Idol Headlines for 3/17/08

CNN Report: Openly Gay American Idol

CNN does a report about an openly gay American Idol this season. Controversy surrounds Danny Noriega and David Hernandez being booted off the show after a video surfaced with Noriega rapping about being gay and Hernandez rumored to be a male stripper at a gay club.


Voting for the Worst on ‹American Idol Makes Money for an Entrepreneur

There is something about …American Idol that extracts intense emotions from the audience: devotion for the contestants, perhaps, or passion for the songs. For Dave Della Terza, it elicits utter disgust. But it also turns a profit.

Frustrated by what he called the manipulative nature of the televised singing competition, Mr. Della Terza started encouraging readers of a reality television message board five years ago to vote for the contestants they deemed the worst singers.

The idea spawned a Web site, Vote for the Worst, which received widespread attention last year for supporting the singer Sanjaya Malakar as he advanced in the competition.

NY Times

Top 11 Power Rankings: A New David Is King

For the first time this season, a fella other that David A. tops the Idol Power Rankings, as determined by reader votes.

Fueled by his compelling performance last week, David Cook claimed an early lead and despite a late surge by Archie, emerged on top with 27.9 percent of the vote.

Elsewhere, the girls made a much better showing this week. Whereas with the Top 12 no femme finished higher than No. 5, this week ladies claimed the 3 and 4 spots.

TV Guide

Mariah To Guest Judge American Idol

Mariah Carey is coming to American Idol this week. The bestselling female pop star of the last two decades will show those kids how it done, no doubt, and maybe even give comment on some of that singing.

(Although, to this ear, Amanda Overmeyer already knows what to do!)

Mariah …AI appearance is part 2 of her well-constructed campaign to promote her new CD, …E=MC2 which hits stores on April 15th. Remember? I gave you a preview of the CD a few weeks ago. Last night on …Saturday Night Live,

Fox News

American Idol Song Selection Process is Confusing

Have you ever wondered how song selection works on American Idol? In a press interview, recently eliminated American Idol finalist David Hernandez tried to clear up some of the confusion over the song selection process. On theme weeks, contestants are given a pre-selected list of songs from which to choose. Hernandez said, …We just put in our top three and then it chosen from there.

So, what happens when two contestants want the same song? This very situation happened to David Hernandez. Hernandez revealed that the song he sang during the American Idol top twelve performance show, …I Saw Her Standing There, was not his first choice of song. Hernandez said, …My first choice was ‹Let It Be, but that was already taken.

Reality TV Magazine

‹Idol thoughts: Handicapping the finalists

Asking for a prediction of who will win …American Idol is like asking what movie will win the Oscar for Best Picture next year ‘ before the films have even been seen.

That because the …American Idol competition is a constantly changing matchup until May 21, when a winner is selected.

Remember last season, when we loved Melinda Doolittle awe-struck, marveling …You really like me! face when her performances were praised? We loved that modesty right up until Simon told her to cut out the humble act and it struck us that maybe she was playing with our emotions.

Buffalo News

The American Idol Bootee Call: David Hernandez

…Im not ashamed of anything Ive done in my past, but Im looking forward to moving forward…if this is the worst thing people say about me in my career, Ill be OK.

The …this in question is the general ruckus about now-booted American Idol contestant David Hernandez apparent stint as a stripper before auditioning for the televised talent show. And even though David song choice, unsuccessful performance of …I Saw Her Standing There and, some feel, his past, hastened his goodbye, he not sitting around whining about it.

I admit that David was never my favorite of this year Idolettes – he had a great voice but didnt really stand out much to me. But during a conference call with reporters today, he proved to be my favorite interviewee of the bootees thus far. He very funny, self-deprecating, capable of managing more than 27 different versions of …It was a such a thrill to be in the running and I just love all the other singers and also kittens and my grandma.

Palm Beach Post

Stripping or singing? What did Hernandez do on ‘Idol’?

In politics, scandal can kill a career. Just look at the spectacular downfall of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. But in the world of reality TV, the story may play out a bit differently.

Valley native David Hernandez, 24, was one of the Top 12 finalists on American Idol. His run on the show came to an end last week when he received the fewest number of votes from viewers.

As most Idol fans know, Hernandez wasn’t your typical contestant. On March 4, news broke that he had worked for three years as a stripper at Dick’s Cabaret in Phoenix, performing for mostly gay audiences.

Hernandez doesn’t think his racy past cost him any votes.

AZ Central

Fashion Scoops: For Rent… Finding A Lost Face… All Dolled Up…

Everyone knows of an assistant who tries too hard in the wardrobe department ‘  think, too-high heels, flashy jewelry and slightly off-trend shoes by way of the mall. But what if the assistant was that of Miss Carrie Bradshaw? One could hardly blame such a minion for trying too hard. In the “Sex & the City: The Movie, ” Jennifer Hudson’s character plays the assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker. Hudson wears a potpourri of designer bags throughout the film until Bradshaw finally asks what gives. It turns out her assistant found a loophole in the fashion hierarchy: Hudson’s character rents designer bags from the site. In tandem with the launch, New Line Cinema has teamed up with the Web site to bow a Sex & the City collection.

Danny Noriega Officially on Rosie’s Cruise

Even though this video is kind of obnoxious with the constant spinning, we’re proud of Danny! He already has a spot on a cruise ship (insert Simon Cowell joke here). But we haven’t seen any other semifinalists with jobs already. It’s the power of VFTW. Good things come to all Worsters. Congrats on already being the most successful AI7 top 24 contestant so far! He’s just TMTH and we love him for it.

Vote For The Worst

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