Chicago! Chicago!

Sorry, I’m running a little late on everything today, but I spent the day yesterday traveling. I’m in Chicago, IL where I plan to attend the American Idols Live show tonight.

Not that I have a ticket, or anything yet. But, uhm, I’m sure things will work out.

Speaking of traveling, it took me 5 extra hours to arrive at my destination yesterday. The plane took off right on time, but 20 minutes into the flight, a man sitting directly across the aisle from me got sick. And when I say sick, that’s an understatement. I heard a noise, looked to my right, and suddenly I was transported into a scene from The Exorcist. We are talking major projectile vomiting–all over himself, and everyone sitting around him. Not me, thankfully, but a slight turn of his head to the right, and I would have been toast.

The flight attendants tried to clean up the mess with borrowed baby wipes and blankets. All I could do was look on in horror–a pretty seriously gross scene. The man in question was fine. The folks sitting around him? Not so much. The pilot had no choice but to turn the plane around. After we landed, a couple of big burly medics came on board to whisk the man away. It turns out he’d taken some medication before the flight that didn’t agree with him. Afterward, I sat in the Boston airport for 4 hours while the plane was cleaned and another flight crew was found. The folks in the path of the deadly projectile got upgrades to 1st class! At least that’s something. The rest of us left to witness the horror–nada. I might have nightmares about that.

Anyway, here I am. Still looking for tickets. For fun, I’ll be stalking the buses today. Hopefully I’ll get a few words and a couple of pictures from the Idols that I can bring back to the blog. We’ll see. More later!

Headlines will be up in a few…

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