Jason Casto Debut Album, New Single Release Date Set

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Joel Harper-Jackson Announces Relea...
Joel Harper-Jackson Announces Release of Debut Album

Finally, Jason Castro’s self-titled debut album arrives everywhere on April 13th!

Before the album drops, a brand-new single will be released to Hot AC, “That’s What I’m Here For”. The song will be available, along with Jason’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, on March 8th at all digital outlets.

The album will include Jason’s gorgeous rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, plus, “Closer”,  “Heart of Stone”, “Love Uncompromised” and the single “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again”.

Jason collaborators on the new album include producer Eric Rosse (Sara Bareilles, Tori Amos) and songwriters Marc Roberge of O.A.R, Gregg Wattenburg, Zac Maloy (David Cook) and Espionage (Train).

Jason will be performing both “That’s What I’m Here For” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on The Bachelor: Jason & Molly’s Wedding. The two-hour television event airs Tuesday, March 8th on ABC.

I am really looking forward to this album. I love the Love Uncompromised EP.  Plus, I saw Jason live here in Boston last month, and he was just fabulous. Check out the vids right HERE.

After the jump, Jason performs his new single, “That’s What I’m Here For” live at the 939 club in Boston…

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. This is indeed wonderful news! A very major TV appearance, a new single and a CD drop date. I’m looking forward to every one of these events!

  2. Yay! Don’t care about the Bachelor wedding, but will tune in to see Jason sing. Also CD dropping three days before my bday! Awesome. Happy bday me!

  3. Oh Man. Jason is such a folkie. I wonder if there will be a band accompanying him on that’s what I’m here for on the Bachelor?

    I bet that’s one of the only weddings in the world Jason would have played! (Great job by whoever got that deal.)

  4. LOVE this guy. I just saw him in Santa Fe on the 22nd. He was fabulous and so sweet. The audiance had him talking about the great green chili burritos we have here! LOL!

  5. Oh Man. Jason is such a folkie. I wonder if there will be a band accompanying him on that’s what I’m here for on the Bachelor?

    From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like just it’s just Jason on guitar.

    I can’t believe I have to watch The Bachelor…yuck. But, I’m very excited for Jason. I can’t wait to hear the whole album finally. Love the EP and love him live.

  6. FINALLY!!…i was hoping for either Love uncompromised or It matters to me to be his next single….I think either are better choices …but whatevy…in the end they are all great songs

  7. Why is it that label folks always pick questionable songs for singles? It’s happened with every Idol I’ve followed now. First DC, then Kris, Allison, even Adam, and now Jason. Sigh. I have loved Love Uncompromised from the first time I heard it on Idol Wrap nearly a year ago now. *pouts* Well, I wish him luck, but it seems a pretty bland song to me.

    MJ, your going to record Jason’s performance on the Bachelor, right? I’ve never watched that show, and don’t plan to start now. How does it even work? I can see him picking a girl to have a long term relationship with, and then eventually get married, but to end the season with them getting married seems completely wrong, and a recipe for divorce. Blech.

  8. sylvanaire the couple getting married in the special were from last season and have been dating for about a year. It’s a separate episode from the typical Bachelor season, which ended last night (and involved an entirely different couple).

  9. I don’t think it’s a bad choice for a single, but it’s hard to say as I think they could have picked any number of songs for the second single. As per the press release it is being released to Hot AC, so it’s not like they are going after Top 40.

    But I’ve also heard all of these songs for quite awhile now so I’m not listening with fresh ears anymore.

  10. Don’t care about the Bachelor wedding, but will tune in to see Jason sing.

    Me too – never watched the bachelor show, but I will watch to hear him. I am very interested in hearing his new album too.

  11. I have been looking forward to this for a long time, glad it is finally here. Has anyone heard if they will have him on Idol? That would be great but Bachelor will be some good exposure. I have never watched that show but will have to watch this!

  12. This is terrific news. I am so happy for Jason and his fans who have waited so long. I think it will be well worth the (very long) wait.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed his “Love Uncompromised” EP. The quality of the EP gives me high hopes for the full cd.
    And YAY !! a new single next week !!
    Here is a link to the full Atlantic Record Press Release. They have a lot of wonderful things to say about Jason.

  13. Lots of people watch “The Bachelor” so it’s great for Jason. Gnashes teeth, however…we may not get it in NY since ABC is threatening to pull its network fare from Cablevision.

  14. I hope Jason and his dreads didn’t get wet at the wedding! :wink: This is such wonderful news for Jason! Regarding his hospital appearance, I bet the young children can sense his gentle nature.

    There just isn’t anyone quite like Jason from Seasons 8 or 9. He’s so doggone adorable!

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