Idol Headlines for 8/25/14

Tonight the Emmy Awards will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on NBC. We’ll be live blogging beginning at 8/7c pm.

Not into the Emmys? Shnugs will be live blogging Bachelor in Paradise. ABC 8/7c PM

Singer-songwriter ready to rock at Music Fest – When it comes to finding the right words, David Cook likes to let his music do the talking for him. “One of the things I really love about playing music is being able to connect with people,” the 31-year-old singer-songwriter said. “It’s not always the easiest thing to just talk to somebody and make a connection and interact. Music kind of bridges that gap for me.” Cook, whose career was kick-started by winning the seventh season of “American Idol,” said he pulls inspiration from all parts of his life — everything from past experiences to the newspaper — when it comes to writing songs. Reflecting on past work he said: “I try to just absorb more and find inspiration in the peripherals.” – Read more at UT News

Queen and Adam Lambert – Today Show

Queen and Adam Lambert are interviewed on Australia’s Today Show.

Jennifer Lopez’s Gets Skittles From Casper Smart, Hugs From Kim Kardashian at MTV VMAs 2014 Night – She’s real! Jennifer Lopez had some fun at the MTV VMAs 2014, using the awards show as a chance to catch up with her ex-boyfriend, Casper Smart, and her fellow booty queen, Kim Kardashian.
The “Booty” singer, 45, was seen reuniting with her former backup dancer love Smart, 27, in their seats at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Sipping on a drink with Smart seated in front of her, Lopez got a mid-show snack when her ex turned around to offer her some Skittles. – Read more at US

Alex & Sierra Put Their Love to the Test With the Newlywed Game

The Florida natives stopped by ET’s Los Angeles studio recently for a chat about all things music, relationships and songwriting. Alex & Sierra open up about writing a new song with John Legend just as “All of Me” became a smash hit and about how their relationship has changed since auditioning for Simon Cowell’s reality competition.

Read more at ET Online

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  1. Today at 8pm London time the first of the 5 documentaries about X Factor UK airs on ITV 2. Tonight it’s Simon Cowell’s night.

    Remember when One Direction looked like this? Your Bank Holiday officially closes with the cutest possible bang tonight at 8pm on ITV2 as The Boss (aka Simon Cowell) returns to your screens, recounting some of the biggest highs and lowest lows in the history of X Factor.
    Featuring Cher Lloyd’s incredible first audition, a granny called Edna
    who confronts Mr Cowell and a little story about how TV’s biggest show
    unearthed the world’s biggest pop act, by accident complete with more 1D
    vintage gold! Get to a screen now and prepare yourselves! #xfactor #thebossisback

  2. Sorry Brits. There’s only one “The Boss” in music and it’s NOT Simon Cowell!

  3. Look… it’s Adam with his grandpa and grandma.
    I kid, I kid. Love these guys :)

  4. Lol. The “Booty” singer and her fellow booty queen Kim. Where’s the third member of the Power-Butt Girls trio Nicki?

  5. Very nice interview in the land of Oz. QAL have received critical acclaim for this great show. I hope there is a DVD, but mostly I hope this isn’t the end of this perfect collaboration. I am torn as I want both Adams new music and more Queen shows.

  6. I feel the same way. I’m sure they’re under enormous pressure for more shows in Asia, Europe and South America.

  7. I wonder if they are going to have box scores from Oz. The cheapest tickets are about $150 in the nosebleeds.

  8. Australian dollars are valued a little less than US dollars, but not by much. $150 Australian is about $139.46 USD.

  9. Really. I was wondering what Springsteen could possibly have to do with Cowell – and that would be nothing. Trying to make ‘the boss’ happen for him? – better luck making “Fetch” happen. Heh.

  10. They put more tickets for sale. They are on the sides near the back, partial view, all the way up to the rafters, $207. So I was off on the $150.

  11. They are selling the side seats, level 1, partial view in Sydney for AU$207. That is US$192! Although Allphones Arena is not the largest venue on the tour — that is The Palace Auburn Hills, MI — it is likely to be the highest grossing concert. Plus there are two shows.

    The only tickets left in Australia or New Zealand are partial and obstructed view seats in Sydney and Perth. There are not even any obstructed view seats in Melbourne.

    There are a few strong rumors from good sources that they are headed to London and possible a few shows in Europe later in 2014. Seems like a good bet this does not end in New Zealand or in 2014 but goes on for a while.

  12. Just a reminder, with the time change, tomorrow night’s Sydney concert 8.26.14 8PM local time = 6AM Eastern time, 3AM Pacific time in the US. So for some it is sort of tonight. :)

  13. Time zones are a b****.

    11 am or noon tomorrow for me, I think.

  14. Louis Walsh: Welcome to the world of Simon Cowell: population: 1

    Can’t wait for Louis’ show on Wednesday.

  15. What a complimentary interview. Adam seems almost embarrassed to get such glowing comments from Brian and Roger and actually tries to bring them back to earth, lol. Adam looks amazing, that shirt really emphasizes his shoulders Brian and Roger look so damn happy!

  16. I’m watching CNN and a bumper for Michael Brown’s funeral featured a singer who sounded amazingly like Joshua Ledet. Does anyone know if it was him?

  17. It would be such a shame to see it end abruptly with the momentum they have going.

  18. I believe Adam thinks he’s the lucky one by getting to perform with Brian and Roger. He seems much more comfortable giving compliments than getting them.

  19. I would have never guessed PP would end up so,popular. I truly felt he was the weakest contender in the top five. Yet here he is the only one with an actual career that is supporting him. Amazing to be certain.

  20. “Yet here he is the only one with an actual career that is supporting him.”

    Really, likingcorn? That would be news.

    Do you know something that nobody else does about past Idol winners, and which ones are NOT making a living from their music, and have taken a mundane job instead – which ones don’t have an actual career that supports them?

  21. Brian May said in a couple of interviews he continues to get calls, and QAL will likely do more shows after this leg. I know he doesn’t want it to go forever, so when and where do you draw the line? S. America wants QAL, more of Asia, probably S. Africa, and of course, Europe and UK.

  22. Now that the AI13 tour has ended, is there any indication of what Caleb will be doing now such as promo, appearances and/or touring?

  23. OK – I didn’t follow the folks from that season after it was over – but isn’t Colton Dixon one of them – the guy with the new album?

  24. Colton didn’t make Top 5 in S11. He was eliminated in 7th place. The top 5 were Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh, & Skylar Laine.

  25. I’m glad he’s staying busy. I was excited to maybe see a solo show because I was not about to see him with John Mayer, Matchbox 20 or OAR, but not so excited that I’m going to pay $55 for a ticket. Sorry, Phillip!

    I hope he can sell a decent number of tickets in the next 2 weeks – it’s kind of short notice for some of these dates.

  26. He’s playing in Sioux City at an arena – looks like they’re not selling the back sections – tickets for sale are the sides and GA for the floor. The sides hold somewhere around 2700-2800, don’t know what the floor limit is. Price is a bit high though. ($50.60 for every ticket, both GA & seated)

  27. That was funny – –
    She finally got the video up – very snarky – and Edie has a walk-on.

    But Edie is definitely a co-star in Steven’s video!

  28. Colton didn’t make Top 5 in S11. He was eliminated in 7th place. The top 5 were Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh, & Skylar Laine.

    Thanks, – I didn’t like any of them but Elise – so I paid no attention. Of course – she was in the Top 6, not Top 5 – and she ‘does’ have an album.

  29. Josh Gracin (fb)
    Finally getting back out on the road!! I will be playing this Saturday at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville KY! Please get your tickets now! I would love to see you all there for my first show back:)

  30. 6pm for me I think…its great to finally get some in my time zone…ish!

  31. That’s awesome news. I’ll be going to the Ryman show in Nov. I am so glad he’s coming back to Nashville and I love that venue.

  32. I’m gonna try and go to that show as well. The tix go on sale Friday. I’ve never seen P2 live so this will be fun (I hope) :)

  33. I looked at a bunch of the venues, he seems to be playing places with 2-3K capacity

  34. This one is bigger. I was a bit surprised when I saw he was at the Tyson Event Center. I think The Orpheum (2600 capacity) would have been a better size for him.

  35. If I were QAL, I would do one show in Spore (hehe) and 2 in London.. and one in Brazil.

  36. Well, I have to agree! I saw 3 shows ( all with you !! ), and each was better than the last. Adam just keeps topping himself, and Brian and Roger, not to forget, Neil, Spike and Rufus, are simply the tightest band I have ever witnessed.

    These were the concerts of my life, I dream of being able to see them again. As great as they are on videos, hearing and seeing them live, PLUS Adam, is unreal. The voice, the music, it is timeless.

  37. DVD. CD. Vinyl. Box set. PLEASE.

    IMAX ( with full stand- by ER. To properly attend to those who Bert themselves into a frenzy ).

  38. Global Genes™ @GlobalGenes
    Confirmed @KrisAllen to perform @GlobalGenes Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala!

    ETA: , Elliot Yamin & Chris Mann will also be in attendance. September 13, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, CA.

  39. Global Genes™ @GlobalGenes
    @KrisAllen We’re so excited for you to perform at our event! The rare disease community appreciates your support! #Horizons #Hope

  40. I asked below, but is there an opening act? If not it’s a bit high since they’ve priced all tickets the same.

  41. I’m surprised that he has only one stop in Georgia: Savannah. He had a great show in Atlanta in July. My daughter was a casual fan, but after seeing him in Atl, thought his band put on a fantastic show! Wish he’d come to the James Brown Arena in Augusta!

  42. The Queen and Adam interview from Australia Today is all kinds of win! Can’t believe all the incredible things Dr May said about Adam! And Adam, his usual humble self!

  43. You won’t regret it. I’ve seen him live and his shows are so energetic and fun. The crowd sings along on most of his songs… a real good time. :)

  44. it could be those venues weren’t available for that date, maybe? I have a feeling they will configure the arena to make the capacity closer to 3K. I can’t see him playing a 10K venue as a headliner quite yet :)

  45. My post was referring to the number of other contestants who appeared to,have a lock,on the season, but PP won, which surprise some. My post was meant as a compliment to how well he has done post show. Sorry it was taken differently. I believe Colton also doing well. It’s a total turkey shoot IMHO who will and who won’t make it.

  46. I’ve already mentioned that the # of seated tickets were between 2700 & 2800 for this concert – they’re already for sale on TM, but they are also selling standing GA tickets on the floor… which is a lot.

    The Orpheum is open that night according to their schedule. However, the Hard rock is outdoors, so October is too late in the season.

  47. Yes, to hear this iconic musician speak about Adam like this validates once again all we’ve believed these years about Adam’s brilliance as a performer. Grateful to Dr. Bri.

  48. Someone from Oz said the better VIP tickets are going for $850 (not from secondary seller). The better VIP in US was $495, not including the stage (which were $1200). I wonder if they had stage seats in OZ, and if so, how much they are.

  49. I saw him last year and had a great time. If you are a fan, you won’t be disappointed.

  50. I’m a bit confused as to why he is playing The Ryman…such a country venue…..?? He certainly isn’t country

  51. I checked out the calendar of events at the Ryman and saw that Jason Mraz will be there on Sept 10, Chicago Sept 28, and Sam Smith is sold out for Oct 7 so I don’t think it is that unusual for acts other than country to hold events there. Wish I could go see Phillip there. Never been to the Ryman. That would make for an awesome time for me.

  52. It’s isn’t unusual for non-country acts to perform at The Ryman. As an example, Adam performed there in 2010 (Glam Nation Tour).

  53. The Ryman is not strictly a country music venue. Artists of all genres play there. Probably because it is the pretty much the only mid-sized venue in town . Phillip isn’t going to play Bridgestone Arena as a headliner yet (that’s way too big; it is where the NHL’s Nashville Predators play) and pretty much the rest of the music venues in Nashville have capacities of 1000 or less.

  54. well, I’m not really much of a P2 fan, but I’m willing to give him a chance. Especially since I’ve heard great things about his live shows :)

  55. Getting his show chosen to be part of Yahoo! Live Concert series could be a big deal for Kris . Very cool :)

  56. Thanks, I didn’t know that,,,see, ya’ learn something new every day !!!

  57. Unless I won the lottery or someone died and left me a boatload of money, I would never spend that much money on a concert ticket, no matter who the act was. But, hey, if someone can afford to do so and doesn’t mind spending that type of cash to listen to music, good for them :)

  58. Even Adam’s played The Ryman, and he’s definitely not country:)

    oops, already been said…must learn to scroll down before replying!!

  59. I’m with you on this, I’m not going to spend that much money for a concert ticket. If I was a millionaire, sure I would do it, but since I’m not, no way I would ever do that.

  60. Alex has a record deal with…Columbia I think? and has been in and out of the studio the last couple of months. Alex Anders, one of the Glee music producers, is at the helm.

  61. You should share your impressions, if you go to a concert (and I’ll jealous)

  62. I am shocked that Skylar doesn’t has career. Not surprised about the rest of the Top 5, although I liked Hollie.

  63. I guess I’m cheap and used to 9:30 Club/Black Cat shows that cost $20. Spoon and Paolo Nutini, who I’ve been a fan of for much longer, are playing the same venue the same week for $35 but I guess they never won American Idol or sold 6 million singles.

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