Idols in Concert – 05/29/2019

Some of the Billboard charts are delayed a day due to the long weekend, so we’ll look at concert stats today. Earlier this month, both Pentatonix and Carrie Underwood performed at the Oracle Arena in Oakland California. This has been a bit of a disappointing era for Carrie. While she is still one of the most influential women in Country music, I don’t think her new label has marketed her successfully. While nobody can stay on top forever, Carrie should still be able to sell out shows.

May 11, 2019: Oakland, Calif.: Oracle Arena: 10,298 of 10,298 (SOLD-OUT): $523,605

Carrie Underwood
May 17, 2019: Oakland, Calif.: Oracle Arena: 5,839 of 8,075 (72%): $458,986

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