Idols in Concert – 06/06/2019

No concerts to report, but a few industry bits of news.

HDD reports that Goldman Sachs is predicting that music revenue will hit $131b by 2030. People in the 18->34 range are spending an average of $163 per year on music, mostly streaming. Interestingly, they still think physical albums will have a presences, but downloading will dwindle to irrelevancy.

Speaking of downloading, Billboard has an article to celebrate the music of “Glee” given it is the 10th anniversary of their first appearance. “Glee” hit the sweet spot era for people downloading music they just heard. They still have the record for the most appearances on the Hot 100 (207). Glee also charted 31 albums on the BB200, 3 of which were number one and 14 were in the top 10. “Don’t Stop Believing” was their first hit and it debuted at number 4 on the Hot 100 mostly driven by 177K in sales. “Glee” debuted after American Idol’s Season 8 top 2 night with one episode in the spring followed by the rest of the first season in the Fall. One of those top 2 finishers would go on to have an arc on “Glee” (Adam Lambert).

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