Idols in Concert 05/10/2018

This week, we have concerts representing all 3 major singing competitions. Camila Cabello representing the X-Factor (S2 US) franchise had a sold-out concert in Montreal. Why Don’t We (featuring Idol Danielle Seavey (S14)) held a concert at the same venue, Metropolis, and also sold-out. Over in Atlanta, Idol Todrick Hall (S9) was at the Fox Theatre last week. In January, Voice winner (S3) Cassadee Pope was in Atlantic City.

Camila Cabello
April 28, 2018: Montreal, Quebec: Metropolis: 2,196 of 2,196 (SOLD-OUT): $80,223

Why Don’t We
April 13, 2018: Montreal, Quebec: Metropolis $62,345
2,243 of 2,243 (SOLD-OUt):

Todrick Hall
May 6, 2018: Atlanta, Ga.: Fox Theatre: 1,142 of 3,081 (37%): $41,645

Cassadee Pope
Jan. 6, 2018: Atlantic City, N.J.: Borgata Music Box; 127 of 917 (14%): $4,086

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