America’s Got Talent 2016 – Semi Final #1 Results – Live Blog and Videos

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT -- "Live Semi-Finals 1"  Episode: 1119 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sal Valentinetti, Laura Bretan, Grace VanderWaal, Simon Cowell, Tape Face, Jon Dorenbos -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent 2016 Results Live Blog – Semi Final 1

America’s Got Talent 2016 FIRST SEMI FINAL LIVE RESULTS SHOW airs tonight. Five acts will advance, SIX acts will go home based on YOUR VOTES.  Simon Cowell, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel sit on the panel.

Magician Darcy Oake is first. He makes birds disappear and (human) chicks re-appear. Host Nick Cannon steps out of a suddenly-appearing cage. 

Next…a recap. If you watched the clip show at 8…go get a snack! Apparently Simon showed up for last night’s live show at the very last possible moment.

First, the acts who came in fourth fifth and sixth are all in danger: In alphabetical order: Edgar, Laura Bretan and Tape Face. WOW. The opera singer is in danger!!!! Nick says there was only 1% difference in votes between the acts last night. Search “Dunkin Save” on Google and vote for your favorite.

The finals are only TWO weeks away! The summer went by so fast.

Next, another illusionist, Jonathan Goodwin performs an escape trick. He has to pick handcuffs fastened behind his back as he’s suspended by a burning rope over sharp spikes. He does not die.

Back in the lounge, Tape Face holds a sign that says “Stay Weird.” Hee.

More results: Musicality, Lori Mae Hernandez and Grace Vanderwaal take the stage. Oh boy. If only one goes through, of course it’s Grace. Howie gives her a lecture about never changing when she becomes super-famous. Filling her head with fantastical outcomes like “you’ll be more famous than Taylor Swift” isn’t helping. 

Sal Valentinetti and Malevo are next. WOW SAL VALENTINETTI ADVANCES TO THE FINALS! Malevo is ELIMINATED. Heidi runs on stage to hug him. I really thought the hot dudes, Malevo, would advance.

More Results! Jon Dorenbos, Blake Vogt and Deadly Games remain. Jon Dorenbos advances! Blake Vogt and Deadly Games are eliminated. Simon is pleased with the finalists so far, because he believes they’re ALL competing like they really want to win.
Another illusionist, Yu Ho Chin takes the stage to do some card tricks that involve magically changing the face of the cards to blanks, photos of the judges, letters and more.

Dunkin Save results! Edgar, Laura Bretan and Tape Face return to the stage. There were less than 200 votes between the Top 2! The closest it’s ever been! And the act going into the finals is…Tape Face! Mel B apologizes for wrecking his critique-time last night with the water incident.

Now, the judges will choose between Edgar and Laura Bretan. Nick asks both acts to plead their case to the judges. Laura is very teary. I can’t imagine they WON’T save her.

ONE Judges Wild Card will compete next week. Simon says he didn’t get his way. Comic jugglers Passing Zone is the act plucked from elimination by the judges.  The other three voted for them JUST so Simon’s life will be put at risk. Remember when the duo promised to include him in their next act if they advanced?

Judges Pick! Simon’s vote was the tie-breakermade. He was dreading having to choose between two acts he loved. But, of course, he picks Laura. Pretty sure she was the act that came in second place to Tape Face by 200 votes. It would have been wrong not to choose her.

Heidi – Laura
Mel B – Laura (She has to stick with her golden buzzer)
Howie – Edgar
Simon – Laura

The only surprising result: I was sure hotties Malevo would advance and Sal Valentinetti would be eliminated. He MUST have people. Consider he was in the TOP 3 after performing FIRST, beating pimp spot singer Laura Bretan for safety. If he had stuck to classic standards in the Quarter Finals instead of turning “Story of My Life” into Big Band, he probably wouldn’t have needed to sing for the Dunkin Save. Oh, and look at that. Three out of the five finalists are singers.

Advancing into the Finals

Grace Vanderwaal
Sal Valentinetti
Jon Dorenbos
Tape Face – Dunkin Save
Laura Bretan – Judges Save


Lori Mae Hernandez
Blake Vogt
Deadly Games
Edgar – Eliminated from Dunkin and Judges Save

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