Joey Cook Joins Forces with Postmodern Jukebox “Hey There Delilah” Video

Joey Cook Sings

The long-awaited collaboration between Joey Cook and Postmodern Jukebox is here! Grab a download of “Hey There Delilah” from iTunes before settling down to watch the jazzy YouTube rendition of the alt/rock favorite below. The American Idol season 14 alum is reportedly set to tour with PMJ later this year.

The quirky singer established herself as an American Idol contender when she performed a PMJ inspired version of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” during the competition earlier this year. Alas, Joey was booted in seventh place, and didn’t make the cut for the American Idol Live tour this year–although she did open for the Top 5 on a few of the Florida dates.

Touring with Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox later this year will surely make up for missing out on the summer gig! Speaking of which, Bradlee was not only impressed with Joey’s “Fancy” performance on Idol, but also appreciated her point of giving the band credit for the arrangement.

“Joey was actually the first one to give us credit; she was responsible for our first prime-time television shoutout,” Bradlee told Yahoo Music. “That was such a flattering thing, and even kind of unnecessary, because her arrangement of ‘Fancy’ was much different from ours. But it shows what an awesome person she is, along with being an awesome talent. She’s going to be somebody to watch, somebody big. We are going to be working together, and who knows what will happen.”

Watch Joey Cook and Postmodern Jukebox perform “Hey There Delilah” originally by the Plain White T’s right here.

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  1. Not a great song choice (for you, for me). Looking forward to her efforts with them in the future. I really like her.

  2. I’m glad Joey found her niche. PMJ is a good fit. That being said, there was nothing particularly jazz inspired about her vocals. You could have put in the original singer along with the new instrumentals and gotten the same effect.

  3. I liked her idol stuff better. BTW what is the towel covering in the video?

  4. Though true, it doesn’t seem to have that additional PMJ flair, I think the song choice fits Joey. Don’t be alarmed at the low view count, Scott’s probably landed in New Zealand w/ the rest of PMJ by now, so someone else must be running his YouTube and forgot to publish it. I tweeted them that it’s still ‘unlisted’ so hopefully it will be fixed soon

  5. Eh. I was hoping/expecting more. I’m disappointed. Maybe it’s the song choice, but I got bored halfway through.

  6. Joey doesn’t sound much like a jazz singer to me. Quirky is the only word I can describe her style.

  7. Isn’t this the same group Hailey Reinhart sings with. They are very good, but

  8. It’s not supposed to be jazz, PMJ doesn’t just do jazz, they do all eras of music basically from the Jazz era and earlier. This is described as “Vintage 1918 Worlds Fair” style.

  9. It’d be fantastic if someone could define “Vintage 1918 World’s Fair style.”

    I agree that this isn’t jazz as jazz is usually known, but multiple Google searches aren’t giving me an explanation of what it is. It probably doesn’t help that the 1918 Bronx World’s Fair wasn’t well-attended, so it’s not one of the famous ones that gets a lot of chatter. Most music sources discussing the era want to talk about music of World War I.

  10. The arrangement has a ragtime feel–a style that is an antecedent of jazz. The moniker “Vintage 1918 World’s Fair Style” is meant to be kind of cheeky, I think, not an actual genre.

  11. Nice to see that Joey and PMJ have gotten together. Unfortunately, this first effort isn’t very good for me. Stopped listening after about a minute.

  12. mj beat me to it – it’s not an actual genre – but the ragtime and stride piano with a big helping of blues/crossed with Rudee Valley style crooning and a little George M Cohan.

    Check it out at WIKI – you may be surprised to find some titles you recognize, at least I did – even though there are a lot of songs from WWI –

    “After You’ve Gone” is a perfect example – (This one I would like Casey and Haley to do) it can be sung straight, bluesy – vamp it up or camp it up – and I’ve known that song forever – along with “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” – which is a more straightforward ballad.

    Even the “Hinky Dink Parlez Vous” song gives the musical vibe of the era. Or Caruso singing “Over There”. They are not Jazz – but the sounds of that time are familiar to me because that’s the year my mother was born – and those were songs she liked to sing.

    These guys are ambitious – I like that about them – and they have more than a nodding acquaintance with many eras of music…I enjoy their continuing adventures very much!

  13. Aha! I can follow the explanation, though the songs don’t ring bells, so I’ll have to check some out. My knowledge of anything before the rock era is limited to folk songs, with a smattering of movie musicals.

    (When, as a mid-sized child, I abruptly decided that reading music to play the piano was a thing I could do [presumably by sheer force of will], what was lying around was books of Beatles songs and pop movie themes.)

    As far as PMJ doing sounds other than jazz, I wholly approve. Joey Cook sounds good to me here, though nothing will really break my utterly-sick-of-ness for the song itself.

  14. I love Joey and happy to see her collaborating with PMJ but this isn’t something I would download.
    Hopefully, there will be more interesting ones to come.

  15. I’m not too sure it’s entirely ragtime. I think it’s more early Dixieland. By 1918, ragtime was losing popularity to Dixieland. There are elements of both in “Hey There Delilah.” I don’t think the banjo was in many ragtime songs, but it’s a key element to Dixieland. Of course, the accordion was not an element in either genre.

    Love the arrangement. However, I love both ragtime and Dixieland.

  16. This would sound MUCH better live. Ragtime loses all of its vivacity through all the digital processing.

    Loved Joey’s Fancy & Miss Independent on AI. Hope she does more with PMJ in that vein.

  17. I loved this. I’m so happy for Joey. This girl always puts a smile on my face. She’s amazing and I agree with Bradlee that Joey is going to be somebody to watch out for.

  18. I see a lot of people didn’t care for it, critiqued the hell out of it. I’m not a purist, enjoyed it for what it was… I actually really like this song and enjoyed the quirky interpretation.

  19. Ahh Quentin, so sad hes not around. Someone sang I Put a Spell on You on AGT the other night, and all I could think of Quentin singing it. Such a shame, he could be such a star, and he doesnt have any help.

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