Installing A New Theme

Heads up! I’m installing a new WordPress theme tonight. It shouldn’t take the blog down, but it might be kind of wonky for 30 minutes or so.

Afterwards, feel free to leave your feedback in comments.

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  1. I like it. It’s more pleasant to look at, and I think it loads faster. :)

  2. Parts of it (the long “More Posts” list, the way text is easily visible against the background) I like.

    What I don’t like is the box at the top of the screen that scrolls automatically through four articles. When I’m visiting the site, I want to see what the latest few posts are. In the old site, that was easy: Just look at the topmost posts. Now the main space on the page is given over to one post at a time that may or may not be the most recent. Meanwhile, if I want to see the actual new content on the page, I have to scroll down and look for it.

  3. Disquis loads slower and I find it very busy (as in too much info on one page…. where does your eye go?). I’ll get used to it (as we do with format changes) and I find there are more and more and more ads. I teach and if I gave a page like this to my students they would scream at me (literally).

  4. “What I don’t like is the box at the top of the screen that scrolls automatically through four articles. ”

    I totally agree. Plus, I miss having a listing of the most recent comments easily seen on the first page at the right.

  5. I’m a big fan of Genesis. I bought all their themes and use them for my websites. So I’m very happy. Especially since it loaded easily on my iPhone where I’ve usually had trouble getting the comments and recent post links. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m going to assume this is a desktop only change. The mobile version which I’m accessing on my iPad is exactly the same.

  7. Yeah, the slider looks a bit weird. Kinda squished between the two sidebars.

    On the front page the main content area beneath the slider looks squished between the two sidebars.

  8. My only comment is that when I’m reading one post (eg this one), the More Posts on the right doesn’t list the most recent 10 posts. I can only find those on the home page. Usually I navigate your site by coming here from one link on twitter and the reading 3-4 of the other most recent posts by clicking the links in the side bar. Now I’ll have to keep going back to the home page to find out if I want to read something. I suppose you might get more clicks that way but I also think I’ll end up reading fewer overall posts.Is there a way to include the most recent 10 posts on the More Posts column as well?

  9. You rearranged the furniture!

    It looks very chic and magazine-like. For the next three days, I’ll be tripping over the foot stool that isn’t where it used to be, but that shall pass.

  10. Nice. I like it. But the change is only on the desktop version, not the mobile. Also the mobile version never changes to desktop version even when selected, it just defaults back to mobile.

  11. Okay. Clicked in this morning to see this new look.

    It’s your site – I’ll figure you had your own reasons to change it around. Not crazy about the font or the busy-looking Magazine layout – and esthetically speaking, I dislike pink for the hyperlinks – but hey, NBD. Like Margieidol, the first thing I noticed was the missing ‘Recent Comments’ unless I was on the Home Page.

    I didn’t realize how much I navigated from those within the site until they were gone. Now they seem to be there, or at least five of them are, if I scroll down far enough – but they don’t seem to change without a refresh. The ‘Also Likes’ on top instead of after the post seem bass backwards and more extra scrolling. That’s inconvenient, but as long as I can find the Word Press log-in, and find my way around to something of interest, the site stays up at peak times and the load time is reasonable, I’m easy.

  12. It wasn’t Recent Comments I was missing it was the top 10 Recent Posts but that seems to be fixed.

  13. Yes, the site seems to be in motion yet. I’ll come by later when the Tectonic Plate Shifting has settled down.

  14. Like: Crisp, easy to read font. Some accents of magenta font, like the comment counter boxes.
    Don’t Like: Magenta used for poster names and lots of text. A little too much bright magenta, harder to read and process. Maybe it’s my monitor setting?

    Like: Recent comments is a favorite feature. Prefer that it replace “More Posts.” Prefer that it not switch sides between home page (left) and threads (right).
    Don’t Like: “More Posts.”

    Don’t Like: Home page box scrolling through four posts — too huge, time consuming to go through, not interested in most — easier to look at Recent Comments feature and scroll through blog.

    Don’t Like: So many huge ads on crowded homepage. More difficult to swiftly locate blog content. But understand ads are how this blog survives.

    Like: Very current, fun, reliable entertainment blog with great management and thoughtful posters!

  15. Looks very nice. My only comments/suggestions

    The scrolling posts on the home page may be a little small, at first I confused them for an ad.

    I prefer the recent comments on the right side on the home page as well as the individual article/discussion posts

  16. Is there any way to not be forced to the mobile version of the site when on an iPad? I preferred the full version of the site. I want to see the new theme, too. The mobile version is glitchy and unattractive. I actually stopped checking in regularly since this change was made.

  17. I’m sorry, but what happened to the blog again? I want to have at least a list of recent topics, I can’t navigate on the blog, where there is missing at least a rudimentary navigation. Ugh!

  18. I turned off the infolink boxes. Actually had them enabled, but they weren’t appearing on my old theme. Just saw how it looks on my chrome book, and I agree. Overkill.

  19. What is “More Posts”? Earlier this place was the list of recent topics sorted by time.

  20. More posts IS recent topics. Maybe I should change the header so it’s less confusing.

    On the front page, I started the topics with the second page, figuring I didn’t need to repeat all of the front page posts, because they are right there.

  21. I like it, except for the highlights in the box. I don’t really think it’s necessary, but then again I visit the site regularly. Maybe it’s more for the occasional visitor.

  22. Earlier it was a list of ALL the latest topics. I go by the tag every time, but I knew I could find the latest topics in the side list. Now it is not.

  23. but they don’t seem to change without a refresh

    This was always true, and in fact, it took a bit for the most recent comments to appear.

    ‘Also Likes’ on top instead of after the post

    The also likes are still after the post, in the same place as the old layout. Maybe it’s confusing because this particular post is so short?

  24. Thanks, MJ. That works. I’ve been in the habit of just clicking anywhere near the top of the page, not on anything specific.

  25. Wait..are you bringing back the ads? I usually run one in the fall and one in the spring.

  26. It seems to have fixed the problems I’ve had recently with it going blank when I tried to read it in Firefox (presumably because of the AdBlock add-on). Now I don’t have to use Chrome to read it.

  27. I like it! It’s loading much more quickly for me, which means I’ll probably visit more often. The old site slowed my computer down so much that I only visited when I was really interested in something. I do miss having a bit more of each story on the home page.

  28. Without the slider box, there might be room for one more interesting item on the front page. I like them a lot better than a fast preview of things that are clearly visible below.

  29. I feel the same way. I can get the desktop version on my iPhone, but only the mobile version on my iPad. Weird.

  30. I’m not a professional designer but I’ve ran a couple of websites before using magazine themes and have good photoshop experience. :)

  31. I think it looks great. l

    My only suggestion would be that the grayed out font used for the comments is hard to read comfortably.

  32. Thanks, MJ. Slick and easy and easily readable. The layout is great and the comments are still the focus item, which I love. Ten seconds of viewing and I found everything in a logical place and a logical sequence.

  33. Yes, I didn’t mention that the blog loads a LOT faster now. Very good improvement!

  34. OK, this is weird. I’m seeing ^ layout when I use Safari, but when I use Firefox or Chrome, I see a totally different layout, with the “more topics” at the bottom of the comments section, followed by the “recent posts”. WTF?

  35. Except that the slider features hot topics, some of which are on the 2nd or even third page.

    Also it’s not taking the place of any posts. Ten on the front page as always.

  36. The layout changes depending on how you have your browser set. As you narrow the browser it doesn’t make the layout smaller. Rather it pushes the side bars to the bottom of the page. It’s why I don’t need a special configuration just for mobile and tablets.

  37. Thanks, MJ. In my case, I had my browser “magnified” too much to see the recent comments and recent topics on the sides.

  38. Loving the new theme!

    A (very) minor thing, when I’m using Firefox and go to click the “mjsbigblog” at the top, the hover color makes it appear invisible. It could just be something on my end as it’s not doing that in other browsers for me. Like I said, very minor because I already know what I’m clicking on.

  39. I prefer the layout on the post pages to the main page: I’m a big fan of 2-column layouts with the main content to the left and other content in the right sidebar. 3-column layouts are too busy, IMO. But other than that, it loads so. much. better. (the old version was breaking Chrome all the time and IE at least sometimes).

  40. The all caps on MJSBIGBLOG and or font is a little startling. I’m probably off topic. Technology is not my strong suit. (Not sure what theme means in relation to the blog)

  41. I have no complaints about the format or colors used. However, it took me 20 minutes to log in. There is a choice of 5 or 6 methods and nothing worked. I ended up using the first method I used in the olden days. EVERYTHING ELSE LOOKS FINE.

  42. I have only used the mobile version but I like it. It feels faster and smoother than the old one.

  43. BTW, MJ, I like how you have expanded the details on the post “notifications” so that they include upvotes and responses. Another good improvement.

  44. That doesn’t load for me in FF, I have to switch to IE to have it work, not sure why.

  45. I approve. The mobile version alone is a huge improvement over the old one.. it actually works on my phone!

  46. Just curious what a black circle with a G in it means? That’s what the small icon on the link for this site is changing to in my Firefox bookmarks. It was always a square purple background with MJ in white before the change. Now it’s still that part of the time, but mostly it’s the black circle and G.

  47. I just logged in on FF and I was able to see the notifications, but I had to wait a bit for them to appear. I have to say that the blog loads a LOT slower in FF and Safari, so I am using Chrome.

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