Idols In Concert – Stats – 02/26/15

Dancing with the Stars continues to chasse across the US. This week they are in California where they saw a large crowd at the NOKIA and sold-out in Thousand Oaks. And here is a blast from the past – anybody remember Paul Potts? He was the beta version of Susan Boyle becoming a world-wide sensation when his audition for BGT went viral. The cellphone salesman with the injured teeth and the pipes to sing opera. He was touring on the Irish isle, selling out in Cork and also in Belfast and Dublin.

In other news, it’s official. As ptebwwong posted yesterday, rumours were swirling that albums would no longer be released on Tuesdays (and sometimes, Monday) but would now be released on Fridays. BB confirms that this morning. Apparently, this all started with Aussie pirates and Beyonce dropping a surprise album. The industry spent several months yapping at each other and selected Friday as global release day. I wonder what implication that will have for Black Friday? Plus, it’s going to make it harder for new albums to grab that number one release. Bricks-and-Mortar retailers are not happy. And some of the smaller guys aren’t either:
Beggars Group chairman Martin Mills said: “I fear this move will also lead to a market in which the mainstream dominates, and the niche, which can be tomorrow’s mainstream, is further marginalized. I fear it will further cement the dominance of the few — and that is exactly what it is intended to do.”

I can see his point. This is strictly to put a dent in piracy hoping that at least some people will stop justify stealing if they don’t have to do it to get the album earlier.

Dancing With The Stars
Feb. 15, 2015: Los Angeles, Calif.: NOKIA Theatre L.A. Live: 4,969 of 5,201 (96%) : $279,675
Feb. 14, 2015: Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza: 1,800 of 1,800 (SOLD-OUT) : $120,379

Paul Potts
Nov. 5, 2014: Cork, Ireland: Cork Opera House: 896 of 896 (SOLD-OUT) : $35,892
Nov. 6, 2014: Belfast, U.K.: Waterfront Hall: 727 of 1,000 (73%) : $29,962
Nov. 7, 2014: Dublin, Ireland: Olympia Theatre: 720 of 947 (76%) : $28,669

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