Idols In Concert – Stats – 09/11/14

Adam Lambert and Queen continue there one concert a week report pattern. They also sell-out in Brisbane. Carrie Underwood gave a concert in Lake Tahoe this summer and it was a sell-out as well. Fifth Harmony is touring with latest big teen heart-throb – Austin Mahone. Daughtry is out with the Goo Goo Dolls and Plain White T’s.

Finally, a few more American Idol Tour results trickle in. Remember when that was exciting? Remember when we could breathlessly talk about average attendances over 11K? Remember tallying up how many millions they made this week? Remember counting all the sell-outs? Well, it’s time to buy a rocking chair and sit on the porch reminiscing because it seems those days are over.

Ezoic Highlights Q3 2022: 1.2M Visi...
Ezoic Highlights Q3 2022: 1.2M Visits Under A Clear Sky!

At the risk of getting no more reports, I’d just like to point out that the LA concert? It made $84K and an average of $31 per ticket. The tickets were advertised for $70.50 for the “good seats” and $36 for the “cheap seats”. You do the math. Of the 6 concerts reported so far for S13, they took in $565,994. The average gross for a single concert in Season 5 was $598,168, S7 $563,030 and S8 $578,301. I think lots of people in Idol HQ are doing the math on this one.

Queen + Adam Lambert
Sept. 1, 2014: Brisbane, Australia; Brisbane Entertainment Centre; 9,334 of 9,334 (SOLD-OUT): $1,397,860

Carrie Underwood
July 18, 2014: Stateline, Nev.: Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys; 6,787 of 6,787 (SOLD-OUT): $458,457

Austin Mahone, The Vamps, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes
Aug. 20, 2014: East Rutherford, N.J.; Izod Center; 7,457 of 7,457 (SOLD-OUT): $375,786
July 25, 2014: San Antonio, Texas; Freeman Coliseum: 5,510 of 5,510 (SOLD-OUT): $277,969
Aug. 21, 2014: Philadelphia, Pa.; Mann Center for the Performing Arts; 5,821 of 6,287 (93%): $242,457
July 26, 2014: Houston, Texas; Reliant Arena; 4,529 of 5,640 (80%): $230,039
Aug. 2, 2014: San Jose, Calif.; Event Center Arena; 4,241 of 4,241 (SOLD-OUT): $221,990
Aug. 16, 2014: Manchester, N.H.; Verizon Wireless Arena; 4,114 of 5,354 (77%): $204,313
July 27, 2014: Grand Prairie, Texas; Verizon Theatre; 4,072 of 5,881 (59%): $191,621
Aug. 19, 2014: Baltimore, Md.; Pier Six Concert Pavilion; 3,322 of 3,322 (SOLD-OUT): $175,694
Aug. 15, 2014: Mashantucket, Conn.; Grand Theater at Fox Tower; 3,470 of 3,529 (98%): $167,220
Aug. 7, 2014: Broomfield, Colo.; 1st Bank Center; 3,047 of 3,664 (83%): $157,834
Aug. 9, 2014: Milwaukee, Wis.; Eagles Ballroom; 3,850 of 3,850 (SOLD-OUT): $157,330
Aug. 17, 2014: Boston, Mass.; Bank of America Pavilion; 3,539 of 3,992 (89%): $127,345
Aug. 4, 2014: Redmond, Wash.; Marymoor Park Amphitheater; 2,664 of 4,790 (56%): $124,092
July 31, 2014: Las Vegas, Nev.; The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel; 3,214 of 3,617 (89%): $117,262
Aug. 6, 2014: West Valley City, Utah; Maverik Center; 2,088 of 2,934 (71%): $109,410

Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, Plain White T’s
Aug. 21, 2014: Gilford, N.H.; Meadowbrook; 4,066 of 6,518 (62%): $197,094

American Idols Live
Aug. 17, 2014: San Jose, Calif.; City National Civic; 1,822 of 3,016 (60%): $94,117
Aug. 14, 2014: Los Angeles, Calif.; Greek Theatre; 2,826 of 5,764 (49%): $88,649

Concerts of yore:
S1: San Jose: 11,255 (97%): 334,380; Anaheim 10,457 (94%); 314,595
S2: San Jose: 11,796 (100%): 437,980; Anaheim 11,272 (100%): 431,910
S3: San Jose: 7,772 (61%): 346,420; Anaheim 5,875 (56%): 269,245
S4: San Jose: 11,878 (92%): 470,380; LA 12,030 (91%): 544,269
S5: San Jose: 12,802 (95%): 674,043; LA 13,427 (95%): 680,394; Anaheim 11,522 (94%): 642,245
S6: San Jose: 8,874 (86%): 532,145: LA 8,263 (68%): 455,119; Anaheim 7,922 (73%): 488,294
S7: San Jose: 12,095 (100%): 718,721: LA 11,739 (95%): 709,598
S8: San Jose: 10,391 (87%): 643,979: LA 11,327 (86%): 646,070
S9: Anaheim 5,134 (38%): 242,948
S10: San Jose: 9,623 (95%): 513,515; LA 6,537 (100%): 374,125
S11: San Jose: 8,105 (94%): 451,391; LA 5,917 (93%): 362,096
S12: LA 6,475 (94%): $188,544

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  1. Not saying the low attendance in LA was due to it being at the Greek, but last year was almost a sellout at Nokia. I know I myself did not go to The Greek because of the venue! Hate it!
    But these figures make me so sad for the show! :(
    But Woo-Hoo! To Queen and Adam! You go, guys! $$$$$$$$ :)

  2. Those attendance stats for this year’s Idol tour are just sad. Nothing more to say about that.

  3. Mediabase – Thursday update:

    36 36 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Unpack Your Heart 116 106 10 0.197
    +5 Spins
    +1 Bullet
    +0.011 AI
    6 6 ONE DIRECTION Story Of My Life 1711 1652 59 13.484
    +22 Spins
    +53 Bullet
    +0.025 AI
    28 36 DANNY GOKEY Hope In Front Of Me 52 68 -16 0.052
    0 Spins
    +2 Bullet
    0 AI
    11 11 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 4630 4448 182 33.911
    +12 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    +0.089 AI
    13 14 SWON BROTHERS Later On 4063 3988 75 28.734
    +12 Spins
    +12 Bullet
    +0.259 AI
    27 25 SCOTTY MCCREERY Feelin’ It 2490 2359 131 13.726
    -16 Spins
    -11 Bullet
    -0.069 AI
    29 29 DAVID NAIL Kiss You Tonight 1957 1832 125 12.283
    +15 Spins
    +75 Bullet
    +0.095 AI
    38 37 RAELYNN God Made Girls 1116 1018 98 5.458
    +6 Spins
    +4 Bullet
    +0.132 AI
    28 25 DAUGHTRY Battleships 1023 952 71 3.492
    +7 Spins
    +13 Bullet
    -0.012 AI
    34 33 G.R.L. Ugly Heart 692 579 113 2.964
    +9 Spins
    -1 Bullet
    +0.033 AI
    37 35 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Unpack Your Heart 561 448 113 1.371
    +17 Spins
    +2 Bullet
    +0.054 AI
    51 44 ELLA HENDERSON Ghost 294 170 124 0.853
    +6 Spins
    -21 Bullet
    +0.056 AI
    43 45 ALEX & SIERRA Scarecrow 268 303 -35 0.569
    -2 Spins
    +7 Bullet
    +0.008 AI
    46 45 G.R.L. Ugly Heart 674 704 -30 2.327
    -11 Spins
    -15 Bullet
    -0.016 AI
    53 50 ELLA HENDERSON Ghost 498 347 151 1.746
    +15 Spins
    -15 Bullet
    +0.075 AI
    Urban AC:
    14 13 JENNIFER HUDSON It’s Your World f/R. Kelly 671 480 191 4.95
    +1 Spins
    -57 Bullet
    -0.217 AI
    46 47 TESSANNE CHIN Heaven Knows 59 57 2 0.078
    0 Spins
    -1 Bullet
    -0.005 AI
    7 5 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 795 764 31 4.073
    +19 Spins
    +25 Bullet
    +0.145 AI
    44 50 SWON BROTHERS Later On 133 153 -20 0.549
    -3 Spins
    -2 Bullet
    -0.011 AI
    Canada-Hot AC:
    5 5 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 1041 971 70 6.461
    +13 Spins
    +13 Bullet
    +0.048 AI
    Canada-Main AC:
    12 11 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 280 270 10 1.882
    +1 Spins
    -2 Bullet
    +0.018 AI
    Canada-Top 40:
    9 11 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 1263 1211 52 6.803
    +2 Spins
    -11 Bullet
    +0.102 AI
    Christian AC:
    1 2 DANNY GOKEY Hope In Front Of Me 1386 1395 -9 6.157
    +3 Spins
    +8 Bullet
    -0.006 AI
    14 15 MANDISA Back To You 583 636 -53 3.105
    -5 Spins
    +6 Bullet
    -0.024 AI
    16 16 COLTON DIXON More Of You 576 543 33 2.886
    +3 Spins
    -3 Bullet
    +0.085 AI

  4. 9/11/2014 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)

    71. Miranda Lambert – Somethin’ Bad (with Carrie Underwood) [Duet Version]
    97. Fifth Harmony – BO$$
    98. Melanie Martinez – Carousel
    169. Pentatonix – La La Latch
    174. RaeLynn – God Made Girls
    180. Scotty McCreery – Feelin’ It
    184. G.R.L. – Ugly Heart
    207. One Direction – Story of My Life
    219. The Swon Brothers – Later On
    237. Ella Henderson – Ghost
    276. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
    280. David Nail – Kiss You Tonight
    303. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    350. Pentatonix – Problem
    353. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    436. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    447. One Direction – You & I
    479. Phillip Phillips – Home
    504. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    677. Daughtry – Utopia
    702. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown – No Air
    710. Colton Dixon – More of You
    726. Daughtry – Battleships
    734. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    758. Daughtry – Waiting for Superman
    768. David Nail – Whatever She’s Got
    815. Alex & Sierra – Little Do You Know
    860. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    881. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    927. Alex & Sierra – Scarecrow
    932. Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire
    1023. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    1033. Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova
    1122. Kelly Clarkson – Because of You
    1126. Mandisa – Overcomer
    1135. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
    1168. Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On
    1318. Jennifer Hudson – It’s Your World (feat. R. Kelly)
    1343. Fifth Harmony – Me & My Girls
    1378. Fifth Harmony – Them Girls Be Like
    1434. Little Mix – Salute
    1442. Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
    1473. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel

    3. One Direction – FOUR (Deluxe Version)
    59. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. III
    60. One Direction – FOUR
    114. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse – EP
    177. One Direction – Midnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)
    256. Alex & Sierra – It’s About Us
    283. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. II
    395. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    467. Fifth Harmony – Reflection (Deluxe)
    514. Avicii – True
    531. Colton Dixon – Anchor
    541. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    577. Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side of the Moon (Deluxe Version)
    586. Jennifer Hudson – JHUD
    595. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    645. Phillip Phillips – Behind the Light (Deluxe Version)
    649. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    705. Daughtry – Baptized (Deluxe Version)
    815. Home Free – Crazy Life
    905. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    1033. David Nail – I’m a Fire
    1074. One Direction – Take Me Home
    1092. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    1096. Fifth Harmony – Better Together – EP
    1171. Pentatonix – PTXmas (Deluxe Edition)
    1253. G.R.L. – G.R.L. – EP
    1277. Carrie Underwood – Some Hearts
    1403. Daughtry – Daughtry
    1456. Little Mix – Salute (Deluxe Edition)

  5. Here are your stats for the comparable leg of the Voice tour. They sold fewer tickets in absolute numbers. However, they generally played smaller venues and managed to keep the average ticket price higher. For example, the average ticket in LA sold for $54.

    The Voice Tour
    July 29, 2014: Los Angeles, Calif.; NOKIA Theatre L.A. Live; 2,037 of 2,775 (73%): $109,907
    July 22, 2014: Denver, Colo.; Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre; 1,765 of 2,028 (87%): $84,703
    July 27, 2014: San Diego, Calif.; San Diego Civic Theatre; 1,505 of 2,024 (74%): $73,264
    July 20, 2014: St. Louis, Mo.; Peabody Opera House; 1,226 of 1,915 (64%): $66,139
    July 24, 2014: Phoenix, Ariz.; Comerica Theatre; 1,369 of 1,688 (81%): $61,313
    July 25, 2014: Las Vegas, Nev.; The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel; 1,051 of 2,228 (47%): $57,269 /July 19, 2014: Milwaukee, Wis.; Riverside Theatre; 649 of 1,601 (41%): $35,610 /

  6. I DVRd most of last few A I seasons then ff thru a lot. Most of reason was judges and their ridiculous need to make over the top comments about mediocre talents. Instead of pulling for the kids and hoping they’d get better, I’d wait for them to be really awful and want to see how judges justified it- and they did, especially JLo. My disgust started back with Durbin. They pimped him, he believed it, so instead of working and trying to improve each week he spent all his time expounding on how he was going to change the face of music. Since him, I am a very, very casual viewer. They need to return to simpler format, keep JLo’s face, and whatever else, off camera except when she’s doing her critique, and focus on the kids. And the judges should not be allowed to perform or pimp their latest product. That about covers it for me.

  7. Billboard 200:
    #140 – Colton Dixon (3 weeks) : -41

    Hot 100/Bubbling Under:
    #2 – Shake It Off – Taylor Swift (3 weeks) : -1
    #56 – Somethin’ Bad – Carrie Underwood (16 weeks) : +2
    #73 – Bo$$ – Fifth Harmony (9 weeks) : -6
    #88 – Later On – The Swon Brothers (4 weeks) : +4
    #106 – Feelin’ It – Scotty McCreery (3 weeks) : +14

    Trending 140:
    #7 – Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
    #54 – Keep Us Safe – Carrie Underwood
    #70 – If We Had Your Eyes – Fantasia
    #72 – Bo$$ – Fifth Harmony
    #119 – More Of You – Colton Dixon

  8. Wow, that’s some impact made by just one idol contestant 3 yrs. ago to make someone become just a casual viewer of the show afterwards.

  9. was judges and their ridiculous need to make over the top comments about mediocre talents

    I’ve gone over some of the earlier seasons, and honestly, this has always been the case. It may not be as bad as what the X Factor US trotted out, but I’m really surprised by the lack of talent that made it into the top ten during seasons 1 through 5. I think that it is easier to notice this issue with seasons 9 through 13, because we no longer have warm and fuzzy feelings about the show, so we see all of its warts.

  10. Eh, some people have said that about certain contestants from the show before. Not really anything new. Some quit watching all together when they felt some contestants were pimped etc. As far as the premise, not sure about Durbin, but there have been SO many contestants that have had smoke blown up their ass by the AI judges that it was detrimental to them on the show and provided a HUGE letdown after the show.

  11. Oh I agree, I just found it funny, that’s all :)

    For what it’s worth, Lauren, IMO, was the pimped chosen one that season not that it really affected the final outcome.

  12. Who would have thought Queen+Adam Lambert would have been making that kind of $$$ on this tour. I don’t think even Adam fans expected this good. I heard merchandise is through the roof (tho we’ll never see those figures).

  13. I think it was just an example how they don’t call out certain contestants particularly when it would have been warranted. Even Simon called out Carrie back in S4, although he thought she was great and predicted she would be bigger than Kelly.

  14. I wish everyone could have seen this show whether you are a fan of them or not. The most amazing, unbelieveable, spectacular show I have ever seen in my life. Just majestic!!!!!

  15. The difference is that as OP stated, Jimmy “Give Metal A Chance” Durbin believed it, so did his inflated ego. There was the story of him taking down Jimmy Iovine. He also complained about Idol being cheap and not paying for his family on the Idol tour. TPTB pimped Josh Ledet to death, but he always stayed humble.

  16. I think cases could be made that Lauren, Scotty, & Durbin were all pimped during S10.

  17. Same thing for some of the venues for AI this year in the Midwest. There seemed to be a of casinos, while the Voice was at theaters (used for opera/ballet/symphony) or other more upscale venues allowing for higher ticket prices. SYTYCD is at a lot of the same venues as the Voice.

  18. So with these dismal numbers for the Idol Tour, which seemed reflected in ITunes sales, will S14 Itune sales need to be good to even have a tour? Seems they did the tour on the cheap, which turned many potentials customers off– no band with high priced tickets. They really sold this group out IMO. tPTB and Harry are saying they are picking people with talent/experience this year ( does that mean the pple the Voice turned down lol). This year should be interesting. Maybe they should send Harry, Jlo and Keith on tour and the contestants singing backup. Would guarantee a band.

  19. I forgot about Pia and the summer “Pia Show ” Idol tour! That was one case of awesome pimpage. lol
    You are right.

  20. QAL was one if the best concerts I’ve seen in years. Brian and Roger showed the world why they are rock icons, and Adam, IMHO, became an icon on this tour. Yes, it was that good!

  21. WHOA!! Spin! The Nokia holds 7K and I don’t think I have ever seen its capacity adjusted like this!
    “July 29, 2014: Los Angeles, Calif.; NOKIA Theatre L.A. Live; 2,037 of 2,775 (73%)”

    Notice the S12 figure for Idol at the same venue!
    “S12: LA 6,475 (94%): $188,544”

  22. Yes, Pia was pimped. I think you could also make a case for Casey since he was a judge favorite & got a really early save. That season had many contestants who were pimped at one point.

  23. Yup, pretty much. With all that all around pimping, that’s why the bussing of Haley stood out so obviously I think. (They pretty much liked everyone but her.)

  24. They must have asked for the smallest configuration possible. The reduced capacity was still one of the biggest venues on the tour.

  25. You’re echoing my thoughts on the configuration at Comerica, which were roughly “HOW did they get it that SMALL?!?” It’s a 5k venue when everything is sold. I’m thinking they closed the sides as well as the balcony maybe.

    There isn’t really another assigned-seat venue in Phoenix that’d be 1,700, unless there’s something at the Mesa Arts Center or ASU, which is why that kind of small configuration is offered. But when you’re struggling to fill that, your next step down is either GA or much smaller.

  26. I’m going to guess that both tours had lots of ticket giveaways. Maybe enough to make a dent in the seating configurations?

    For example, if the Voice had 300 freebies at Comerica, the real seating would be for a potential 2000.

  27. S1 kept me from watching the show until YT recordings became a standard because Cowell and Jackson’s commentary was every bit as scripted (even when Cowell was supposedly being “mean” and “Jackson was standing up for the kids”).

  28. obviously the tour promoters thought so or they wouldn’t have booked/sponsored the tour..

  29. Ticket giveaways must have existed, but I question whether they added many more guests, as I saw Comerica with entire “good” rows empty for Idols Live. Heck, I sat alone in a “good” row!

    I think they just needed small configurations and then struggled to fill those.

  30. The Voice has great iTunes sales, and a tour with two winners plus local heroes couldn’t draw any more people. I think the appeal of singing-show karaoke has just sunk below the 1,500-capacity level.

    Idol might be able to eke out an S14 tour by hitting mostly casinos, where the venues are smaller and “cheesy fun” is one of the acceptable entertainment options. Or really big “lifestyle center” shopping plazas, though playing the main outdoor stage at Tempe Marketplace in August is how you get to experience 106-degree rain, so Wild Horse Pass casino would probably be preferable. Either way, lower ticket prices are called for… which runs into the question of whether the economics work at all.

  31. Spin is right! That should be something like 2,037 of 6,500 (31%).

    (total capacity is 7,100 so less VIPs, comps, etc.)

    Boxscore capacity is based on the number of tickets offered for sale, if they hold out the balcony to drap it off, those numbers are legit — but the smaller Club Nokia LA holds more that 2,037.

  32. The Voice at Nokia has sections draped off. Very common practice to make venues more flexible.

  33. A lot of venues are multi-purpose, so I would think that they have multiple configurations, depending on ticket demand, staging and what the event is. For instance, most concerts in basketball arenas wouldn’t use the same configuration that is used for when an actual basketball game is played there. In case of the Idol or The Voice tours, block off some sections, maybe remove seats entirely, don’t sell the obstructed view seats, etc — and, voila! bigger venue gets magically shrunk :)

  34. The Voice had a 31 stop tour with no venues greeter than around 2500 capacity. There’s no way they would have booked a 7k venue. Obviously, they negotiated with the Nokia people for a smaller configuration. As long as they didn’t give up a more lucrative booking, why would the venue object?

    Whoever booked the Voice tour started with lower (and more realistic) expectations than their Idol counterpart.

  35. Yes, I’m quite aware of how venues reconfigure.

    Comerica is a theater, which is why I said that to get a configuration that small, they need to close the balcony and the sides.

  36. YOUR TOP 15: Competition for the #1 spot on next week’s HITS Album Sales Chart remains tight between Lecrae and Jhené Aiko. A third player (and this week’s chart champ), Maroon 5, may enter the race come Monday, thanks largely to a bundled offering from Ticketmaster. Meanwhile, no fewer than eightnew releases will debut in the Top 10. Here’s how it looks headed into the weekend:

    *Lecrae (Reach) 75-80k
    *Jhené Aiko (Def Jam) 70-75k
    Maroon 5 (222/Interscope) 55-60k
    *Ryan Adams (Blue Note) 38-43k
    *Lee Brice (Curb) 38-43k
    Jeezy (Def Jam) 30-35k
    *Interpol (Matador) 30-35k
    *Dustin Lynch (Broken Bow) 28-32k
    *Banks (Harvest) 27-30k
    *Robert Plant (Nonesuch) 24-27k
    Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Hollywood) 23-26k
    Ariana Grande (Republic) 21-24k
    Frozen (Walt Disney) 21-24k
    *Vance Joy (Atlantic) 21-24k
    *Rittz (Strange Music) 21-24k


    In other news, the new Apple Watch will not make reading this website any more bearable. (9/11p)

  37. Without a doubt the best concert I have ever seen. Every aspect of the show was just tremendous, the set, the lighting, Brain, Roger, Rufus, Spike and Neil. But Adam, OMG Adam. I was always a massive fan, but he blew me away. I no longer have words to describe his talent, stage presence and voice.

    I “only” saw three shows, wish I had been able to see more.

    What made it even more special was seeing the show, traveling with friends, like you “lola”, and spending so much time together, meeting more fans, of both Adam and Queen.

    Seeing big burly Queen die-hards fall under Adam’s spell was a whole ‘nuther kind of magic!!!

    I’ll be curious to see what the grand final numbers will be. Wonder if this will be one of the highest grossing tours this year?

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