook…LMAO.

  33. I agree about the pacing, but still better than most stuff on TV right now.

    Most of you have already expressed my thoughts about this episode…especially that they’re using Broadway and theatre actors in supporting roles.

    No one seems to have brought this up, though…Puck and Sue Sylvester? That look was a bit suspicious…this being TV and all. Y/N?

  34. Didnt like this episode at all. New season of Criminal Minds starts next week so IM in a quandry which to watch. The tall bald guy who they let in Acafella because he invited Groban once played a serial killer on the Practice. He carried around a head in his bowling bag lol. Everytime I see him on Glee, thats the first thought in my head.

  35. This wasn’t as good as the first two, I found it dragged. But still beats the competition hands down. The funny dialogue goes by so fast I sometimes don’t hear the whole line. Love Kurt – can’t wait to hear a solo from him.
    I knew that I knew Debra Monk – I saw her in “Curtains”. And Victor Garber was in that very diverse Brandy TV version of “Cinderella”.

  36. I’m addicted to this show! The comedy is sometimes hilarious, sometime makes you SQUIRM! Jane Lynch was classic in Best in Show and this role is perfect for her. My sister did WestSide Story with Matt years ago- great to see him!

    It’s so weird that there are three key players from the Heroes cast (Stephen Tobolowsky, Jessalyn Gilsig and Jayma Mays- of course, two of them are dead Heroes characters now) I can’t see Tobolowsky without thinking of his character in Groundhog Day- as the annoying insurance salesman.

    Also, I didn’t recognize the AI reject actors… good to see there sometimes is a silver lining to the cloud :)

    Anybody catch SYTYCD’s Lauren Gottlieb as the center showcased girl in the VA Mercy dance?

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