Jordin Sparks – National Anthem – AFC Championship Game – VIDEO

Jordin Sparks sings a beautiful version of the National Anthem in Indianapolis, IN, before the AFC Championship football game between the Colts and the New York Jets.

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  1. I didn’t like Jordin’s version. Was she off-key on the high notes…it just didn’t sound right.

  2. Jordin did a wonderful job. Now I can’t wait to hear Kris…

    Jordin was my Idol favorite back in Season 6, I actually voted for her to win. I wish her career was bigger, but I am happy for her for the accomplishments she does have.

  3. goldenlpb
    01/24/2010 at 3:57 pm
    I didn’t like Jordin’s version. Was she off-key on the high notes…it just didn’t sound right.

    I thought I heard one bad note towards the end, but overall I stand by my original comment.

  4. Enjoyed Jordan’s Performance. I found it heartfelt and sincere. I think she sang it well. Looking forward to Kris’ Performance too. I’m so glad when they broadcast these.

  5. I had forgotten how powerful Jordan’s voice is; she did a great job. Absolutely LOVED watching the eagle too! I hope it found its trainer. :)

  6. Yea…absolutely no mention of American Idol!!

    “Jive recording star and grammy nominee, Jordin Sparks.”

    It warms the cockles of my heart to see people leave the idol bubble.

  7. I don’t normally watch sports (or much television in general), but I tuned in to hear Jordin. I thought she did a pretty good job. I just don’t like it when someone goes up high on the end of “land of the free” the way she did it. I have heard that done by other performers and did not like it.

    I did loooooooooooove the eagle soaring. That gave me goosebumps in combination with Jordin’s singing.

  8. I thought that Jordin’s rendition of the SSB was wonderful! It didn’t look like it was pre-recorded either.

  9. It was nice until she started yelling. I hate it when singers do that. Kris doesn’t yell, so I’m sure his version will be lovely all around.

  10. I was pleasantly surprised Jordin didn’t use too much melisma on the song. A little here and there but not as bad as it could have been. Good job! Yes, the eagle flying was very nice. Like it better than having Jets fly over head.

  11. I think she sounded great and (not to sound to much like Paula) looked gorgeous.

  12. That was beautiful. Very well done, Jordan. Our National Anthem always gives me chills, but especially when it’s sung well. The eagle soaring was a really nice touch.

  13. The eagle thing and flag were nice touches. I must to admit, I’m a sucker for the NA like you wouldn’t believe. No, it’s really lame. You can mock me for it at will. I thought that by and large this was a good performance, a bit of sharpness on a few notes, not as on with one note or two, but overall, a solid version of the NA by Jordin.

  14. I think Jordin has come a long way singing from singing the NA after she first won AI till today. She has improved quite a bit. I think it was a little pitchy in spots but overall she did very well.

    I loved the soaring eagle too. Very beautiful touch to the song. :)

  15. Didn’t totally love her vocals but the eagle thing was really cool.

  16. I’m a sucker for NA as well and thought it was well done by Jordin. Never an easy song to sing. Loved the soaring eagle, too.

  17. I thought she sounded beautiful and looked gorgeous! She looks so grown up now, a really lovely young woman. Good job Jordin!

  18. She’s gorgeous! Lovely voice! She reminds me of my 9 year old. (
    Something about her.)

  19. Very nice. A bit screamy in the second half, though.

    Yeah, there were definitely some yelly parts in it in the latter parts, though in part I blame our national athem’s structure for those wack ass vocal parts. It’s a hard song and those notes are high and hard, and you’re trying to hit them after some much lower notes in the beginning. Well it was based on a British drinking song, so being drunk is probably a much better way to approach it.

    But some yelly parts aside, there were also some just lovely notes in the beginning from her in this that just floated there, like at -1:32 (for example) were just lovely. So some good choices at times by her, vocally over all…until -1:13 on, at which time she had a lot more yelly time, and a lot less of those pretty, floaty notes and less of the nicer, rounder tone, and more of the sharper yelly stuff. pfft.

    All in all I liked this performance, but yeah, there were some yelly issues, not just arising from the SSB having some more, uh challenging, notes in the latter parts of the song, and more to do with either Jordin’s singing choices.

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