Idols In Concert – Stats – 05/26/15

This week, Manchester reports in. We have 6 concert reports from 3 different artists all in the Manchester Arena. Olly Murs was just there two play two concerts in April with Ella Eyre. His old show, X-Factor, held a two nights of concert with the latest contestants in February. And back at the start of the year, Queen + Adam Lambert were there for the biggest audiences/revenue of the set.

Olly Murs, Ella Eyre
April 22-24, 2015: Manchester, U.K.: Manchester Arena: 40,538 of 42,692 (3×95%): $2,704,520

Queen + Adam Lambert
Jan. 21, 2015: Manchester, U.K.: Manchester Arena; 15,607 of 15,892 (98%): $1,568,870

The X Factor Live
Feb. 20-21, 2015: Manchester, U.K.: Manchester Arena: 16,157 of 19,454 (2×83%): $935,132

Here are a trio of interesting articles from BB today:
How The Dead, The Stones Are Beating the Bots and Scalpers in Ticket Sales – basically, the took a page out of the airline’s playbook and maximize their take. Different seats are offered at different times at different prices. Premium tickets cost more so scalpers are less likely to take the risk. This is spun as a benefit to the fans who are paying more, in general, for tickets from the official ticket vendor, but at least they aren’t buying them from skels on the internet (and the band is taking the inflated prices, not the scalpers).

Taylor Swift, U2, Foo Fighters and More 2015 Tours Breaking Billion-Dollar Sponsorship Records – you can make a lot of money from those sponsorship deals (I wonder how much Idol was paid for concert goers to be confronted by dancing Pop-Tarts – remember when Blake came out as a Dancing Pop-Tart?)

Broadway’s Box Office and Attendance Figures Hit Records – Broadway is making lots of money too using some of the same techniques in the first article plus lots of shows for lots of tourists to see (there is a nice picture of Darren Criss in the article).

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