Jason Castro Live at Seton High School with Q102

Jason Castro performed at Seton High School in Cincinnati today (Dec. 10) in a private concert for the students.   The all-girl private high school raised over $3, 575 for Lighthouse Youth Services.

Seton is a fundraising machine, winning past fund-raising contests sponsored by local radio station Q102 that entitled them to concerts by David Archuleta and Kris Allen.

After the jump, check out videos from the Seton concert.

Jason is out on the road promoting his single, “Let’s Just Fall in Love”. His self-titled debut album will be released early next year.

Tonight, Jason performs at the Q102 Jingle Ball, along with Ingrid Michaelson, All-American Rejects and Barenaked Ladies.

Videos after the JUMP..

Q102 Video: Clips of Jason begin at about 3:20. He sings “White Christmas” with students at the end.

Let’s Just Fall in Love

That’s What I’m Here For


White Christmas with the Girls Ensemble

Jason does the “Wiggleo”

Question and Answers

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  1. Thanks for all the links!:-D. I’ll check them out some time after “Survivor,” lol. Cool of that school to do so well to earn these concerts, :-). Phil Stacey is in Minnesota with “The Christmas Window,” and Ace is in Madison, WI with the “Grease” tour. So they are all in the snow, I guess. I trust all 3 are staying warm.

  2. OMG! This school is insane – 2 fundraising concerts this year and 1 last year!

  3. Never underestimate the power of Catholic School teenage girls!

    Jason sounds great and it looks like it was a lot of fun.

  4. girls were going crazy!!…can’t wait for this guys cd..just around the corner now

  5. I saw Jason during his mall tour and he was very happy, friendly and had lots of people turn out to watch him perform. I love this guy!

  6. the let’s just fall in love video is Hallelujah …no let’s just fall in love : (

  7. Jason sounded really good in all the clips I watched.

    The 7th season of American Idol was the only season of American Idol I never watched any part of. (Not really sure why I didn’t)

    I wish I watched that season, since I love some of those that came out of it, like Jason.

    That school looks like a lot of fun too. :)

  8. Jason’s done a good job of staying busy with lots of little appearances.
    Looking forward to the cd next month and seeing him on an actual tour.
    At the moment there are 33 shows scheduled..small venues that will be perfect for him…

  9. At the moment there are 33 shows scheduled..small venues that will be perfect for him’ ¦

    looks like his album is pushed back again. new release date is March 31, 2010

    That’s a shame about the delay in the release since normally you would want to use the touring to help support the sales of the album.

  10. Delayed again?

    I’m starting to get a Josiah complex with Jason now. :-)

    Although Jason is on Atlantic and I’m STILL waiting for Ryan Star’s album. He’s been touring with Cook among others….

  11. I really question the March 31 date at Amazon. They post release dates and update them all the time.
    – there’s been nothing from Jason’s camp to indicate the Jan 26 date that he has been quoting has changed.

  12. argh. i hope the delay in the release of the album is just a rumor. i don’t want to wait anymore. i need my fix of jason!

  13. I don’t know about delays in release date–and it’s possible it was delayed again, but from what Jason’s manager said he’s supposed to be touring again after the Matt Hires tour. I think at that point with his full band. So even if the album is delayed, he’ll be around and touring.

    Oh, and I get to see him at Joe’s Pub on January 27th!

  14. great videos…watching over and over again…..very true..undeniable and unique

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