Idols In Concert – Stats – 09/01/16

Fifth Harmony reports in from Uncasville – one of the old Idol Tour venues. They were working from the Mohegan Sun Arena on July 30th.

In other news, Jennifer Hudson has joined the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit. Marvin Gaye’s children successfully sued Voice Judge Pharrell Williams (plus Robin Thicke and T.I.) for making a song reminiscent to their father’s song “Got to Give it Up”. The $5.3M judgement is being appealed and 212 artists, including Jennifer Hudson, have filed an amicus brief seeking to overturn the judgement for the following reason:

“The verdict in this case threatens to punish songwriters for creating new music that is inspired by prior works. All music shares inspiration from prior musical works, especially within a particular musical genre. By eliminating any meaningful standard for drawing the line between permissible inspiration and unlawful copying, the judgment is certain to stifle creativity and impede the creative process. The law should provide clearer rules so that songwriters can know when the line is crossed, or at least where the line is.”

The brief goes on to point out that the two songs “do not have similar melodies; the two songs do not even share a single melodic phrase.”

The lawsuit has lead to an explosion in copyright infringement lawsuits. The bar was set so low, that if left to stand, it will really stifle creativity. Another set of musicologists filed another brief pointing out that both songs don’t even share the same chord progressions.

Fifth Harmony, Victoria Monet, JoJo
July 30, 2016: Uncasville, Conn.: Mohegan Sun Arena: 5,208 of 6,823 (76%): $203,112

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