Jasmine Murray – National Anthem – Tennessee Vs Mississippi State Basketball Game

American Idol Season 8 Top 13 contestant, Jasmine Murray, sings the National Anthem at the Tennessee vs Mississipi Sate basketball game on Saturday (March 7) in Starkville, MI.

Tennessee won the game, 75-59…

Oh right…Jasmine’s singing! Pretty much like on Idol, she had her moments, but she could use a good voice coach.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Let’s Go Vols! :)

    Jasmine always had decent potential on the show, but she was too young – and yeah, needs some vocal training. Kinda like Haeley this year.

  2. Just a little fuss…the proper abbreviation for Mississippi is MS. MI is for Michigan!

  3. At least give her props. I have heard several of the idols sing the National Anthem and she did a great job!! Tell me what she messed up on. Was it before or after the first ovation?

    It’s not that hard to she sounds good. In fact, the ESPN commentator talked about her last night and said she sounded great. How many times do you get a shot out on ESPN for a great job on singing the National Anthem.

    BTW, She doesn’t sound anything like Haeley!!!!

  4. I never said she sounds like Haeley.

    I said she needs some vocal training, similar to Haeley – AND most of the rest of the teenage contestants on this show. MOST 16, 17, 18 year olds that go on this show are wayyyyy too “green” and rough around the edges, and need more experience and vocal training to succeed (both on the show & out in the “real” music world.).

  5. I think everyone on the show needs experience that’s why they are amateurs. Even David A., was young when he started but he got experience from being on the show.

    But, I just said could you say one positive thing like she did sound good? It is such a double standard. Jasmine can sing the National Anthem and people can’t give her props. But, when another idol sings it everyone is jumping up and down how good it is.

  6. I think Jasmine did a really good job. Lots of singers struggle with pitch on it because of the range combined with nerves, but I didn’t hear any significant issue with that. She does a few more flourishes than I would personally recommend, but I think that was a job she can be proud of.

  7. WOW, she did great! My negative impression for her
    singing ability based on the performance on the finale
    last year was changed completely! Good luck, Jasmine!

  8. That’s awesome. Not sure why under the headline it says she needs a vocal coach? It makes it seem like she didn’t have a good performance???

  9. I forgot about Jasmine. She did a fine job on this. I noticed at points it being a bit wobbly, but overall a good rendition. The SSB is a tough song to sing, particularly in a basketball arena with it’s hard acoustics.

  10. I thought she did a good job. She could have done fewer runs, but overall I was impressed.

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