Idol Headlines for 8/13/14

Tonight on SYTYCD the TOP 8 perform for your votes, plus 2 go home. Also, it’s the premiere of a new Michael Jackson video. Mac will be live blogging 8/7c PM.

Which 5 acts will advance on America’s Got Talent? Find out at 9/8c PM NBC. Eric A will be live blogging.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost...
Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords Review

On Big Brother, Frankie reveals his sister is a famous pop star! Plus, Veto ceremony and more. Watch at 8/7c PM CBS. After, check out Krista’s recap.

American Idol winner, Caleb Johnson appeared on Good Day LA – KTLA 7 am PDT.

American Idol Season 5 alum, Mandisa, nominated for 5 DOVE awards – The Dove Awards celebrate Christian Contemporary artists and their music. The nominations were held Wednesday (Aug. 13) at Nashville’s Allen Arena at Lipscomb University.  Mandisa was nominated for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for “Overcomer,” Pop Contemporary Album for Overcomer, Contemporary Christian Performance for “Overcomer,” and Short Form Video for “Overcomer” – See the list at Music Row

IDYLLWILD: Jazz in the Pines returns for 21st year – Sultry strains of jazz music will curl around pine trees and fill the mountainside this weekend during the 21st annual Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines music festival. Headliners this year include “American Idol” finalist and Academy alumnus Casey Abrams, contemporary jazz musician Evan Christopher and pianist and singer Yve Evans.All have performed at the festival in the past. – Read more at

Clay Aiken to Perform at National Inclusion Project Champions Gala, 9/20 – The National Inclusion Project and Co-founders Clay Aiken and Diane Bubel are proud to announce the Magic of a Smile Champions Gala to be held September 20 in Raleigh, N.C. celebrating Champions of Inclusion and ensuring that no child sits on the sidelines. To celebrate the honorees and thank the audience for their continued support, Clay Aiken will entertain the guests in his one and only public performance of 2014. – Read more at Broadway World

Kris Allen’s Music Once Made His Baby Cry – “I’m not gonna say that [The Voice] is better, but it’s so much more entertaining as a show right now. [TV audiences] go for that,” Allen says. “But I think that they lose something in the development of the artist. I think that’s really sad. Those people that get on the show are hoping that they have someone that watches their back, but they’re really just on a TV show. That’s what I think is great about Idol, they do try to set you up for success. It doesn’t always happen, but they do the best that they can.” – Read more at ETOnline

Country 92.5 – Broadway interviews RaeLynn from The Voice

Simon Cowell And Son Eric – Matching Sunnies!

Could this be more adorable? Simon Cowell tweeted a photo of himself and son Eric wearing matching sunglasses with the caption “Taking after Daddy.” So cute!


Kellie Pickler Sings Meow Mix Jingle with Fans

Kellie Pickler uploaded an instagram photo of herself in NYC at a promotional appearance for Meow Mix. “Big fun in #NYC today! Stop by Columbus Circle & sing the @MeowMix jingle with me! :) #ItsMeowTime”


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  1. More Matthew Schuler news–he has an original song in an anti-human sex trafficking documentary called 8 Days.

  2. They aren’t famous enough to have a clothing line. IMO, of course. YMMV

  3. “One day after American Idol elected not to exercise their recording contract option with Sam in August 2014, independent Grammy winning producer Danny Blume agreed to produce Sam’s originals for release.”

    So Interscope declined to sign – and the day after Freedom Day Sam has an Indie producer to do some Pop Folk/Rock – that’s sorta just like Kris Allen and Charlie Peacock. It doesn’t have to mean that Sam signed with any Label.

    – Probably much safer route than any Label, with their A&R Suits who know just what the artist ought to sing. Not. Certainly has the potential to be more lucrative for Sam than any Label profit split – considering. Good Fortune to him.

  4. All the bio says is that Sam has found a producer willing to work with him.

    It’s probably easier to shop demos to a label or distributor with a team in place.

  5. That’s great that he’s got a producer lined up. But having a producer doesn’t equal being signed by anyone.

    I guess Berklee College really is on the back burner.

    Good luck to Sam.

  6. i heard from the woolfpack on twitter that danny is also his cousin.

  7. There are a whole lot of alums who hooked up with credible producers and writers after the left AI, but few of the unions resulted in an album being released, or even with the singer getting a record contract. Just ask Pia and Katie Stevens.

  8. Where is it? Can’t find it. I know he did like a 5 second video thing for that film on YT a while back.

  9. Anyone looking for the softer side of Simon, there it is. Baby adorable and growing fast.

  10. She’s a Zionist spending time in Irseral, about as far from bing a catholic nun as one can get. t

  11. Actually, they’re both 20-something’s who made major a major life choice for religious reasons. They have a lot in common!

  12. The beautiful Taylor Swift is on the Jimmy Fallon show tonite on his “ew” segment portraying her altar ego ‘Natalie’ a very geeky girl. A clip of it is on utube ‘ew’ natalie!!! and she is hilarious!!!!

  13. Adam’s having a twitter party. Here’s his answer to one question about his upcoming album…

    from @xxx to @adamlambert
    #had much chance to write for new album?” Yea it’s about halfway written. Approx.

    follow up album question (from a different person)
    @xxx to @adamlambert

    #any collaborations in new album?” Probably

    and for those who care about this, here’s another question:

    @xxx to @adamlambert

    #Do you have a boyfriend ^^” no

  14. Liking Kris’s album a lot. Almost bought Caleb’s just to help him out but haven’t yet convinced myself to do it.

  15. Glad to hear about possible collaborations for the new album and I’m not surprised about the progress of his album. He’s been busy doing other things, but when he finish this tour with Queen, he will knock this album out and release a single in 2015.

  16. I’m starting to think not getting signed by 19R may be something of a blessing. ;)

  17. It’s funny, the media rarely covers an artist being dropped or signing to with another label. It’s an anomaly that some of the AI media covers those things. But, it’s also unusual that an artist would act like it’s a big secret, if they are signed to a new label. They kept the details of their albums shrouded in secrecy, but not label news.

  18. most of the time these days a new label is disclosed at the same time as a single or some other new project is announced. Even when the deal was done long prior to the disclosure/announcement. It tends to be part and parcel with the marketing plan — and in general a label signing isn’t particularly newsworthy on its own (unless its a mega star leaving or re-upping to a long term label relationship). I’d also guess that in some cases new deals for non-new artists are contingent on the acceptance by the new label of the new material. if there isn’t any acceptable product there isn’t any new deal. Of course there are always exceptions. In any event , Adam also tweeted that as soon as Queen tour wraps in sept. he is scheduled to be back in the studio to finish the album

  19. And in general a label signing isn’t particularly newsworthy

    I don’t know how this is different from what I said. As you said, signing with a label and even getting dropped are usually not newsworthy, despite claims earlier this year that an interview that Adam had with GMA had to be label related and not about the tour with Queen. So, the only reason for secrecy is if a deal has not been finalized. Besides the label signing off on the music, they would also have to be okay with the whole business plan, including figuring out where the artist belongs in the market, and being confident that they would get a return on their investment.

  20. If the deal had not been finalized, I doubt they would send him to Sweden twice to record with Max Martin. Adam never did admit he was working with him, but someone spilled (or were they just sleuthing?).

  21. So basically, you don’t know if the basis of your claim is true? More importantly, the label does not have to be responsible for setting up these collaborations. An artist can setup recordings for his or herself, and will do this when he or she is trying to court labels, as well as to have more control over the recording process.

  22. LOL! Since when do artists go on morning news programs to announce a label signing? Maybe a few fans were spceculating that the appearance was label related, but most fans already knew the GMA appearance was to officially announce the Queen + Adam tour.

    There would be no reason to make a label announcement now. My guess is a press release will be issued when there’s a firm date for the album release.

  23. LOL! Since when do artists go on morning news programs to announce a label signing?

    They don’t, but it won’t take much searching to see that this was something that was thrown around a few months ago, when it was announced that Adam would be on GMA.

    Usually, there is no formal label announcement. I think that we can all agree that usually there is no formal announcement, or a lot of press coverage on something like that, so there is no need to act like it is a big secret, if it is a done deal.

  24. “So basically, you don’t know if the basis of your claim is true?”

    I don’t know where you can come up with that conclusion. Just because Adam has been secretive about Max Martin as well as his label signing, doesn’t mean all that is not happening.

    ETA: Now I remember. In an interview someone asked if Adam was in Sweden working with Max. He laughed. Didn’t deny it nor confirm.

  25. Anything can be happening, that’s not the same as stating things as being a fact. You made a statement to contradict what I wrote, and then pretty much said that you did not know if what you wrote was true.

    My point was that as was discussed below, an artist doesn’t need a label in order to work with established, or even major, writers and producers. The fact is we don’t know who set up the sessions with Max Martin or anyone else, or who paid for them.

  26. It seems like he’s been working on this album forever now, and it’s only halfway written? If he was signed and had a product that the label was excited about, I think they would be pushing to release it.

  27. You can take a seat with the Cook fans who have been waiting even longer. Embrace the word “soon”.

  28. Is it another repeat? I thought most of these shows were on summer hiatus

  29. Lol, Kris fans came to hate the word “soon” — it became a bad 4-letter word. Thank god soon finally turned into now. Hopefully “soon” isn’t too far away for either David’s or Adam’s next album.

  30. It does seem like it’s taking a long time, but he’s been a bit busy with the Queen tour. :) . He said he’ll be back in the studio to finish up as soon as the tour is over. We have no idea what the release date is but that doesn’t mean the label doesn’t have a plan in place.

  31. I think it takes longer because they write their own albums. Also, they all had changes in labels and management. I don’t think the time is that much more than it would be for other artists that write their own material.

  32. Ha, your soon was only a little less than 2yrs, 3months. Our soon is already at 3ys 1month and counting. But thanks anyway.

  33. Yep. How do you say no to legends, to one of the most respected rock bands in the world.

  34. What was he doing before the tour? The message that fans have been putting out is that since his stint on Glee wasn’t full time, he was spending the rest of the time working on his CD and was close to done.

  35. I think Adam was mostly working on this album between Glee and the tour. However, it looked like he only really buckled down to the album in February and between then and the tour is only four months, so I don’t think it terribly surprising that he didn’t finish the album in four months.

  36. I think that if a young artist was about to release his own music to the public, and had a chance of playing 10K seat venues on his own, that he would have no problem saying no to fronting a band that is over 30 years old. That artist would be more focused on establishing his own name and brand.

  37. I think Adam can do more than one thing at a time. Why turn down the chance to make millions for 3 months work while you are between albums. We have no idea what the time frame his label has set for him so the idea of him having no problem saying no to a band he grew up idolizing makes no business sense. Besides Adam is already rich and famous and it’s not like he’s off the radar. All in due time. He has a long career ahead of him. He can do it all.

  38. Very, very, very few young artists have a realistic chance at playing 10K seat venues on their own. One Direction and Justin Bieber presumably do, along with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift.

  39. The only Idol I know who can maybe fill a 10k venue on their own is Carrie. Adam has no problem filling them overseas but overseas don’t count ;). Besides there is a reason a lot big stars are co-headlining these days. They have a problem filling them on their own.

  40. This isn’t just any band. This is legendary QUEEN. If you could see the reaction they are getting from every one of these concerts, you might think differently. Yes, this was/is one of, if not the best concert I’ve been to, but to see the audience, and how much love they are showing Queen and Adam. I’ve been to three concerts in different parts of the country, all the way from the west coast to east coast, and they are equally giving Queen love and respect. Also, when you see the affection and fun Queen and Adam are having with each other, it warms your heart.

  41. Maybe I missed it, but on the nights that he isn’t performing with Queen, is he currently playing solo shows in front of 10K people? I have not heard his new music on the radio. What is he doing that I mentioned above? Currently, he’s not even showing people what type of artist he is…. but then again, maybe he is.

  42. I don’t believe that he drew that amount in the UK, and I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why he didn’t have a similar tour for his second album that he had for the first one.

  43. I think that for most artists, launching their on brand, and playing their own music would come before fronting a group whose hey day occurred decades ago.

  44. Most people know what type of artists he is maybe you haven’t been paying attention? He’s also between albums so I see no reason to be out there touring to perform to 2-3 yr old music. When he puts out new music he’ll be back touring his own music.

  45. Why UK? He did 2 sold out shows in the UK playing in the same venue as Daughtry. He toured in many countries where he perform to 10K, Russia, Finland, South Africa etc… If he wanted to tour in the US for his second album I don’t think he would have had a problem putting one together.

  46. You may have missed it, but Adam is working with Max Martin who ONLY works with labels and signed artists. There’s no doubt he has a label.

  47. It’s only a 3 month gig. It’s hardly a hindrance to Adam’s career. The boy can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  48. It was stated that he can do two things at once, so I just pointed out that he isn’t. It was also stated that has’t released an album, because he is on tour with Queen. That’s more than just saying that he is doing it because he is between albums. It makes it seem like he is putting the album on hold to do the tour. At this point, he’s getting more out of performing 30 year old songs than he would if he focused on establishing his own career, and playing his own music.

  49. There aren’t many artists who are playing in front of 10k people are there?? There are artists. He’s working on new music and he will back in the studio in September for his own album. Meanwhile, he’s touring to new audiences, of ALL ages and making great contacts with media and clear channel while doing it. Not too shabby. :)

  50. He played at radio sponsored shows in South Africa, when he released the second album. He didn’t tour on the same scale with the second album as he did with the first. There is a clear reason for that.

  51. I was told earlier that there was no confirmation of this, that he was working with Max Martin.

    Considering that he has his own production company, it is odd that he only works with labels or those who have a record contract. Where did you read that?

  52. How do you have ANY idea what he’s getting out of it or what he’s doing while in between shows. We know he’s met with radio people and media people on the off nights AND has some amazing producers that he’s going back into the studio with in September. Those things are actually known, not assumptions lol

  53. Yes, I can. It is on Max’s own website and here is the link

    Max’s company is Maratone and here is the pertinent info from their site:

    “Maratone does not operate as a record company, nor a publishing company.
    Maratone does not accept demo music/lyrics or artists without a record or publishing deal.
    Maratone works only for record companies.”


  54. Let’s see. His announcement parting ways with RCA was June 2013. We know based by Lyndsey Parker interview he had a record label deal signed by Nov 2013. In Feb 2014 he went to Sweden to work on his album for 2 months and some work in LA studio when he came back. Then came the Queen tour in June which was probably a done deal before he signed with his label. He’s going back in the studio in Sept. I would say the time frame is just fine. We have no idea what his label time frame has for him but we’ll know when they announce it. Also don’t forget he was busy working on GLEE.

  55. Lol, they were solo shows in South Africa with rather high ticket prices and arenas were filled. It wasn’t some jingle ball lol.

  56. I think that this refers to receiving unsolicited demos, that’s not the same thing as someone hiring him to help them produce songs.

  57. Did you miss the “or artists” or the separate “works only with record companies” part of that??

    Lol, ok. I’m sure your ideas on what they meant trump what the site actually says.

  58. They don’t, it’s my interpretation, just like you have your own interpretation.

  59. A lot of those jingle balls fill up arenas. So I don’t understand your point.

  60. Which is it? Artists who are just starting out and launching their own brands, or artists who can fill 10K stadiums? There’s a huge difference between the two. Bottom line, Adam was given an incredible opportunity, and he was smart to take it. You certainly cannot make the money he’s making by doing crowd-sourcing. Nor can you get the exposure he’s getting with Stage-lits and small clubs. Not that there’s anything wrong with either. But, if it’s all about our Idols doing what they love, I think Adam hit the jackpot.

  61. I suspect the point is that those arena audiences were there just to see Adam, touring for his second album. If you don’t see the difference between that and a Jingle Ball audience, I really don’t know what to say.

  62. My point was that you made it sound like it was a radio show so it wasn’t about Adam, yet he was the only artist. If your intent with your statement was something different that negates the South Africa shows from qualifying, maybe you can elaborate?

  63. Those weren’t radio shows. lol. What’s the clear reason he didn’t have the same scale tour like his first? I’m curious.

  64. No, it’s a new show and new appearance by P2:

    Live! With Kelly and Michael
    S02, E248
    Actors Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill and Bella Thorne; Phillip Phillips performs.
    TV-PG9:00 – 10:00 AM

  65. Exactly, as I said, he couldn’t get the exposure that he’s getting on his own, or doing his on songs, so of course he would do the Queen gig. The question was, who would give us this opportunity, my answer was those who can do these things on their own, and who have a chance of getting radio play and exposure for their own music.

  66. I think most Adam fans are enjoying the ride. The expectation they have for him are pretty sound and reasonable which is why they don’t abandon him and move on to the next flavor of the month the minute they think he hasn’t lived up to certain expectation some non fans seem to have for him. :)

  67. Well his second album sold no more or less than some who are currently getting radio play. He seems to get more exposure, buzz without new music than some do with their own music. But he was always lucky that way. I have no doubt when album 3 hits he will continue to get more buzz and exposure.

  68. Adam got some pretty darn good gigs in China w/o any help from Queen. As a matter of fact, he won the international award two years in a row. He also performed on the Korean music award show, which meant he was/is also popular in S. Korea. He had numerous concerts in Japan for his second album as well.

    So, if Adam had radio gigs in S. Africa, so did Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson.

  69. “He seems to get more exposure, buzz without new music than some do with their own music.”

    That’s what happens when you are talented and charismatic (unless you are on a reality show).

  70. And this is bad, because? The music business “eats” most everyone up and spits them out in a million tiny pieces. Maybe a half dozen “make it” every year into the upper echelons…and then half of them are nobodies a few years later.

    I don’t know what Adam’s plans are but I can see that he will be financially independent after his Queen partnership to be able to pick and choose how he wants to pursue the next phase of his career, a luxury very few in the business have.

    I think if I was given the choice in my early 30s to lay down a huge nest egg so that I could develop other opportunities I’d do it in a heartbeat. He has plenty of time to create his own sound and tour on his own (the universe being willing) without having to “answer” to the whims of archaic record companies and half-ass promoters. I truly think he is one of the lucky ones.

  71. I see. Yep. Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake would most likely have said “no” to Queen. I’m going out on a limb, though, and saying that plenty of artists would have been thrilled to be asked. And would have said, “Absolutely yes.”

  72. Who exactly could fill a 10K capacity venue when just starting his or her career? Pretty much no one. So I don’t understand this argument.

  73. You would have to be an idiot to turn down the opportunity to sing with rock royalty, travel everywhere on a private jet, stay at the best hotels, get the opportunity to travel around the world and the best part about it, is getting paid to sing. Plus making millions for a few months work is not a bad incentive

  74. I don’t think any of those people filled 10K venues when they were starting out, either. I know Lady Gaga played in small clubs at the beginning of her career. Katy Perry was a Christian artist who got dropped by her 1st label. Taylor Swift started her career opening for other artists, not as a headliner. I don’t know if Bieber was doing any live shows while he was gaining fame on YT, but if he was, they wouldn’t have been in 10K venues. Maybe 1D started off playing those type venues after coming off XF? But I wouldn’t be sure of that, either.

  75. Kelly couldn’t do it on her own. Her venues are usually around 4 to 5k seats.

  76. Now, maybe. But Back when Breakaway came out, I’m pretty sure she was playing Staples Center, Madison Square Garden, etc.

  77. Kelly played MSG theater(seats between 2,000 and 5,600) not the venue. Following Kelly’s career she usually around 4-5k venues.

  78. I certainly wouldn’t turn down the money that Queen is paying him and there’s no reason why Adam can’t stay busy doing his music, doing lead for Queen, acting some and anything else he’s offered. It’s a smart idea not to put all your eggs in one basket, you need to explore new venues and take advantage of opportunities coming your way.

  79. Kelly is a good singer, but she’s not the type of act that’s going to play at venues that big.

  80. That is the size venues she plays now. But back in 2006 she was filling much bigger venues. See my post above to the wikipedia link that shows the reported box scores for her 2006 tour.

  81. Many, many artist were able to play to 10k venues prior up to 2009. This is no longer the case. The music scene has changed so much since then. We are talking about acts today.

  82. “But currently, he doesn’t have too much going on, so why wouldn’t he tour with Queen?”

    There is so much to say about this statement. We are talking about QUEEN, for goodness sakes. I don’t need to say more to that.

    Adam doesn’t have much going on? He could be finishing his album. He could do more acting. Adam has many options. Unfortunately, when he is touring he cannot do the other things that he could be doing.

  83. Well, Kelly still plays to larger crowds than any other ex-Idol not named Carrie Underwood (as a headliner, I mean; not opening for other artists, or, in Adam’s case, fronting an iconic band). Most everyone else plays anything from small clubs up to venues with capacities of around 2K. They may draw crowds larger than 2K on occasion, but not on a consistent basis. Even Daughtry has seen his solo headlining shows drop down to that range.

  84. Billboard reported that Adam was working w Max Martin. They also spoke w other Swedish writers he was working with.

  85. Which is it? Artists who are just starting out and launching their own
    brands, or artists who can fill 10K stadiums? There’s a huge difference
    between the two.

    Perfect. That’s exactly perfect. Can Adam fill 10k venues? On occasion, mostly internationally, but in general, no. Nor can the vast majority of artists, even successful, well-established ones. And when an artist is still “starting out and launching their own brands,” the percentage drops to zero. So which is the problem with the Queen gigs – that he isn’t playing solo 10k performances right now, or that he isn’t launching his brand? It makes no sense to critique on both those levels, because they’re pretty much mutually exclusive. So pick one.

    To me, Adam’s “brand” – beyond genre considerations – is that he’s a world class vocal talent, and these performances with Queen are reinforcing that brand in spades. Beyond that, it’s more than reasonable to expect that yes, he currently has a label deal, and new Adam Lambert solo music is indeed on the way.

  86. And I remember the year she was fighting with her label and had to cancel her arena tour ’cause she couldn’t sell a damn thing ( I know I lost bucks ). She ended up playing smaller venues which were playing to half full seats. Since then she plays mid-size venues (5K) and has a small English speaking international presence.

  87. While it’s true that Kelly cancelled that arena tour, it had more to do with less popularity for “My December” (although it was certified platinum) poor management (she fired her manager). The subsequent tour to smaller venues was NOT playing to “half full seats”, but was well attended and her international presence if NOT to a “small English speaking” audience.

    Some boxscores from that tour, none of which are close to “half full”:

    Kelly Clarkson
    Massey Hall
    Toronto, Ontario
    Oct. 30, 2007
    2,567 / 2,567
    1 / 1
    $50.08, $41.21
    Live Nation

    Kelly Clarkson, Jon McLaughlin
    Event Center Arena
    San Jose, Calif.
    Nov. 10, 2007
    4,613 / 4,666
    1 / 0
    Another Planet Entertainment

    Kelly Clarkson, Jon McLaughlin
    The Fillmore
    Detroit, Mich.
    Oct. 28, 2007
    2,599 / 2,900
    1 / 0
    Live Nation

    Kelly Clarkson, Jon McLaughlin
    Chicago Theatre
    Chicago, Ill.
    Nov. 1, 2007
    3,413 / 3,413
    1 / 1
    Jam Productions

    Kelly Clarkson, Jon McLaughlin
    State Theatre
    Minneapolis, Minn.
    Nov. 2, 2007
    2,049 / 2,049
    1 / 1
    Jam Productions

    Kelly Clarkson
    Beacon Theatre
    New York, N.Y.
    Oct. 14-16, 2007
    8,553 / 8,553
    3 / 3
    $61, $31
    Live Nation

    Kelly Clarkson
    Borgata Casino
    Atlantic City, N.J.
    Oct. 12, 2007
    2,232 / 2,978
    1 / 0
    $65, $32.50
    Live Nation/in-house

    Kelly Clarkson, Jon McLaughlin
    Tower Theatre
    Upper Darby, Pa.
    Oct. 18, 2007
    2,882 / 3,064
    1 / 0
    $49.50, $39.50
    Live Nation

    Full tour schedule:

    10/10/07 – Verona, NY :
    10/12/07 – Atlantic City, NJ : 2,232 / 2,978
    10/14/07 – New York, NY : SOLD OUT
    10/15/07 – New York, NY : SOLD OUT
    10/16/07 – New York, NY : SOLD OUT
    10/18/07 – Upper Darby, PA : 2,882 / 3,064
    10/21/07 – Uncasville, CT :
    10/23/07 – Boston, MA : SOLD OUT
    10/24/07 – Washington, DC :
    10/26/07 – Niagara Falls, NY : SOLD OUT
    10/28/07 – Detroit, MI : 2,599 / 2,900
    10/30/07 – Toronto, ON : SOLD OUT
    11/1/07 – Chicago, IL : SOLD OUT
    11/2/07 – Minneapolis, MN : SOLD OUT
    11/5/07 – Denver, CO :
    11/10/07 – San Jose,CA : SOLD OUT
    11/12/07 – Seattle, WA :
    11/14/07 – Sacramento, CA :
    11/16/07 – San Diego, CA :
    11/18/07 – Universal City, CA : SOLD OUT
    11/20/07 – Tempe, AZ : SOLD OUT
    11/23/07 – Grand Prairie, TX :
    11/25/07 – Houston, TX :
    11/27/07 – Atlanta, GA : SOLD OUT
    11/29/07 – Boca Raton, FL : General Admission Available
    12/1/07 – Clearwater, FL : SOLD OUT
    12/03/07 – Nashville, TN : SOLD OUT

  88. Always nice to have archives to consult for facts, fuzzywuzzy. IMO. That’s a convincing set of numbers.

  89. I’m pretty sure any artist contracted to tour with Queen would have a clause in their contract stipulating limts on the appearances that they could do outside of the tour, so I don’t even understand the point of that argument.

    Yes, touring with Queen is a tradeoff on releasing other material faster. But I don’t understand, given your emphasis on artists staying in the public eye between projects, why this is somehow considered a poor tradeoff. Raising his public profile through the tour means more coverage for the next album, even if it veers away from Queen-style material (which I think we both expect it to do).

  90. Postmodern Jukebox is selling very well for their tour.
    The band also puts to lie the notion that audiences won’t respond to, or artists can’t deliver, recasting of current pop songs into other genres. AI producers should be figuring out who watches these videos and how to appeal to them, as well as casting people who have a similar skill set to PJ.

  91. Even arena tours these days are mostly package affairs: Rock and country bands generally have at least two acts on the undercard, and pop and hip-hop acts often co-headline (the On the Run tour just being one of the largest of these). So yes, playing to 4-5K is doing very well.

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