Idol Headlines for 7/19/08

American Idol auditions begin in Louisville

American Idol Season 8 auditions begin Saturday in Louisville and run through Monday.

The open call for auditions starts with registration Saturday and Sunday, followed by auditions Monday. All events take place at Freedom Hall.


Thousands audition for ‘Idol’ at Cow Palace

Thousands of people are huddled together under dark skies. They are hungry. Some are shivering in the cold, while others cover their heads with ragged blankets. A few stand apart from the pack, mewling. Someone is wearing a chicken suit.

It’s not a scene from the apocalypse. Then again, maybe it is.

Early Thursday morning – very early – auditions for the eighth season of “American Idol” kicked off at the Cow Palace. According to an “Idols” spokeswoman, about 7, 000 aspiring Kelly Clarksons and Chris Daughtrys (you assume no one wants to be Taylor Hicks) converged on the oppressive Daly City venue for what appeared a lot a like, well, a cattle call.

SF Gate

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American Idol’s Season Eight Auditions Begin

“American Idol” may not eat its children, but it certainly seems to move on past them pretty quick. No sooner had the goliath put David Cook and the stars of Season Seven on the bus and sent them off to road school then, without a moment’s ado, the search has begun for the next American Idol.

The search began at San Francisco’s historic Cow Palace, which now inhabits an area that, to hear locals describe it, is in a league with pre-surge Sadr City for mayhem and destruction. To a bellman, every San Franciscan who heard I was going to the Cow Palace urged me to stay off the local streets at all costs.

LA Times American Idol, Season 8 Preview!

If the scene outside the Cow Palace in San Francisco Thursday morning was any indication, Season 8 of American Idol should offer a wealth of talent. We arrived at midnight for a shift that would last 12 hours ¦ and include 38 live shots for Fox affiliates across the country.

By the time it was over, I could barely stand ¦but during the shift, I had a lot of fun interviewing some of the 7, 000 would-be crooners who showed up to audition. Many were young teenagers, driven to the audition by their parents. Many contestants were more than happy to sing for me on camera, including 27-year old woman who said this was her 4th season of trying out to be on the show. Some told me they had quit their jobs to take a shot at stardom. We found contestants whod traveled from as far away as Alaska, Connecticut, and Florida, knowing if they didnt make it through this first cattle call, they could try out again. Seven other cities are holding auditions in the next few weeks.

FOX News

Tips for pleasing ‘American Idol’ judges

On Monday, wannabe pop stars will swarm Freedom Hall to trill, croon and belt out songs for “American Idol” producers, in hopes of being chosen to move on to the second round of judging in September.

But a lot of what they’ll be doing today and tomorrow is waiting in line to be registered to audition, and as songwriter Tom Petty sang a generation ago, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

There is no super-secret formula for pleasing the preliminary judges, but “American Idol” senior producer Patrick Lynn offered some tips:

Courier Journal

David Cook Speaks Out: American Idol Talks Family, Life on the Road

American idol winner David Cook and the other American Idols are currently on the road on the American Idols Live tour. David, 25, granted an interview with OK! Magazine this week and he talks about everything from family to life on the road. When the weekly magazine asked David what he loved about the tour he said it was all for the fans.

“This is our way of saying thank you to everybody that voted – it’s one big love fest. Plus, I’m excited to experience parts of the country that I’ve never seen before.” On life on the road he added, “There is something romantic about waking up in a different city every day. There’s a cool synergy within the group, and we’re really supportive of each other – we got lucky.”

National Ledger

Pickler gets serious as career advances

Kellie Pickler is lying in bed in the back of her tour bus trying to remember her next stop.

…Michigan, maybe? she says from her cell phone before her July 10 show in Lansing. …Is that right? I have no idea where were at right now.

Despite the familiar flash of down-home honesty and naivetà © that so endeared Pickler to fans during the fifth season of …American Idol, the country music industry is starting to take her seriously ‘  and with good reason.

South Bend Tribune

Kellie Pickler sets September release of new CD

Kellie Pickler did quite well with her “Small Town Girl” debut, and now she’ll try to follow-up that with her self-titled, sophomore album on Sept. 30.

“I’m so excited and proud of the new album, ” said Pickler. “The material on the new album is part small town girl, but also a reflection of the experiences I’ve had over the last two years. I’ve matured, some, seen a lot more of the world, and naming the album Kellie Pickler says, ‘this album is me, this is who I am and where I am.'”

Country Standard Time

‘American Idol’ winner to wrap up Country Jam

Thanks to Carrie Underwood, wishing wells are going to be getting a lot of action from little girls who want to grow up to be just like her.

“When I was little, I knew I loved to sing, and it was a lot of fun for me. So I would find four-leaf clovers or throw pennies into a wishing well. My wish was always, ‘I want to be a famous country singer, ‘ “Underwood says by phone as her tour bus rolls down the road. “As I got older, I was like, ‘The chances of that happening aren’t very good.’ So I concentrated on school and what I wanted to do in the real world, then everything else happened.”

“Everything else” was a little show called “American Idol” that catapulted Underwood to instant stardom after she won the fourth season in 2005.

Leader Telegram

Fans go wild for Bucky

Sitting in a front row grandstand seat, Jessica Guisinger of New Straitsville couldn’t wait to see one of her favorite performers take the stage.

She was ready to see “American Idol” Season 5 finalist Bucky Covington live in concert Friday night at the Perry County Fair.

“I didn’t really watch ‘Idol, ‘ but I know a lot of his songs, ” she said. “I like what his songs are about. Like ‘Walk With You.’ It’s about what he does.”

Her younger sister, Talia Guisinger, was even more excited. Holding a picture of the up-and-coming country star, she was jumping out of her seat with anticipation.

“I like his hair; it’s like mine, ” she said while showing off her braided blonde locks.

Zanesville Times Recorder

Sparks help make school days special

Back-to-school time will be extra special for local kids who cant afford the basic tools they need to learn, thanks to a national school supplies drive.

…American Idol songstress Jordin Sparks, office supply giant Staples and have teamed up for …Do Something 101, an effort to help teens get the goods they need to head back to the classroom.

The campaign urges teens to donate school supplies at any Staples by Aug. 31. The classroom essentials will be donated to other local teens in need through 10 Boys & Girls Club locations and the Hanscom Air Force Base Youth Center.

Boston Herald

Ace Young Releases First Album, See Him At Best Buy on Colorado Blvd Today

Ace Young, the Boulder American Idol finalist whose charming looks and sweet voice won over the heart of every girl under the age of 15 (and this 30-something heart too), has just released his debut album this week!

The self titled album is available at and local music stores. You can also listen to a few tracks on

Young was the sixth runner-up on season 5 of American Idol (but he certainly waited a long time to release an album). He also is a Grammy nominated writer, as he co-write Chris Daughtry hit song, …It Not Over.

Colorado’s American Idol Ace Young Appears in Denver

DENVER ( – Colorado native Ace Young got his big break and made a name for himself on season five of “American Idol.” Since then he has performed at 60 sold-out venues across the country.
Tuesday he released his debut album called “Ace Young.” The popular singer from Boulder will be in Denver Friday, July 18 to sign copies of his new album and perform. It will happen at the Best Buy store at Colorado Boulevard and East Mexico Avenue from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. That’s right at Colo. Blvd. and I-25.

My Fox Colorado

Woman Shaves Head for Daughtry Tickets

What would it take for you to shave your head almost completely bald? For one Chris Daughtry fan it was two front row seats and the chance to meet the Fluvanna High and American Idol alum at his concert at the Paramount Theater next week.

Danielle Ottenmiller gave up her red ponytails and had her head shaved. She was left with a buzz cut and a dyed Hot101.9 logo on the hair that was left. She won the opportunity from the radio station’s online “Do It for Daughtry” contest.

NBC 29

Interview with LaToya London

Season three LaToya London was too busy to do a face-to-face interview but I caught her by phone after working out and on her way to lunch here in Atlanta. She in town for two weeks doing the national touring production of …The Color Purple, which opened earlier this week at the Fox Theatre.

She was very nice, very polite but content wise, this interview wasnt exactly …60 Minutes or even …Entertainment Tonight quality. On the quotability scale, Kellie Pickler, she is not. More like Kimberley Locke. In a nutshell, she started playing Nettie in …The Color Purple last spring and signed on for a second year that runs through March of 2009. She clearly very good at that tough role and enjoys it immensely.

Access Atlanta

American Idol: WGA Still Trying to “Represent”

As the American Idol production team winds through the country for audition season, the Writers Guild of America is in hot pursuit. Having chartered a “Truth Tour” bus to shadow AI auditions, the WGA hopes go get attention for its long-running battle against the hit TV show over the right to represent reality show workers.

Has it worked? Not so far. A quick scan at coverage of the WGA’s first stop yields a whole lotta nothing.

Media Bistro

Pop mogul Cowell cleared in £400k car riddle

Legal proceedings against multi millionaire celebrity Simon Cowell have been called to a halt at a Lancashire magistrates’ court.
The 48-year-old had been summonsed to appear before justices at Fleetwood after allegedly failing to give police details about who had been driving his car at the time it was seen committing a road traffic offence.

Exclusive Interview: Gev Manoukian of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Who could forget Gev’s audition this year for So You Think You Can Dance? As if his breakdancing skills weren’t impressive enough, he showed off on a pair of ice skates! From that day on, Gev became a sentimental favorite, catapulting him this year’s Top 10. He was paired with contemporary dancer Courtney Galiano for much of the competition. The two worked beautifully together and had great chemistry. Nigel even teased Gev, saying that when he got a new partner, he wasn’t as focused because he was still thinking of Courtney. After being eliminated last night, Gev talked to BuddyTV today in an exclusive interview and addressed those romance rumors!

Buddy TV

When Jessica King had to bow out of So You Think You Can Dance due to an injury, Comfort Fedoke was brought back to take her place. When Comfort landed in the bottom two last night, it seemed apparent that she would be eliminated – again. Yet, it was Kherington Payne who ended up getting the boot, a results show that surprised everyone from the judges to the audience to her fellow dancers. Kherington took it all in stride, telling BuddyTV that she had prepared herself just in case it ended up being her who had to go home. She lit up the stage for much of the competition but the judges started to worry, in recent weeks, that she had lost her fire. Today, Kherington spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and addressed the issue. She also let us know what Mary said to her after her elimination and gave her true feelings on former partner, Twitch Boss.

Buddy TV

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