Idol Headlines for 7/23/14

The So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 take the stage live tonight. PLUS two more dancers go home. Join Mac’s live blog! 8/7c pm.

JUDGEMENT WEEK continues, as the Top 24 are announced on America’s Got Talent. Eric A. live blogs – 8/7c pm NBC.

Plus, more shenanigans in the Big Brother house! Read Krista’s recap. Tune in at 8/7c pm CBS.

Glee star, Chris Colfer, guest stars on Hot in Cleveland. His episode airs tonight on TV Land at 10 pm.  The episode, titled “Straight out of Cleveland” finds Chris’s character, Tony, “coming out” to his mom, Victoria (Wendie Malick) but with a twist! Watch a preview at TVLine.

There’s a big American Idol audition cattle call taking place today at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island New York today. It’ll be interesting to see how many hopefuls show up.

‘American Idol’ Long Island auditions: Tips from show’s producer – Senior supervising producer Patrick Lynn has some insider tips you should know first. Lynn, who has been with the show since its debut in 2002, has seen a slew of stars pass through during the 13 seasons of “Idol,” so he knows what it takes to make an impression. The two main things they’re looking for? Personality and, of course, a show-stopping voice. “We get the question all the time, ‘What are you looking for?’ and it’s hard to put a finger on that,” Lynn says. “Mainly, we say to ourselves, ‘Do we want to see this person again?’ ” – Read more at Newsday

Caleb Johnson – The Journey Begins: Part III

American Idol tour stops in Greenville, fans pack Peace Center – GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – The top 10 contestants of American Idol Season 13, including winner and Asheville native Caleb Johnson, took the stage in Greenville on Tuesday night. Idol fans packed the Peace Center downtown to see the live performance. Among the crowd were many of Johnson’s family members and friends who said they haven’t seen much of him since his Idol win. They said they’re excited to get the chance to see Johnson in concert, performing on a big stage, during a tour close to home in Asheville. – Video interview with Caleb at Fox Carolina

Artist Pics: Kristian Bush, Jason Aldean, Danielle Bradbery – Threads For Teens made a recent stop in Nashville to gift clothing to more than 50 local underprivileged teenage girls. Artists Danielle Bradbery, Clara Henningsen, Mickey Guyton, Brooke Eden and CAM were on hand to style the recipients. – Read more at Music Row

American Idol Season 5 Reunion

Elliott Yamin and Chris Daughtry pose for a photo at the Greek Theater where Daughtry performed last night. Elliott instagramed the photo. Season 8 winner, Kris Allen, instagrammed a photo from the audience!


New Mentorship Video Featuring JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT Tour Cast – A new video featuring the cast of the new national tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s celebrated Biblical musical JOSEPH & THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT participating in a mentorship program making the dreams of some young fans come true is now available to view. TV star Shay Mitchell joined with JOSEPH stars Ace Young, Diana DeGarmo and the rest of the cast in mentoring a young fan – talking about theatre, rehearsing and even going onstage for the performance that night! – See the Video at Broadway World

Alex & Sierra Detail Recording, Surfing With Jason Mraz – “Back in February, he invited to come down to his house for like two days,” begins Alex Kinsey. “We went to breakfast with a mutual friend and we thought we were going to go to breakfast then go to his house and get introduced. But he showed up to breakfast and he had just come in from surfing. I brought my wetsuit because I know he liked surfing and I said, ‘Yeah man, I brought my wet suit in case you want to go’ and he’s like, ‘Let’s go right now!’ We went out surfing with him, it was the craziest thing ever. He’s such a cool guy. Super nice, super cool and giving. – Watch the Video at FUSE

Clay Aiken says people ‘hungry’ for politicians to listen to them – For Clay Aiken, it’s all about being there. In a talk at Tuesday’s meeting of the Cumberland County Democratic Men’s Club, Aiken told local party members his campaign to unseat Rep. Renee Ellmers is about being present in the 2nd District and available to constituents. “I’m in a different place every single day,” he said. “We try to be in the district as much as we can be.” Aiken said after the meeting that he spends about two days a week out in the district’s communities and has been to Fayetteville about a half-dozen times since the May 6 primary. Some nights, he said, he just drives to Siler City or Sanford for dinner to get to know the people and places of the 2nd District. – Read more at Fay Observer

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  1. I like that picture of Elliot and Chris. Didn’t watch season 5 (only the finale) but I could tell that was a fun season.

  2. Season 11 had great talent and awful judges, even worse than season 10 “judging” fiasco.

  3. Most of the final two episodes are bad. Pretty much every single one of them failed to live up to the rest of the season, even when the rest of the season was mediocre.

  4. Looking at the judges in S12, I realized how I was wrong during S10-11. lol

  5. Right 3, wrong order. ;-)

    In fairness, I didn’t watch Season 5 until the final 3 or so. But, although close, I agree on the order of 7 and 8!

  6. Season 8 had a potential to be the greatest ever. And then PTB, in their infinite wisdom, decided to introduce Kara & her package artists, dead wives, 5th most dangerous job in the world, blind people, mediocre wild card picks…

  7. Kris Allen @KrisAllen
    Funny how the time flies. New album #Horizons coming #Aug12 Preorder now!

  8. Season 8 was great entertainment, you had several water cooler moments, a buzz for the show, Adam Lambert and the ghoulish widower, plus a finale with Queen and Kiss.

  9. Just some Kris press stops:
    LENACHKA @Lenachkamusic
    Sitting in on Kris Allen’s interviews w/Perez Hilton, Yahoo Music, Mario Lopez, and Fox News. Sing a song n’ hang. I’m not mad. Not at all.

  10. 97.1 in Utah is the iHeart radio station that is giving away tickets to David Cook’s show at the Sandy Amphitheater this coming Saturday, and I hear tell they have some big billboards up too.

    >>David Cook News/Info ?@FoolsApril64 16m
    CONTEST | via @971zht | See David Cook on July 26 at Sandy Amphitheater!…july-26/307849 …

    The last time DC played in Utah, Archie was leaving for a gig as DC was coming in – and they met up briefly in the airport. I don’t know how close they may come this time – since Archie’s overseas gig will be over…

    DC sang a bit of the intro to “Crush”, and said “Hey Archie’s home, we’ve got to celebrate!” back in May at the Race For Hope show in Washington DC, when Archie came home from his mission trip – but I don’t think these guys have been in the same state at the same time since then.

    It would be cool if they could connect. IMO.

  11. Season 8 was dreadful until the finals started. then it was pretty awesome. Almost made me forget the horrible semi final round.

    My personal favs are in the order you listed.

  12. The semi final round during season 8 was horrible, not as bad as season 9, but still painful to watch. It’s a great example of why the powers that be have tried to limit that round to just one week.

  13. Your top 2 are my top 2, but my number 3 is different (and changes quite often LOL) but seasons 5 and 7 have never waivered as my favorites.

  14. Season 5 was the best for me ever, it was compelling right from the auditions on. Great cast with different folks stepping up to the plate every week. Season 7 was quite similar to me, not quite as good as 5 but still great. After that seasons 4 & 8 tie in my book, with 10 right behind.

  15. Agreed. That is what keeps Season 8 out of the top for me. The horrible semis plus my impression that outside of Allison, Kris and Adam, the rest of the talent was just meh (Megan Joy was entertaining though). But those 3 made it worth it, they are the only reason it ranks high for me at all. They were fantastic and carried the season.

  16. Ohh the Idol house and all the publicity about seeing the “real” Idolettes up close and personal, their fights, their struggles. But the Idolettes tended to like each other and the whole house thing flubbed big time…especially the kitchen flour psuedo food fight. Also, the dividing of the idols into 3 very “unfair” groups for the semis, the requirement to have only 2 of the three from each group being the same sex, the inclusion of the Jorge and Jasmine as wild-cards (worst, worst ever), the manipulation of the audience with the “dead” wife, the horrible group rounds trying to “include” Scott to not focus on his blindness (get over it Idol, Scott was blind don’t try and “fool” the audience…it was no big deal). And the worst was having all the good female singers in a single group so they could fight it out and nobody came out ahead.

  17. Wow, I live near Sandy and didn’t have a clue David was performing….me bad.

  18. I don’t start watching until Top 10 at the earliest, so I didn’t see the semis of Season 8. Even though 3 of my favorites are in Season 8 (Kris, Adam and Allison), I have to agree with you that the rest of the cast was weak. Season 7 had a stronger all around Top 10.

  19. Gotta disagree a bit. Idol’s greatest performer, Fantasia is from my favorite season. Season 3 also incuded the great Jeniffer Hudson, La Toya London, D. Degarmo, Gomer Pyle.. er, I meant George Huff and Jasmine Trias.

  20. Definitely think it would be awesome if the Davids could reconnect :) According to one of the other guys on the military tour w Archie, they’ll be arriving in Salt Lake on Friday afternoon after two days of travel from Africa to Utah. If he doesn’t have crazy jetlag, I bet he’d love to go see Cook.

  21. I loved Season 5 because it was utterly hilarious to watch Taylor’s advance through the season in juxtaposition to Cowell’s befuddlement. I laughed through that entire season.

    Season 7 had the best top 10 for me. The battle of the Davids was actually very dramatic and the “supporting cast” was outstanding … and lovable.

  22. Honestly, I have always navigated away from the producer’s manipulatons and focused on the talent and personalities. It is one of the reasons I like Caleb; he’s a little brash, a little silly, quite talented, and someone that I will enjoy watching his career arc.

  23. Season 8 was the worst when it came to the fan wars. Very contentious and divisive (even to this day, 5 years later). The Top 10 was dominated by 6 white guys. There were only 3 females and only Allison was memorable.

  24. Testify! Let the church say Amen regarding the anti-Simon Idol, Mr. Taylor Hicks. Simon never did get it, American’s can not be told who to like (unliess it politics).

  25. It’s a very enjoyable show, if you wanna check it out. IDK the state of the tickets – David hasn’t played many gigs in the western half of the country lately.

  26. I can’t credit for the following, because I saw it on twitter. :)

    But this picture combines the titles of his 3 post-Idol albums:

    It’s Kris Allen (album #1 title) standing on Camellia Ave (album #2 title Thank You Camellia) staring off at the horizon (album #3 title Horizons)

  27. Those are my 3 favorites as well, although in this order: 8, 5, 7. I also liked S1 a lot, probably because it seemed so new then — and of course, it brought us Kelly Clarkson :)

    In general, I don’t pay too much attention until the finals. All the joke auditions and back stories made my pretty much hate the auditions, Hollywood week is generally a mess (although their have been some really good group performances) and they just can’t seem to figure out a format that really works for the semi-finals. For example, in S8, 4 of the Top 5 (Kris, Adam, Allison and Matt) were all in Group 2 in the semi-finals. Megan also was in that group.

  28. Definitely those three but my order would be season 7, 8 then 5. I think talent along with some drama and interesting personalities (as well as a bit of controversy) make for good TV.

  29. Of course, Daughtry’s utter shock at his elimination made me laugh equally. (Sorry Daughtry.)

  30. I really liked Season 3 because of Fantasia, she gave my favorite Idol performance when she did Summertime.

  31. Season 8 saw the pimping at its peak. The producers picked the top 2 Danny vs. Adam from the beginning. They changed the format for that season to make it easier for them to advance straight into the finals. By having them take the pimp spots in the semis round. They added the wild card round for the small chance they wouldn’t advance. Plus they added for the first time the judges save just in case one of them falls through the cracks. They were both heavily pimped throughout the season (especially Adam, whom they wanted to win) by giving them plenty of pimp spot singing slots. Well, Kris had the last laugh!

  32. Season 3 is from the worst seasons. A bunch of okay female singers and mediocre male singers. Fantasia and JHud were not enough to save that season.

  33. I did notice that it didn’t matter how well anyone else did, they weren’t going to recognize it. Fortunately, Kris didn’t have to rely on that.

  34. You must be thinking of Danny and Adam. I thought MJ said fans wars were also bad in other seasons, with S5 being the worst.

  35. Did the judges even know the AI demographics? Adam could never have won.

  36. IMO, season 3 had one of the best contestants to ever compete on AI. There is a reason that Fantasia is still going strong ten years after she was on AI.

  37. Season 8 was the greatest for the force of nature who is named Adam Lambert. Season 5 was second for Mr.Entertainment Taylor Hicks beating entitled perfect princess McPhee.

  38. I doubt Adam’s career would have turned out to be substantially different if he had won. He made a comment after the season that he didn’t get involved with Idol to win, but for the exposure. He certainly got as much of that as the winner did. I think it’s paid off rather well for him.

  39. Season 5 was a favorite, but I loved the guys featured in the TOP 10 in Season 7. Season 8 ranks up there, too. I wish Idol could capture the magic of these three seasons!

  40. I guess you could say Kris had the last laugh if winning Idol was his goal, but I think Mr. Lambert might disagree, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  41. Adam is insanely talented, professional and articulate. I wouldn’t blame the producers if they did want him to win, the others were amateurs in comparison.

  42. Those are my favorites too, especially Season 7. I liked almost everyone in the top 10 that year, and it really broke a lot of new ground for the show.

  43. I do love love love Fanny and Latoya London was fantastic. But besides JHud, everyone else was sooooooo meh for me. Even worse than the S8 also rans. I was so unimpressed LOL.

  44. James Durbin ?@DurbinRock 7h
    Huge thanks to @navadog for taking some pictures at #DestroyTheNight rehearsal. If this photo is any indication of Friday, I can’t wait to see what Ari gets at the show!!

  45. Same for me, I watched season 10 intently until final 3, then completely skipped the final 2 and the finale.

  46. Change that to stop watching at final 4, and then tune back in to see Priest in the finale, and that’s was my story.

    Still enjoyed the season as a whole.

  47. Oh yeah I did record the finale and fast forwarded most of it to catch only the interesting parts especially Priest and James :)

  48. I also enjoyed the comedy number with Casey and Jack Black, lol. Those 2 performances were worth tuning back in for.

  49. Saw only bits and pieces from Chris Colfer’s appearance in
    Hot in Cleveland”… my favorite part was when he was saying a charming “hi” to Betty White’s character … Funny because I remember in one of those Emmy Awards opening,… Betty White ” chased ” Chris Colfer away when she was in character…

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