Big Brother 16 Episode 30 – Recap and Discussion

Well that was a boing episode of Big Brother. I’m sure we all agree that this season could have desperately used multiple alliances rather than one alliance controlling the game week after week. It’s no fun watching one group dominate the entire game. Anway, onto tonight’s recap.

We start the episode with a recap of what happened last week in the big brother house. This recap includes how the Detonators wanted Donny out of the house and he and Nicole were nominated for eviction. This recap also mentions that Team America got a new mission for the week to create their own mission and Donny wanted it to be to keep him safe from eviction. However, Frankie and Derrick didn’t want to save him and they instead put on a Big Brother play. At the live eviction, Julie reveals to Team America that they failed the mission and Donny was evicted from the Big Brother house.

After the recap is over, we then rejoin the houseguests and the Head of Household competition. When we rejoin the competition, the houseguests are all going for the Head of Household jug rather than the ” 5000 Dollas and 5000 Hollas” jug. Most of the houseguests start out doing fairly well except for Victoria who is really struggling. Christine tells us in the Diary Room that she wants to win Head of Household to keep herself safe for the week and thinks that it would be funny if she sent Nicole out the door for a 2nd time. The guys are  worried that Nicole and Christine might work together and we flash back to before eviction when Frankie made that argument to the other guys in his alliance and he wants Nicole out of the house before Donny. However, the guys are still set on sending Donny out the door. Frankie then mentions to us that he thinks the competition was made for Nicole. Nicole reveals to us that she wants Frankie out of the house since she found out he was plotting against her.

We rejoin the Head of Household competition and Caleb seems to be doing the best. He has the good rhythm down. The houseguests keep falling down and Derrick eventually decides to go for the 5000 Dollas and 5000 Hollas jug since he is so far behind the others for Head of Household. The competition continues for 90 minutes and everyone looks super tired. Nicole falls down  and Caleb talks to himself to keep himself in the competition. No one is super close to filling their jug. Derrick eventually fills up the little snowman and gets the 5000 Dollas and 5000 Hollas. Nicole gives Christine tips to fill her snowman up faster and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Frankie who thinks the girls could work together in the future. The race for Head of Household eventually comes down to Caleb and Christine and Caleb pulls out the victory.

The houseguests then return to inside the house and they are all limping around from the competition. Derrick complains that he didn’t do well and is not happy that he is missing time with his daughter. We then go to Frankie and Cody in the storage room who are happy that Caleb was able to win the competition. Derrick joins Frankie and tells him that Christine and Nicole are talking in the shower when they aren’t really doing that. Frankie is also not happy that they lost the Team America task last week and mentions to us that he is happy Donny is gone so he doesn’t have to deal with “dead weight.”

We then go to the kitchen where Caleb is still hobbling about the house in pain from the competition. Nicole has her microphone off and Frankie is not happy that Christine seems to be giving her “special treatment.” Cody is not happy that Frankie and Christine aren’t getting along since they are both in his alliance. It is then time for Caleb’s Head of Household room reveal. Caleb gets pictures of his family as well as special items from his time in the army like an American flag. We then go to a segment of Victoria and how she thinks Christine is annoying because she laughs at everything that is said in the house. Victoria doesn’t think Christine will be laughing when she’s on the block this week.

After this, we go to Nicole and Caleb in Head of Household room who are talking about nominations. Nicole mentions to Caleb that she doesn’t have anyone in the house and she offers her loyalty to Caleb if he keeps her safe this week. However, Caleb doesn’t seem to be buying what she is saying. It is then time for a segment of Derrick’s “Holla” punishment. Derrick is initially amused by it but after awhile he finds it annoying. We then go to the Have Not food reveal for the week. This week’s menu item is “Snot Roast” and consists of meat, garlic, and mushrooms. Derrick volunteers to be a have not because he took money in the Head of Household competition and no one else volunteers so Caleb makes Nicole a Have Not. She is not happy about it and cries about her position in the game to Derrick. We then go to Caleb in the Head of Household room talking about nominations to Cody. Caleb knows he is putting Nicole up but is unsure about the other spot. Cody wants it to be Frankie.

It is then time for the nomination ceremony. The nomination ceremony gets underway but is interrupted twice by Derrick’s “Hollas.” Eventually, the ceremony is done and Caleb nominates Christine and Nicole for eviction. Caleb tells the audience that Nicole’s time in the house is up. Christine knows she isn’t the target for eviction this week but Derrick isn’t so sure about that. And with that, we end the episode.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used? Tune in Wednesday night to find out!