Idols In Concert – Stats – 03/19/15

Australia’s original recipe Idol, Guy Sebastian is still making major coin touring in Australia. In two concerts on two sides of the continent (Perth and Sydney) he made over $800K. I believe that Guy is the only foreign Idol winner ever to grace the stage of Idol. He performed on the third season. Carlie Rae Jepsen from Canadian Idol has also performed, but she was not a winner.

Pentatonix continues to pack them in. These winners of NBC’s “The Sing Off” sold-out two concerts in Chicago earlier in the week.

I don’t normally mention judges in these reports, but Maroon 5 (with lead singer Adam Levine who is on The Voice) had the top reporting concert this week. They sold out Madison Square Garden for two nights (almost 30K tickets sold) for an impressive $2,852,671 in box-office revenue. That’s Magic!

Guy Sebastian, Fatai
Feb. 28, 2015: Perth, Australia: Perth Arena: 4,943 of 5,353 (92%) : $438,067
Feb. 18, 2015: Sydney, Australia: Qantas Credit Union Arena: 4,441 of 4,665 (95%) : $398,475

March 8-9, 2015: Chicago, Ill: Chicago Theatre: 6,978 of 6,978 (SOLD-OUT) : $283,790

In other news, BB reports that the RIAA reports numbers for 2014. Revenue is down in the recording industry by 0.47% from 2013 ($6.97B compared to $7B). Here are some stats:
– Digital Revenue: $4.5B (+3.2% from $4.37B)
– Downloads: $2.64B (-9.5% from $2.92B)
– Streaming: $1.87B (+29% from $1.54B)
– Paid Subscriptions: $800M, 7.7M subscribers (+25% from $639M, 6.2M subscribers)
– Ad-Supported Streaming: $295M (+34% from $220M)
– SoundExchange Distributions: $773.4M (+31%)

– Physical Music Sales $2.27B (-7.1% from $2.44B) or $2.13B (-5.9% from $2.27B) depending on where you look in the same article (the first instance is a cut and paste error from the previous year?)

– CD Albums: $1.85B (-12.3% from $2.12B)
– CD Sales on a Unit Basis: 144.1M (-16.3% from 172.2M), price grew from $12.33 to (more deluxe albums sold)
– Vinyl Albums: $320.8M (50% from $213.7M – that’s impressive)

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